to consider 2019-2020 "the BIG list"
Posted by: adolfo ()
Date: August 15, 2019 12:22AM

New adds: BBMak (aug), The Magpie Salute (oct), Flying Colours (oct), Exhumed (oct), Toxic Holocaust (oct), Foreigner (oct)

In bold, the last updates.

AUG 2019
Carnifex: World war X 2.8 Nuclear Blast Records
Cro-Mags: Don't give in Ep 2.8 Victory Records
Crystal Ball: 2020 - 20 Years Jubilee 2.8 Massacre Records
Lou Dibello: American Hard Rock 2.8
Narnia: From darkness to light 2.8 Narnia Songs records
The New Roses: Nothing but wild 2.8
Northtale: Welcome to paradise 2.8 Nuclear Blast Records
Outlasted: Waiting for daybreak 2.8 MelodicRock Records
Phil Lanzon: 48 Seconds 2.8 Cargo Records
Refused: War music 2.8 Spinefarm Records
Skillet: Victorious 2.8 Atlantic Records
Saxon: The Eagle Has Landed 40 2.8 Silver Lining Music
Volbeat: Rewind, replay, rebound 2.8 Republic Records
Yes: Yes 50 Live 2.8 Rhino Records
Ardours: Last place on earth 9.8 Frontiers Records
Destruction: Born to perish 9.8 Nuclear Blast Records
Filter: Title of record 20th-anniversary 9.8 Craft Recordings
Innuendo: ei8ht 9.8
Roxy Blue: Roxy Blue 9.8 Frontiers Records
Slipknot: We are not your kind 9.8 Roadrunner Records
Soleil Moon: Warrior 9.8 Frontiers Records
Spread Eagle: Subway to the stars 9.8 Frontiers Records
Suicidal Angels: Years of aggression 9.8 NoiseArt Records
Unruly Child: Big blue world 9.8 Frontiers Records
War Of Thrones: Conflict in creation 9.8 Sonic Night Music Club
Atreyu: In our wake "deluxe edition" 16.8 Spinefarm Records
Hammerfall: Dominion 16.8 Napalm Records
The Ides of March: Play on 16.8
Killswitch Engage: Atonement 16.8 Metal Blade Records
Lava: Water 16.8
Picture: Wings 16.8 Pure Steel Records
Twilight Force: Dawn of the dragonstar 16.8 Nuclear Blast Records
The Dead Daisies: Locked and loaded: The covers album 23.8
Freedom Call: M.E.T.A.L 23.8 SPV/Steamhammer
Ivory Tower: Stronger 23.8 Massacre Records
Michael Schenker Fest: Revelation 23.8 Nuclear Blast Records
Redd Kross: Beyond the door 23.8 Merge Records
The Rembrandts: Via satellite 23.8 Blue Elan Records
BBMak: Powerstation 26.8
Alien: debutalbum 25th Anniv 30.8 Aor Heaven Records
Angelica: Without words 30.8 30.8 Girder Records
Elvenking: Reader of the runes: divination 30.8 AFM Records
Entombed A.D: Bowels of earth 30.8 Century Media Records
Jimi Anderson: I belong 30.8
Platinum Overdose: Murder in high heels 30.12 Demondoll Records
Rockett Love: Grettings from Rocketland 30.8 Aor heaven Records
Saint Deamon: Ghost 30.8 Ram It Down Records
Sheryl Crow: Threads 30.8
Sons Of Apollo: Live with the Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony 30.8 InsideOut Music
Tarja Turunen: In The Raw 30.8 earMUSIC
Tool: Fear inoculum 30.8
Visions Of Atlantis: Wanderers 30.8 Napalm Records
In This Moment: Mother

