to consider 2018 "the BIG list"
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Date: August 09, 2018 08:58PM

New adds: Dan Reed Network (nov), Evanescence (oct), Burning Witches (nov), Striker (oct), Warrel Dane (oct)

In bold, the last updates.

AUG 2018
Crossfaith: Ex_Machina 3.8
Manticora: To kill to live to kill 3.8 ViciSolum Records
Ultraphonix: Original human music 3.8 earMUSIC
3.2: The rules have changed 10.8
Airrace: Untold stories 10.8 Frontiers Records
Daniel Trigger: Right turn 10.8 MelodicRock Records
ENuff Z Nuff: Diamond boy 10.8
Jim Shepard: Jaded 10.8 MelodicRock Records
King Company: Queen of hearts 10.8 Frontiers Records
Mad Max: 35 10.8 Steamhammer/SPV
The Magpie Salute: High water I 10.8 Eagle Rock/Mascot
Night Demon: Live darkness 10.8 SPV/Steamhammer
Primal Fear: Apocalypse 10.8 Frontiers Records
Sinsaenum: Repulsion for humanity 10.8 earMUSIC
Van Canto: Trust in rust 10.8 Napalm Records
Dark Sky: One 17.8
Doro: Forever warriors, forever united 17.8 Nuclear Blast
Status Quo: Down down & dirty at Wacken 17.8 earMUSIC
Alice In Chains: Rainier fog 24.8 BMG
Mob Rules: Beast reborn 24.8 Steamhammer
Nonpoint: X 24.8 Spinefarm Records
The Radio Sun: Beautiful strange 24.8 Pride & Joy Music
The Sign: Signs Of Life /The Second Coming 24.8 Escape Music
DeVicious: Never say never 28.8 Pride & Joy Music
Alice Cooper: A paranormal evening at The Olympia Paris 31.8 earMUSIC
Angel: The Casablanca years Box 31.8 Caroline/Ume
Beyond The Black: Heart of the hurricane 31.8 Napalm Records
Conan: Existential void guardian 31.8 Napalm Records
The Javelins: Ian Gillan & The Javelins 31.8 earMUSIC
Koritni: Rolling 31.8
Taste: Moral decay 31.8 AOR Heaven
U.D.O: Steelfactory 31.8 AFM Records
Electric Boys: new album

SEP 2018
Narnia: We still believe Made in Brazil 1.9
Alex Skolnick Trio: Conundrum 7.9 Palmetto/MRI
Alter Bridge: Live at The Royal Albert Hall 7.9 Napalm Records
Cauldron: New Gods 7.9 Dissonance Productions
Clutch: Book of bad decisions 7.9
Korpiklaani: Kulkija 7.9 Nuclear Blast
Krisiun: Scourge of the enthroned 7.9 Century Media Records
Lenny Kravitz: Raise vibration 7.9
Metal Allegiance: Volume II - Power drunk majesty 7.9 Nuclear Blast
Monstrosity: The passage of existence 7.9 Metal Blade Records
Nashville Pussy: Pleased to eat you 7.9 Verycord Records
Satan: Cruel magic 7.9 Metal Blade Records
The Skull: The endless road turns dark 7.9 Tee Pee Records
YES Feat Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman: Yes: 50th Anniversary Live At The Apollo 7.9 Eagle Vision
Ann Wilson: Immortal 14.9 BMG
DC4: Atomic highway 14.9 HighVolMusic
Deicide: Overtures of blasphemy 14.9 Century Media
Dream Child: Until death do we meet again 14.9 Frontiers Records
Good Charlotte: Generation RX 14.9 BMG
Grave Digger: The living dead 14.9 Napalm Records
Groundbreaker: s/t 14.9 Frontiers Records
The Guess Who: The future is what it used to be 14.9 Cleopatra Records
Hawkwind: Road to utopia 14-9 Cherry Red Records
Livesay: Chronicles 14.9 RFL Records
Outloud: Virtual hero society 14.9 Rock of Angels Records
Snakes In Paradise: Step into the light 14.9 Frontiers Records
Tony Mitchell: Beggars gold 14.9 MelodicRock Records
Treat: Tunguska 14.9 Frontiers Records
The Unity: Rise 14.9 SPV/Steamhammer
Uriah Heep: Living the dream 14.9 Frontiers Records
Fair Warning: Live Club Citta 19.9
Aborted: TerrorVision 21.9 Century Media Records
Atlas: In pursuit of memory 21.9 AOR Heaven
Billy F Gibbons: The big bad Blues 21.9 Concord Records
Black Majesty: Children of the abyss 21.9 Pride and Joy Music
Dark Sarah: The golden moth 21.9
Dion Bayman: Better days 21.9 Art of Melody Music
Dragonlord: Dominion 21.9 Spinefarm Records
Dream Patrol: Phantoms of the past 21.9 Mighty Music
Freak Kitchen: Confusion to the enemy 21.9
Hardcore Superstars: You can't kill my Rock'N'Roll 21.9 Gain Music
Joe Bonamassa: Redemption 21.9 J&R Adventures
King Diamond: Songs from the dead live 21.9 Metal Blade Records
Kix: Fuse 30 Reblown 21.9
Lioncage: Turn back time 21.9 Pride & Joy Music
Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators: Living the dream 21.9
Therapy?: Cleave 21.9 Marshall Records
Voivod: The wake 21.9 Century Media Records
Dallas: Dallas 24.8 AOR Blvd Records
Dynazty: Firesign 28.9 AFM Records
Jimmy Waldo-Steven Rosen: Voices from the past 28.9 MelodicRock Records
Newman: Decade II 28.9 AOR Heaven
Riverside: Wasteland 28.9 InsideOut Music
Ted Poley: Modern art 28.9 Ted
Vulcain: Vinyle 28.9 Season Of Mist
Fifth Angel: The third secret Nuclear Blast

