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Re: John Waite - Ignition
Posted by: Carl1 ()
Date: May 31, 2020 10:44PM

I've been listening to it this morning and all the memories came flooding back. Still sounds fantastic. When I got to Mr Wonderful, I remembered something that happened back in the early 80's so thought I'd share.

There's a radio station called Radio City based in Liverpool and they used to have a DJ called Phil Easton R.I.P working for them during the 70's and 80's. He had a nightly show called The Great Easton Express (3.5 hrs Mon to Fri) which was a brilliant source of rock, metal and prog.
Phil's fave band was Genesis and he played one of their songs every show without fail. This used to wind me up because as much as I loved the show there were other bands he neglected but I listened for years and bought tons of stuff he did play and I'm grateful his show lasted for quite a few years until the change in the musical landscape led to the station cutting his showtime down to once a week and then scrapping it.

Anyway around the early 80's Phil brought a co-host on board called Kevin McDempster and he sometimes did the show on his own to cover or they did it together. They used to interview bands, have competitions and showcase new albums (Rush Hemispheres was one they played the whole of side 1 prior to release) and read out letters from the listeners. So one time after getting a bit miffed with the constant Genesis tracks being being played (every night for over a decade) and great bands being ignored (by this time Kerrang was out and lots of stuff was getting written about), I put pen to paper and sent a letter in. I was nice and merely pointed out the Genesis leanings and lack of airtime to new stuff. Also, whenever they did play a new band, most times it was the opening track of an album and never anything else. Kick Axe's Heavy Metal Shuffle springs to mind as they played that a lot but none of the other songs from Vices which was their only album at the time.
So, a week or so later, Kevin McDempster read my letter and addressed my points but I remember he was quite defensive and dismissive as it was obvious I'd hit a nerve. What made me laugh though was after Kevin read my letter he had a little dig at me and said "This next song is for you Carl" and proceeded to play John Waite's 'Mr Wonderful'.
Happy days:-)
That was probably around 1984 and a year later I won a competition called rock related (you had to send in 10 songs with each one being linked somehow to the previous one). I sent my list in and got a call at work from Kevin inviting me into the studio to present my 10 choices. Still have the tape somewhere.
I mentioned my letter and the Mr Wonderful dedication to him off the air and we had a laugh about it.
Anyone else got any stories to tell?

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