to consider 2018 "the BIG list"
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Date: February 06, 2018 05:28AM

New adds: Stryper (apr), A Perfect Circle (apr), Electric Boys (aug), Armored Saint (2019), The Cyberian (feb), Jari Tiura (mar), Perfect Plan (apr)

In bold, the last updates.

FEB 2018
Saxon: Thunderbolt 2.2 Silver Lining Music
Therion: Beloved antichrist 2.2 Nuclear Blast Records
Turbonegro: RockNRoll machine 2.2
W.A.S.P: ReIdolized (The soundtrack to the crimson idol) 2.2 Napalm Records
Danny Veras: Under the influence 9.2
Fu Manchu: Clone of the universe 9.2 At The Dojo Records
Legend Of The Seagullmen: s/t 9.2 Dine Alone Records
Sister Hazel: Water EP 9.2 Croakin' Poet Records
Sugarcane: Minded For The Radio 9.2 MIGHTY Music
Toto: 40 Trips Around The Sun 9.2 Sony Music
Voodoo Circle: Raised on Rock 9.2 AFM Records
Denied: Freedom of speech 13.2 Sliptrick Records
Anthem: Attitude 2017 14.2 Avalon Records
Angra: Ømni 16.2 earMUSIC
Dizzy Reed: Rock‘n Roll ain’t easy 16.2 Golden Robot Records
Ektomorf: Fury 16.2 AFM Records
Escape The Fate: I am human 16.2 Better Noise Records
John Corabi: 94 Live — One Night In Nashville 16.2 Rat Pak Records
Letters From The Colony: Vignette 16.2 Nuclear Blast
Neal Morse: Life & times 16.2 Radiant Records
Painted Doll: Painted doll 16.2 Tee Pee Records
Pop Evil: Pop evil 16.2 Entertainment One
Sainted Sinners: Back with a vengeance 16.2 El Puerto Records
The Temperance Movement: A deeper cut 16.2
Visions Of Atlantis: The deep & the dark 16.2 Napalm Records
Royal Hunt: Cast in stone 18.2 North Point Productions
Jon Butcher Axis: s/t 19.2 Escape Music
Steel City: Fortress 19.2 Kivel Records
The Cyberian: The Cyberian 21.2 MelodicRock Records
Animal Drive: Bite 23.2 Frontiers Records
Arion: new album 23.2
Cats In Space: Cats alive 23.2 Harmony Factory Records
Chris Bay: Chasing the sun 23.2 Steamhammer/SPV
Coreleoni: The Greatest Hits Part 1 23.2 Frontiers Records
Dukes Of The Orient: s/t 23.2 Frontiers Records
Ignore The Sign: A line to cross 23.2 SPV/Steamhammer
Johan Kihlberg´s Impera: Age of discovery 23.2 Metal Heaven Records
Michael Landau: Rock bottom 23.2 Mascot Records
Michael Schenker: A decade of the mad axeman 23.2 Inakustik
Necrophobic: Mark of the necrogram 23.2 Century Media Records
Night In Gales: The last sunsets 23.2 Apostasy Records
Reach: The great divine 23.2 Sun Hill Records
ReVertigo: ReVertigo 23.2 Frontiers Records
Shiraz Lane: Carnival days 23.2 Frontiers Records
Signal Red: Under the radar 23.2 Escape Music
Space Elevator: II 23.2
Thundermother: Thundermother 23.2 Despotz Records
Unruly Child: Unhinged Live in Milan 23.2 Frontiers Records
Vertical Horizon: The lost mile 23.2 Outfall Records
Vexes: Ancient geometry 23.2
We Sell The Dead: Heaven doesn't want you and hell is full 23.2 earMUSIC
Burn: Ice age 28.2 MelodicRock Records
Starchase: Afterlife 28.2 MelodicRock Records
James Christian: Craving Frontiers Records
Marenna: Livin no regrets Rock Company Records
Neptune: Land of northern

