Re: That was indeed my point!
Posted by: Danny Danzi ()
Date: February 05, 2004 11:13AM

Chris, some really good points there dude. I think it's sad when any great release gets pushed to the side no matter who it is. The TNT clips definitely sound promising and remind me of the band that made me a fan years ago.

In saying that, I don't mean it sounds like 80's, but in today's times, it seems like anyone with a hook, good singer, backing vocals or good guitar player gets the damn 80's label. The way music is today, I would think people would welcome that. How many D-tuned aggressive tunes can we listen to? How many singers can we handle that just get labled "unique" instead of "he's really a great singer". I seriously think it's time for something like this to come back around and I hope TNT are the one's that can start the buzz.

As I've always said in the past, I'd love to see a label take a chance on someone and really try to push it to not only make the scene grow, but give the label more credibility. As sad as this may sound, I wouldn't mind being told "we have to drop you because you really don't fit into our scheme of things at this time and we are going to attempt to grow by pushing some of our other acts to the max."

Get rid of the dead weight and force the scene to grow. If it's good, and people know it exists other than our little internet click and it gets some real exposure, it HAS to sell! Some good points though man, good thread.

Mike: Though what you are saying is true, do you think a major label would turn a band away just because it was known in the 80's? If the songs are great and that band has something to say and didn't rely on image, wouldn't you think they would be worth the time and investment?

Here in NJ, if you don't follow the mainstream radio scene, every band you hear sounds like the last one before it unless it is something of the punk vein. Fuel for example, has a really good single out right now, are touring, and have only sold a little of 300,000 albums. I always dug Fuel, but I think this may be proof that people are tired of the same stuff over and over. You know that 300k worth of sales will most likely kill their deal or even cancel their tour if the shows aren't doing well.

Sorry to go astray...anyway, I really do think a major would take a chance at THIS time on a band that delivered the goods. No matter what time they came from. If the tunes are good, and the band can appeal to people, the majors would be foolish to pass on something like that I think....especially when the rock scene isn't as big as it once was at this time.

It's all in the delivery though, don't ya think? Not only that, but for the most part, there's quite a big audience that isn't religiously buying music today because of it being so one-dimensional or unappealing. I just want my real rock and roll back man. :) Hey good to see you big Mike, hope all is well in your world mate.

Danny Danzi

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