OCT 2018
Coheed And Cambria: The unheavenly creatures 5.10 Roadrunner Records
Hank Erix (Houston): Nothing but trouble 5.10 Cargo Records
High On Fire: Electric messiah 5.10 eOne
Leah: The quest 5.10 Inner Wound Recordings
Rock Goddess: This time 5.10 Bite You To Death Records
City Of Thieves: Beast reality 12.10 Frontiers Records
Creye: Creye 12.10 Frontiers Records
Darkness: First class violence 12.10 Massacre Records
Evanescence: Synthesis Live 12.10 Eagle
Gama Bomb: Speed between the lines 12.10 AFM Records
Impellitteri: The nature of the beast 12.10 Frontiers Records
Nazareth: Tattooed on my brain 12.10 Frontiers Records
Seventh Wonder: Tiara 12.10 Frontiers Records
Verni: Barricade 12.10 Mighty Music
Heir Apparent: The view from below 15.10 No Remorse Records
Aldo Nova: 2 19.10
Firmo: Rehab 19.10 Street Symphonies Records
Roulette: new album 19.10
Whitesnake: Unzipped cd-box 19.10
Hamlet: Berlin 26.10
Striker: Play to win 26.10 Record Breaking Records
Warrel Dane: Shadow work 26.10 Century Media Records
Perfect View: Timeless 29.10 Lions Pride Music
Midnite City: new album AOR Heaven
Sirenia: new album Napalm Records

NOV 2018
Burning Witches: Hexenhammer 9.11 Nuclear Blast records
Flotsam And Jetsam: The end of chaos 9.11 AFM Records
Holter: Vlad the impaler 9.11 Frontiers Records
Nordic Union: Second coming 9.11 Frontiers Records
Red Dragon Cartel: Patina 9.11Frontiers Records
Reece: Resilient heart 9.11 Mighty Music
Stephen Pearcy: View to a thrill 9.11 Frontiers Records
Ten: Illuminati 9.11 Frontiers Records
Accept: Symphonic Terror - Live At Wacken 2017 23.11 Nuclear Blast
Brett Walker: Last parade MelodicRock Records
Dan Reed Network: Origins

