to consider for 2017 "BIG list"
Posted by: adolfo ()
Date: June 27, 2017 03:16AM

New adds: Blackmore´s Night (jul), Dirty Thrills (sep), Kee Of Hearts
(sep), Adagio (jul), Eden´s Curse (aug)

In bold, the last updates.

JUN 2017
Adrenaline Mob: We the people 2.6 Century Media
DGM: Passing Stages: Live in Milan and Atlanta 2.6 Frontiers Records
Eighteen Visions: XVIII 2.6 Rise Records
Ezoo: Feeding the beast 2.6 earMUSIC
The Ferrymen: s/t 2.6 Frontiers Records
Great White: Full Circle 2.6 Bluez Tone Records
Icon: Urban Psalm Live 2.6 Epicon Records
Jorn: Life on death road 2.6 Frontiers Records
Mean Streak: Blind faith 2.6 ROAR Records
Miss May I: Shadows inside 2.6 SharpTone Records
Primal Fear: Angels of mercy - Live in Germany 2.6 Frontiers Records
Radiation Romeos: Radiation Romeos 2.6 Frontiers Records
Roger Waters: Is this the life we really want 2.6 Columbia
Secret Sphere: The nature of time 2.6 Frontiers Records
Tankard: One foot in the grave 2.6 Nuclear Blast Records
Vallenfyre: Fear those who fear him 2.6 Century Media
Wednesday 13: Condolences 2.6 Nuclear Blast Entertainment
Nickelback: Feed the machine 7.6 BMG
Anathema: The Optimist 9.6 Kscope Records
The Magpie Salute: s/t 9.6 Eagle Rock Entertainment
Rancid: Trouble Maker 9.6 Hellcat/Epitaph Records
Rebellious Spirit: New horizons 9.6 Fastball Music
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow: Live In Birmingham 2016 9.6 Eagle Rock Entertainment
Suffocation: ...Of The Dark Light 9.6 Nuclear Blast Records
Carach Angren: Dance and laugh amongst the rotten 16.6 Season Of Mist Records
Cheap Trick: We're all alright 16.6
CKY: The Phoenix 16.6 eOne Music
Iced Earth: Incorruptible 16.6 Century Media
Styx: The Mission 16.6 UMe Records
Tombs: The Grand Annihilation 16.6 Metal Blade Records
Ten: Gothic 21.6 Marquee/Avalon
Evilyn Strange: Idiom 22.6 Thirteen772 Music
42 Decibel: Overloaded 23.6 Nuclear Blast Records
Angelwings: The Edge Of Innocence 23.6 Pride & Joy Music
Broken Hope: Mutilated & Assimilated 23.6 Century Media Records
Jyrki 69: Helsinki vampire 23.6 Cleopatra Records
Municipal Waste: Slime and punishment 23.6 Nuclear Blast
Taz Taylor Band: Pressure & Time 23.6 Escape Music
Cellar Darling: This is the sound 30.6 Nuclear Blast
Don Barnes: Ride the storm 30.6 MelodicRock Records
Foghat: Live At The Belly Up 30.6 Foghat Records
Jetset Royals: Jetset Royals 30.6 Lions Pride Music
Manilla Road: To kill a king 30.6 Golden Core Records
Michael Monroe: The Best 30.6 Spinefarm
Origin: Unparalleled universe 30.6 Nuclear Blast Records
Stone Sour: Hydrograd 30.6 Roadrunner Records
That Rock Guy: Nothin' To Lose 30.6 AOR Heaven
Bob Kulick: Skeletons in the closet Vanity Music