MAR 2018
Andrew W.K: You're not alone 2.3 Sony Music
Blaze Bayley: The redemption of William Black 2.3
Marco Mendoza: Viva la Rock 2.3 Mighty Music
Michael Schenker Fest: Resurrection 2.3 Nuclear Blast
Sault: Seeds of power 2.3
Stone Broken: Ain’t always easy 2.3 Spinefarm Records
Michael Kratz: Live your life 3.3 Art Of Melody Music
Between The Buried And Me: Automata 9.3 Sumerian Records
Dorothy: 28 Days in the valley 9.3
Jimi Hendrix: Both sides of the sky 9.3 Legacy Recordings
Judas Priest: Firepower 9.3 Epic Records
Ministry: AmeriKKKant 9.3 Nuclear Blast
Myles Kennedy: Year of the tiger 9.3 Napalm Records
Nightwish: Decades 9.3 Nuclear Blast
Suicidal Tendencies: Get your fight on! 9.3
Tax The Heat: Change your position 9.3 Nuclear Blast
Three Days Grace: Outsider 9.3 RCA
War Of Thrones: Conflict in creation 9.3 Sonic Night Music
The Crown: Cobra speed venom 16.3 Metal Blade Records
Earthless: Black heaven 16.3 Nuclear Blast
Felskinn: Mind over matter 16.3 Rock Of Angels Records
Little Caesar: Eight 16.3 Golden Robot Records
Susperia: The lyricist 16.3 Agonia Records
Stone Temple Pilots: new album 18.3
Auri: Auri 23.3 Nuclear Blast Records
Axel Rudi Pell: Knights call 23.3 Steamhammer Records
BulletBoys: From out of the skies 23.3 Frontiers Records
Demonical: Chaos manifesto 23.3 Agonia Records
Drive She Said: Real life Re-release 23.3 AOR Heaven
FM: Atomic generation 23.3 Frontiers Records
Jari Tiura: King of lions 23.3 AOR Heaven Records
Kino: Radio Voltaire 23.3 Inside Out Records
Kip Winger: Solo box set collection 23.3 Frontiers Records
L.A Guns: Made in Milan 23.3 Frontiers Records
Memoriam: The silent vigil 23.3 Nuclear Blast
Monster Magnet: Mindfucker 23.3 Napalm Records
No Hot Ashes: s/t 23.3 Frontiers Records
Rick Parfitt: Over and out 23.3 earMUSIC
Salty Dog: Lost treasure 23.3 Escape Music
The Sword: Used future 23.3 Razor & Tie Records
Thunder: Stage 23.2 earMUSIC
W.E.T: Earthrage 23.3 Frontiers Records
Augury: Illusive golden age 30.3 The Artisan Era Records
Ayreon: Best of Live 30.3
Jaded Heart: Devil´s gift 30.3 Massacre Records
Odyssey Desperado: Don't miss the sunset 30.3 Lions Pride Music
Primordial: Exile amongst the ruins 30.3 Metal Blade Records
Red Sun Rising: Thread 30.3 Razor & Tie Records
Axel Rudi Pell: new album Steamhammer/SPV
Hardcore Superstar: You can't kill my Rock 'N' Roll
Jari Tiura: King of lions AOR Heaven Records
Maverick: Cold star dancer Metalapolis Records
Napalm Death: Coded smears and more uncommon slurs Century Media Records
Pestilence: Hadeon Hammerheart Records

APR 2018
The Amorettes: Born to break 6.4 Steamhammer/SPV
Blackberry Smoke: Find a light 6.4
The Dead Daisies: Burn it down 6.4
Kamelot: The shadow theory 6.4 Napalm Records
Manic Street Preachers: Resistance is futile 6.4 Columbia
Bonfire: Temple of lies 13.4 AFM Records
Breaking Benjamin: Ember 13.4 Hollywood Records
Crematory: Oblivion 13.4 SPV/Steamhammer
Derek Smalls: Smalls change (Meditations upon ageing) 13.4 Twanky Records
Killer Dwarfs: Live, no guff 13.4 EMP Label Group
A Perfect Circle: Eat the elephant 20.4 BMG
Bullet: Dust To Gold 20.4 SPV/Steamhammer
Perfect Plan: All rise 20.4 Frontiers Records
Stonelake: Thunder and rain 20.4 MelodicRock Records
Stryper: God damn evil 20.4 Frontiers Records
Riot V: Armor of light 25.4 Nuclear Blast
Kobra And The Lotus: Prevail II 27.4 Napalm Records
Skindred: Big tings 27.4 Napalm Records
Angeline: Shadowlands Blow Your Fez Off Music
Captain Black Beard: s/t MelodicRock Records
Dokken: Return to the east live 2016 Frontiers Records
Gus G: new album AFM Records
Issa: new album Frontiers Records
Kataklysm: Meditations Nuclear Blast
Praying Mantis: new album Frontiers Records

MAY 2018
Dimmu Borgir: Eonian 4.5 Nuclear Blast
Iron Angel: Hellbound 4.5 Mighty Music
At The Gates: To drink from the night itself 18.5 Century Media Records
Black Majesty: Pride & Joy Music
Hartmann: Hands on the wheel
Orange Goblin:

JUNE 2018
Tesla: new album Frontiers Records

AUG 2018
Doro: new album 3.8
Electric Boys: new album

SEP 2018
U.D.O: new album AFM Records

91 Suite: new album
Abysmal Dawn: new album Season Of Mist Records
Acacia Avenue:
Adriangale: MelodicRock Records
Alice In Chains:
Alissa (White-Gluz): solo album Napalm Records
American Tears: Hard core Escape Music
Amon Amarth:
Amorphis: new album Nuclear Blast
Angelus Apatrida: Hidden Livevolution
Angelus Apatrida: new album
Animal Drive: Frontiers Records
Art Nation:
Axe: The last offering Escape Music
Baby Snakes:
Beggars & Thieves: live album
Beggars & Thieves: new album
Big City: new album Rock Of Angels Records
Black Rose: A light in the dark Sliptrick Records
Block Buster:
Bloodbath: new album
Brett Walker: Archive Anthology MelodicRock Records
Brian Howe:
The Brink: Frontiers Records
Bryan Cole
Bullet For My Valentine:
Burning Rain: new album Frontiers Records
Care of Night:
Children Of Bodom:
Circus Maximus
City Of Thieves: debut album Frontiers Records
Clif Magness: new album Frontiers Records
Coastland Ride:
Come Taste The Band: new album AOR Heaven
Creye: Frontiers Records
Crosson: Invincible Metalapolis Records
The Crown: new album Metal Blade Records
Crystal Ball: new album
C.W.F: new album
The Damned: new album Search & Destroy Records
Dare: Out Of The Silence 2018
Dare: new album
Dare: Best of
Dark Angel:
Dark Moor:
Darkness: new album Massacre Records
The Darren Phillips Project:
Dave Bickler: Darklight
David Reece: solo album Mighty Music
Death Dealer:
Dead Of Night: Pride & Joy Music
Dee Snider:
Def Leppard:
Devildriver: Outlaws Till The End
Diamond Head:
Dino Cazares: solo album
DIO Disciples
Dream Child: debut album Frontiers Records
Entombed A.D:
Fahran: Vapours
Fifth Angel:
Find Me:
Fortune: Comeback album
Gathering Of Kings:
Ghost: new album
Göran Edman:
Greta Van Fleet: new album Lava/Republic Records
Gypsy Rose: new album
Helloween: Live in Madrid
Hoobastank: new album Napalm Records
House Of Shakira:
Immortal: new album Nuclear Blast
Jack Russell’s Great White: Once acoustically bitten
Jetboy: Frontiers Records
Jesse Damon
Jizzy Pearl: All you need is soul Frontiers Records
Jonathan Davis
John Sykes: Sy-Ops
Jorn: new album Frontiers Records
Jungle Rot: new album Victory Records
Kane Roberts: new album Frontiers Records
Killer Bee:
King Company:
King Diamond: Metal Blade Records
King's X
Kissin' Dynamite
Last In Line:
Lee Aaron:
Lillian Axe: From Womb To Tomb
Lipz: Scaryman
Lita Ford:
Lords Of Black: Icons Of The New Days Frontiers Records
Lucifer: Lucifer II
Madball: For the cause
Magic Dance: Frontiers Records
Malevolent Creation: new album
Marillion: Live at The Royal Albert Hall
Mass: When two worlds collide Escape Music
Mason Hill: Frontiers Records
Mats Karlsson
Metal Church:
Mick Mars: solo album
Michael Monroe:
Michael Thompson Band:
Mob Rules:
MPG "Martie Peters Group": Unfinished business
Nazareth: Frontiers Records
Nordic Union:
Obscura: Diluvium Relapse Records
Obús: new album
The Offspring: new album
On The Rise:
The Order:
Outlasted: new album MelodicRock Records
Palace: new album Frontiers Records
Pamela Moore: Behind the veil
Papa Roach:
Pleasure Maker: Dancin' with danger Lions Pride Music
Powerwolf: new album Napalm Records
Pretty Maids: live-dvd/cd Frontiers Records
Primal Fear: Apocalypse Frontiers Records
Rachel Lorin: new album Frontiers Records
Raspberry Park: new album AOR Heaven Records
Reckless Love
Red Dragon Cartel: Patina
Romeo's Daughter:
The Ron Keel Band:
Rox Diamond: new album Lions Pride Music
Royal Flush
Royal Mess
Saffire: Where the monsters dwell
Sapphire Eyes:
Sebastian Bach:
Sevendust: new album Rise Records
Seventh Wonder: Tiara Frontiers Records
Shinedown: new album Atlantic Records
Snakes In Paradise: Step Into The Light Frontiers Records
Soulfly: new album Nuclear Blast
Spirits Of Fire: Frontiers Records
State Of Rock: new album AOR Heaven
State Of Salazar: new album Frontiers Records
Steve Overland:
Sunstorm: new album Frontiers Records
Super Stroke:
The Swedish Funk Connection:
Tom Keifer:
Tony Martin: Thornz
Toseland: new album Frontiers Records
Tremonti: A dying machine Napalm Records
Uriah Heep: Living the dream Frontiers Records
Vimic: Open your omen Universal Music Enterprises
Violet Janine:
Vixen: live album
Warlord: new album Frontiers Records
Whitesnake: Flesh & Blood Rhino Records
Work of Art
Young Gun Silver Fox:

Armored Saint: new album
Down 'N' Outz
Dream Theater
Killer Dwarfs: new album EMP Label Group
Sacred Reich: new album Metal Blade Records
Spread Eagle: new album Frontiers Records
Symphony X:
Tora Tora: new album Frontiers Records

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