SEP 2019
Black Star Riders: Another state of grace 6.9 Nuclear Blast Records
Liv Sin: Burning sermons 6.9 Despotz Records
Sleeping With Sirens: How it feels to be lost 6.9 Sumerian Records
Sonata Artica: Talvyiö 6.9 Nuclear Blast Records
Status Quo: Backbone 6.9 earMUSIC/Edel
91 Suite: Starting all over Ep 9.9
The 69 Eyes: West end 13.9 Nuclear Blast Records
Alice Cooper: Breadcrumbs Ep 13.9 earMUSIC
Blackrain: Dying breed 13.9 SPV Records
Block Buster: Losing gravity 13.9 Frontiers Records
Crashdiet: Rust 13.9 Frontiers Records
The Cult: Sonic temple 30 13.8 Beggars Arkive Records
The Defiants: Zokusho 13.9 Frontiers Records
Goo Goo Dolls: Miracle pill 13.9 Warner Music
Korn: The nothing 13.9 Roadrunner/Elektra
KXM: Circle of dolls 13.9 Rat Pak Records
Mike Patton/ Jean-Claude Vannier: Corpse flower 13.9 Ipecac Recordings
Puddle Of Mudd: Welcome to Galvania 13.9 Pavement Entertainment
Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony: Signs of wings 13.9 Frontiers Records
Sinner: Santa muerte 13.9 AFM Records
Stone Temple Pilots: Purple Super Deluxe Edition 13.9 Rhino Records
Tiger Army: Retrofuture 13.9 Rise Records
Tom Keifer: rise 13.9 Cleopatra Records
The Agonist: Orphans 20.9 Rodeostar Records
As I Lay Dying: Shaped by fire 20.9 Nuclear Blast Records
Axe: Final offering 20.9 Escape Music
Exhorder: Mourn the southern skies 20.9 Nuclear Blast Records
Gerry Beckley: Five mile road 20.9 Blue Élan Records
Kadavar: For the dead travel fast 20.9 Nuclear Blast Records
Kobra And The Lotus: Evolution 20.9 Napalm Records
Lee Aaron: Power, Soul, Rock N‘ Roll - Live in Germany 20.9
Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators: Living the dream tour 20.9 Eagle Vision
Acid Reign: The age of entitlement 27.9 Dissonance Records
Age Of Reflection: A new dawn 27.9 AOR Heaven Records
Borknagar: True north 27.9 Century Media
Coreleoni: II 27.8 AFM Records
Dragonforce: Extreme Power Metal 27.9 Metal Blade Records
Hellyeah: Welcome home 27.9 Eleven Seven Music
IQ: Resistance 27.9 Giant Electric Pea
Of Mice & Men: Earthandsky 27.9 Rise Records
Robert Tepper: Better than the rest 27.9 AOR Heaven Records
Steel Panther: Heavy Metal rules 27.9
Thunder: The greatest hits 27.9 BMG Records
Wednesday 13: Necrophaze 27.9 Nuclear Blast
Hideaway: Hideaway 30.9 Lions Pride Music
Agent Steel: 8 Lights protocol
AOR: Heavenly Demos Perris Records
Ark Descent: Downfall
Diamond Dogs: Recall Rock&roll Cargo Records
Santa Cruz: Katharsis