JUL 2017
Hansen & Friends: Thank You Wacken 2.7 EAR Music
Blind Guardian: Live Beyond The Spheres 4.7 Nuclear Blast
All41: World´s Best Hope 7.7 Frontiers Records
The Boyscout: We Were Kings 7.7
Decapitated: Anticult 7.7 Nuclear Blast
Freddie Nelson: Shake the cage 7.7
Graham Bonnet Band: Live...Here Comes The Night 7.7 Frontiers Records
The Melvins: A walk with love and death 7.7 Ipecac Recordings
Next To None: Phases 7.7 InsideOut Music
Orden Ogan: Gunmen 7.7 AFM Records
Riverdogs: California 7.7 Frontiers Records
Ten: Gothica 7.7 Frontiers Records
Edguy: Monuments 14.7 Nuclear Blast
Kissin´Dynamite: Generation Goodbye - Dynamite Nights 14.7 AFM Records
Status Quo: The Last Night Of The Electrics 14.7
Europe: The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show - Live At The Roundhouse 21.7 Warner Music
Galderia: Return of the Cosmic Men 21.7 Massacre Records
In This Moment: Ritual 21.7 Atlantic
Kenny Wayne Shepherd: Lay it on down 21.7
Mr. Big: Defying Gravity 21.7 Frontiers Records
Projected: Ignite my insanity 21.7 Rat Pak Records
SNOW: At Last 21.7 Escape Music
Tower Of Babel: Lake Of Fire 21.7 Lion Music
Unisonic: Live in Wacken 21.7 EarMusic
RIAN: Out of the darkness 22.7 MelodicRock Records
Adagio: Life 26.7
Absolva: Defiance 28.7
Alice Cooper: Paranormal 28.7 earMusic
Blackmore´s Night: To The Moon And Back - 20 Years And Beyond... 28.7
Masterplan: PumpKings 28.7 AFM Records
Prong: Zero days 28.7 Steamhammer/SPV
Rage: Seasons of the black 28.7 Nuclear Blast
Rex Brown: Smoke On This 28.7 eOne
Soul Secret: Babel 28.7 Pride & Joy Music

AUG 2017
The Nights: s/t 3.8 Frontiers Records
Accept: The rise of chaos 4.8 Nuclear Blast
Circus Maximus: Live in Oslo 4.8 Frontiers Records
Dirkschneider: Live – Back To The Roots - Accepted! 4.8 AFM Records
Jane's Addiction: Ritual de lo habitual - Alive at twenty-five 4.8 Rock Fuel Media
Kryptonite: Kryptonite 4.8 Frontiers Records
Marty Friedman: Wall Of Sound 4.8 Prosthetic Records
Quiet Riot: Road Rage 4.8 Frontiers Records
Warbeast: Enter the arena 4.8 Housecore Records
The Winery Dogs: Dog Years: Live In Santiago & Beyond 2013-2016 4.8 Loud & Proud Records
World Trade: Unify 4.8 Frontiers Records
Wraith: Revelation 4.8 Cargo Records
Damn Freaks: Damn Freaks 11.8 MIGHTY Music
Dawn Of Disease: Ascension gate 11.8 Napalm Records
Hinder: The reign 11.8 BMG
Incantation: Profane Nexus 11.8 Relapse Records
Kickin Valentina: Imaginary Creatures 11.8 Mighty Music
The Lurking Fear: Out of the voiceless grave 11.8 Century Media
Venom INC: Avé 11.8 Nuclear Blast
Eluveitie: Evocation II 18.8 Nuclear Blast
Janet Gardner: solo album 18.8 Pavement Entertainment
Akercocke: Renaissance in extremis 25.8 Peaceville Records
Archange: Flashback 25.8 MIGHTY Music
Da Vinci: Ambition rocks 25.8 AOR Heaven
Dagoba: Black Nova 25.8 Century Media
Degreed: s/t 25.8 Gain/Sony Music
Eden´s Curse: Revisited 25.8 AFM Records
The Haunted: Strength In Numbers 25.8 Century Media
Jack Starr's Burning Starr: Stand Your Ground 25.8 High Roller Records
Leprous: Malina 25.8 InsideOut Music
Lionheart: Second Nature 25.8 AOR Heaven
The New Roses: One more for the road 25.8 Napalm Records
Queens Of The Stone Age: Villains 25.8 Matador Records
Serious Black: Magic 25.8 AFM Records
Jan Åkesson Shadow Rain: Ascension 26.8 MelodicRock Records
7HY: For the record 31.8 Lions Pride Music
Cats In Space: Scarecrow
Circus Maximus: Havoc - Live In Oslo dvd
Fiction Syxx: Tall Dark Secrets MelodicRock Records