DEC 2018
Sinestress: Fear Art Of Melody Music

220 Volt
38 Special:
91 Suite: new album
Abysmal Dawn: new album Season Of Mist Records
Acacia Avenue: Worlds apart
Ace Frehley: Spaceman
Adriangale: MelodicRock Records
Alissa (White-Gluz): solo album Napalm Records
Amon Amarth:
Angelus Apatrida: Hidden Livevolution
Animal Drive: Frontiers Records
Arsis: new album Agonia Records
Art Nation:
Atheist: new album Agonia Records
Axe: The last offering Escape Music
Baby Snakes:
Bad Brains: new album
Beggars & Thieves: live album
Beggars & Thieves: new album
Biffy Clyro: Balance, not symmetry
Block Buster:
Bloodbath: new album
Brian Howe:
The Brink: Frontiers Records
Bruce Dickinson:
Bryan Cole
Burning Rain: new album Frontiers Records
Cancer: new album Peaceville Records
Care of Night:
Cheap Trick
Children Of Bodom:
Circus Maximus
Coastland Ride:
Come Taste The Band: new album AOR Heaven
The Crown: new album Metal Blade Records
Crystal Ball: new album
The Damned: new album Search & Destroy Records
Danko Jones: new album
Dare: new album
Dare: Best of
Dark Angel:
Dark Moor: Origins
The Darren Phillips Project:
Dave Bickler: Darklight
Death Dealer:
Dead Of Night: Pride & Joy Music
Diamond Head:
Dino Cazares: solo album
DIO Disciples: debut album BMG
East Temple Avenue
Eden's Curse:
Entombed A.D:
Fahran: Vapours
Gathering Of Kings:
Göran Edman:
Greta Van Fleet: new album Lava/Republic Records
Gypsy Rose: new album
Hearts On Fire: Call of destiny MelodicRock Records
Helloween: Live in Madrid
Hoobastank: new album Napalm Records
House Of Shakira:
Icarus Witch:Goodbye cruel world Cleopatra Records
Jack Russell’s Great White: Once acoustically bitten
Jerome Mazza: solo album Escape Music
Jetboy: Frontiers Records
Jesse Damon
Jonathan Davis
John Sykes: Sy-Ops
Johnny Gioeli: One voice
Jordan Rudess: new album Mascot Records
Jorn: new album Frontiers Records
Jorn: Box Set
Jungle Rot: new album Victory Records
Kane Roberts: new album Frontiers Records
Kenny Leckremo:
Killer Bee:
King's X
Lillian Axe: From Womb To Tomb
Lita Ford:
Mad Invasion:
Magic Dance: New eyes Frontiers Records
Malevolent Creation: new album Hammerheart Records
Mason Hill: Frontiers Records
Master: Vindictive miscreant Transcending Obscurity Records
Mats Karlsson
Metal Church:
Mick Mars: solo album
Michael Monroe:
Michael Thompson Band:
Mother Road:
MPG "Martie Peters Group": Unfinished business
Nils Patrik Johansson: Evil Deluxe MetalVille Records
Nita Strauss: Controlled chaos
Obús: new album
The Offspring: new album
On The Rise:
One Desire:
The Order:
Outlasted: new album MelodicRock Records
Palace: new album Frontiers Records
Papa Roach:
Pete Way: solo album
Pleasure Maker: Dancin' with danger Lions Pride Music
Pretty Maids: live-dvd/cd Frontiers Records
Rachel Lorin: new album Frontiers Records
Raspberry Park: new album AOR Heaven Records
Reckless Love
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: The Awakening
Rival Sons: new album Low Country Sound/Atlantic
Romeo's Daughter:
The Ron Keel Band:
Room Experience:
Royal Flush
Royal Mess
Saint Deamond
Santa Ana Winds: Inherit the wind AOR Blvd Records
Sebastian Bach:
Soulfly: new album Nuclear Blast
Spirits Of Fire: Frontiers Records
State Cows: Challenges
State Of Rock: new album AOR Heaven
State Of Salazar: new album Frontiers Records
Steelheart: Live DVD
Steve Overland:
Super Stroke:
The Swedish Funk Connection:
Tango Down: new album Kivel Records
Ted Nugent: The music made me do it
Terror: Total retaliation Nuclear Blast
Tom Keifer:
Tony Martin: Thornz
Toseland: new album Frontiers Records
Tourniquet: Gazing at Medusa Pathogenic Records
Vimic: Open your omen Universal Music Enterprises
Violet Janine:
Warlord: new album Frontiers Records
Work of Art
X Japan:

7HY: new album Lions Pride Music
Armored Saint: new album
Assassin: new album Massacre Records
Avenged Sevenfold:
Backyard Babies: Silver and gold Century Media
Battle Beast
Biff Byford: School of hard knocks
Black Star Riders: new album
Buckcherry: new album
The Circle:
Def Leppard:
Delain: new album
Demons & Wizards
Down 'N' Outz
Find Me: new album
Fit For An Autopsy: album debut Nuclear Blast
Fortune: comeback album Frontiers Records
Helloween: new album
Killer Dwarfs: new album EMP Label Group
Killswitch Engage: New album Metal Blade Records
King Of Hearts: new album
Last In Line:
Leverage: new album Frontiers Records
The Magpie Salute: High water II Mascot/Eagle Rock
Pearl Jam:
Pretty Maids: new album
Rob Zombie:
Roxy Blue: new album Frontiers Records
Running Wild:
Sacred Reich: new album Metal Blade Records
Spread Eagle: new album Frontiers Records
Stratovarius: new album
Symphony X:
Ted Poley: new album Frontiers Records
Terra Nova:
Tesla: Shock Frontiers Records
Tora Tora: new album Frontiers Records
The Treatment: new album Frontiers Records
Volbeat: new album
Waiting For Monday: debut album Frontiers Records
Whitesnake: Flesh & Blood Frontiers Records

JAN 2019
Avantasia: Moonglow Nuclear Blast

FEB 2019
Dream Theater: new album
Inglorious: new album Frontiers Records
Overkill: new album

APR 2019
Testament: new album

MAY 2019
Bai Bang: Best Of 4 Lions Pride Music

SEP 2019
Dragonforce: new album

Nightwish: new album

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