OCT 2019
Angel: Risen 4.10 Cleopatra Records
The Darkness: Easter is cancelled 4.10 Cooking Vinyl Records
Exhumed: Horror 4.10 Relapse Records
Flying Colours: Third degree 4.10 Mascot Records
Helloween: United alive 4.10 Nuclear blast Records
Soren Andersen: Guilty pleasures 4.10 Mighty Music
Toxic Holocaust: Primal future: 2019 4.10 eOne Records
William DuVall: One alone 4.10 DVL Recordings
The Wildhearts: Diagnosis mini-album 4.10 Graphite Records
BabyMetal: Metal galaxy 11.10 earMUSIC/Edel
Eclipse: Paradigm 11.10 Frontiers Records
The Ferrymen: A new evil 11.10 Frontiers Records
Grim Reaper: At the gates 11.10 Dissonance Productions
Lacuna Coil: Black anima 11.10 Century Media Records
Life Of Agony: The sound of scars 11.10
Michael Sweet: Ten 11.10 Rat Pak Records/ Frontiers Records
Silent Call: Windows 11.10 Rockshots Records
Stargazer: The sky is the limit 11.10 Mighty Music
Vanden Plas: The ghost xperiment - awakening 11.10 Frontiers Records
Wayward Sons: The truth ain’t what it used to be 11.10 Frontiers Records
1349: The infernal pathway 18.10 Season Of Mist Records
Alter Bridge: Walk the sky 18.10 Napalm Records
Dan McCafferty: Last testament 18.10 earMUSIC
Danger Zone: Don’t count on heroes 18.10 Pride & Joy Music
JD Miller: Afterglow 18.10 Mighty Music
The Magpie Salute: High water II Mascot/Eagle Rock
Michael Monroe: One man gang 18.10 Silver Lining Music
Mick Devine: Hear now 18.10 Escape Music
Paul "HR" Hudson: Give thanks 18.10 Hardline Entertainment
Alcest: Spiritual instinct 25.10 Nuclear Blast Records
Art Nation: Transition 25.10 Gain Music
Edenbridge: Dynamind 25.10 Steamhammer/SPV
Foreigner: Double vision: then and now 25.10
Mayhem: Daemon 25.10
Norma Jean: All hail 25.10 Solid State Records
Phil Campbell: Old lions still roar 25.10 Nuclear Blast Records
Savage Master: Myth, magic & steel 25.10 Shadow Kingdom Records
Conny Bloom: new album 31.10 Target Records
Silked & Stained: GOes Up 2 Eleven 31.10 Lions Pride Music
Ace Frehley: Origins Vol. 2 eOne Music
Dream Company: Debut album Tanzan Music
Mecca: IV
Skinlab: Venomous Art Is War Records

NOV 2019
Blind Guardian: Legacy of the dark lands 1.11 Nuclear Blast Records
Voodoo Vegas: Feeling so good 1.11
Tyketto: Strength in numbers Live 8.11 Frontiers Records
Work Of Art: Exhibits 8.11 Frontiers Records
Steve Oveland: Scandalous 22.11 Escape Music
Adellaide: New horizons 29.11 Lions Pride Music
Cattle Decapitation: Death atlas 29.11 Metal Blade Records
Denner's Inferno: In amber Mighty Music
Storm Force: Age of fear Escape Music

DEC 2019
A New Tomorrow: Universe 6.12 Frontiers Records
Edge Of Forever: Native soul 6.12 Frontiers Records
House Of Shakira: Radiocarbon 6.12 Frontiers Records
Lovekillers: Lovekillers 6.12 Frontiers Records
The Murder Of My Sweet: Brave tin world 6.12 Frontiers Records
Praying Mantis: Keep it alive 6.12 Frontiers Records
Eloy: The vision, the sword & the pyre - Part II 31.12 Artist Station Records
Autumn's Child: debut album

220 Volt
91 Suite: new album
Åge Sten Nilsen: new album
Agnostic Front: Get loud! Nuclear Blast Records
Airbourne: New album Spinefarm Records
Angel Witch: new album Metal Blade Records
Armored Saint: new album
Assassin: new album Massacre Records
Avenged Sevenfold:
Biff Byford: School of hard knocks
Black Rose Maze: debut album Frontiers Records
Body Count: Carnivore
Brother Firetribe: new album Spinefarm Records
Bryan Cole: Desire
Bush: The mind plays tricks on you
Carcass: new album Nuclear Blast Records
Chris Ousey:
Dante Fox: new album
Danzig: Danzig sings Elvis
Dare: Best of
Decarlo: Debut album Frontiers Records
Dennis DeYoung
Desmond Child & Rouge: new album
Dokken: new album Silver Lining Music
Down 'N' Outz
The Duskfall: The everlasting shadows
Eddie Money: Brand new day
Fair Warning: new album
Fat Nelly
Fear Factory: Monolith Nuclear Blast Records
Fit For An Autopsy: album debut Nuclear Blast
Frozen Rain: new album
The Ghost Next Door: A feast for the sixth sense Ripple Music
Greta Van Fleet: new album
Harem Scarem: new album Frontiers Records
Healer: Heading for the storm
Heartland: new album
Heathen: new album Nuclear Blast Records
Heavy Pettin:
Hungryheart: new album
Infernal Majesty: Secrets
Jack Starr's Burning Starr: Souls of the innocent High Roller Records
Johan Kihlberg´s Impera: new album AOR Heaven Records
John Norum
John Parr:
Joseph Williams:
Killer Dwarfs: new album EMP Label Group
King Of Hearts: California
King's X: new album Golden Robot Records
Manhattan Avenue:
Marenna / Meister:
Mark Spiro: Box + new album Frontiers Records
Metalite: new album AFM Records
Michael Riesenbeck: Courage
My Dying Bride: new album Nuclear Blast Records
New Dawn: New dawn Escape Music
Nile: new album
Opeth: In cauda venenum Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Panorama: new album
Passion: debut album Frontiers Records
Pearl Jam:
Persian Risk: Who am I? Once a king Escape Music
Pestilence: Exitivm Agonia Records
Pinnacle Point: new album Escape Music
Pulse: Chasing shadows
Revolution Saints: new album
Richard Marx: new album BMG
Richie Sambora: solo album
Rob Zombie: new album Nuclear Blast Records
Robert Hart: new album Escape Music
Room Experience: Another time and place
Running Wild:
Sacred Reich: Awakening Metal Blade Records
Sapphire Eyes: Magic moments
Septicflesh: new album Nuclear Blast
Sergeant Steel: new album
Shark Island: Bloodline Manifest Music
Shortino: new album
Silent: Fragments
Silent Tiger: Ready for attack MelodicRock Records
Skid Row: new album Golden Robot Records
Sons Of Apollo: new album
St James: new album
Stardust: debut album Frontiers Records
Static-X: Project regeneration
Steelcity: M A C H II Kivel Records
Stratovarius: new album
Symphony X:
Ted Poley: new album Frontiers Records
Torben Enevoldsen: s/t Perris Records
Toseland: new album Frontiers Records
Transport League: A million volt scream Mighty Music
The Val: King ocelot
Vision Divine: new album Scarlet Records
Waiting For Monday: debut album Frontiers Records
XYZ: new album

JAN 2020
Wolfpakk: Nature strikes back 20.1 Massacre Records
Arkado: new album AOR Heaven Records
Magnum: new album SPV Records
Testament: new album

FEB 2020
Sepultura: new album
Tesla: Acoustic album

MAR 2020
Mushroomhead: new album Napalm Records

OCT 2020
Edge Of The Blade: Feels like home 30.10 Lions Pride Music

AC/DC: new album
Anvil: new album
Apocalyptica: new album Silver Lining Music
Atreyu: new album
Autopsy: new album
Blue Oyster Cult: new album Frontiers Records
Chevelle: new album
Cradle Of Filth
Dare: new album
Dark Angel: new album
David Reece: new album El Puerto Records
Deep Purple: new album
Delain: new album
Demons & Wizards
Epica: new album
Evanescence: new album
Fates Warning: new album Metal Blade Records
Firewind: new album
Frank Vestry: My collection Lions Pride Music
Gathering Of Kings: Discovery
Grand Design: new album GMR Music Group
Helloween: new album Nuclear Blast
Inmolation: new album
Intronaut: new album Metal Blade Records
Kansas: new album
Last In Line: new album
Leatherwolf: new album
Mastodon: new album
Napalm Death: new album
Newman: new album
Nightwish: new album
Psychotic Waltz: new album InsideOutMusic
Ratt: new album
Sanctuary: new album
Scorpions: new album
Seether: new album
Sevendust: new album
Sons Of Apollo: new album
Soul Seller:
Stryper: new album
Styx: new album
Tokyo Motor Fist: new album
Treat: new album Frontiers Records
Trivium: new album
Vixen: new album
Winger: new album
Young Gun Silver Fox: new album

Ghost: new album

Guns N´ Roses: new album

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