SEP 2017
Paradise Lost: Medusa 1.9 Nuclear Blast
Septicflesh: Codex Omega 1.9 Prosthetic Records
Alter Bridge: Live At The O2 Arena + Rarities 8.9 Napalm Records
Arch Enemy: Will to power 8.9 Century Media Records
Gods Of Silence: Neverland 8.9
Lionize: Nuclear soul 8.9
Living Colour: Shade 8.9 Megaforce Records
Travelin Jack: Commencing countdown 8.9 Steamhammer/SPV
Voodoo Six: Make way for the king 8.9 Cadiz Music
Dan Reed: Confessions 14.9
Belphegor: Totenritual 15.9 Nuclear Blast
The Contortionist: Clairvoyant 15.9 Entertainment One Music
Dirty Thrills: Heavy living 15.9 Frontiers Records
Foo Fighters: Concrete and gold 15.9 Roswell Records/RCA
GUN: Favourite pleasures 15.9
Hell In The Club: See you on the dark side 15.9 Frontiers Records
Kee Of Hearts: Kee of hearts 15.9 Frontiers Records
Nothing More: The stories we tell ourselves 15.9 Better Noise Records
Steelheart: Through worlds of stardust 15.9 Frontiers Records
Wayward Sons: Ghosts Of Yet To Come 15.9 Frontiers Records
Cradle Of Filth: Cryptoriana - The seductiveness of decay 22.9 Nuclear Blast
Diablo Blvd: Zero Hour 22.9 Nuclear Blast
The Rasmus: Dark Matters 22.9
Satyricon: 22.9 Napalm Records
Celeste: INFIDÈLE(S) 29.9 Denovali Records
Kadavar: Rough times 29.9 Nuclear Blast
Nocturnal Rites: Phoenix 29.9 AFM Records
Shania Twain: Now 29.9 Virgin EMI
Unsane: Sterilize 29.9 Southern Lord Records
Air Raid: Across the line High Roller Records
Black Country Communion:
Black Veil Brides: new album
Ensisferum: new album Metal Blade Records
Heaven & Earth: Hard to kill
Newman: Aerial AOR Heaven
Pänzer: Fatal Command Nuclear Blast

OCT 2017
L.A. Guns: The Missing Peace 6.10 Frontiers Records
Revolution Saints: new album 13.10 Frontiers Records
Samael: Hegemony 13.10 Napalm Records
Adellaide: Flying High Lions Pride Music
Appice: Steamhammer
Babylon A.D: Revelation Highway MBM Records
Europe: new album
Kobra And The Lotus: Prevail II Napalm Records
Martina Edoff: new album AOR Heaven
Midnite City:
Power Quest: new album Inner Wound Recordings
The Radio Sun: Unstoppable Pride & Joy Music
Sweet & Lynch: new album Frontiers Records

NOV 2017
Moonspell: 1755 3.11 Napalm Records
Soto: new album Frontiers Records

A Perfect Circle: new album BMG
Acacia Avenue:
Act Of Defiance:
Affäire: Neon Gods
Alissa (White-Gluz): solo album Napalm Records
Ammunition: Ammunition Frontiers Records
Animal Drive: Frontiers Records
Astral Doors:
Autograph: Get Off Your Ass
Bad Religion:
Bigfoot: debut album Frontiers Records
Black Majesty:
Black Rose:
Black Tiger: Tanzan Music
Block Buster:
Blood Red Saints:
Bohemian Lifestyle: Post vintage
Bombay Black: new album Kivel Records
Brett Walker: Archive Anthology MelodicRock Records
Brian Howe:
Britny Fox:
Buckets Rebel Heart:
Bullet: new album SPV/Steamhammer
Bullet For My Valentine:
Bulletboys: new album Frontiers Records
Burning Rain: new album Frontiers Records
Burning Witches:
Byzantine: The Cicada Tree Metal Blade
Care of Night:
City Of Thieves: Frontiers Records
Coming Of Age:
Cyhra: Spinefarm Records
Dare: Out Of The Silence 2017
Dave Bickler: darklight
Dead Cross: Ipecac Recordings
Death Dealer:
Deicide: new album. Century Media
Dennis DeYoung: Frontiers Records
DIO Disciples
Doomsday Outlaw: Frontiers Records
Edge Of Forever: new album
EISLEY/GOLDY: Frontiers Records
Electric Boys:
Eleventh Hour:
Evanescence: Synthesis
Evilyn Strange:
Exhumed: new album Relapse Records
F.M: new album Frontiers Records
Faith Circus: new album MelodicRock Records
Fall To June: s/t Lions Pride Music
Famous Underground:
Find Me:
Fortune: Comeback album
Fozzy: new album Century Media
Gathering Of Kings:
Göran Edman:
Gozu: Metal Blade Records
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals:
Grand Design:
Grand Slam:
Gunner: All Access
GWAR: The Blood Of Gods Metal Blade Records
Handful Of Rain
Hardcore Superstar
Honeymoon Suite: Hands Up
Ignore The Sign: SPV/Steamhammer
Impera: Age of discovery
Integrity: Howling, for the nightmare shall consume Relapse
Jaded Heart:
Jag Panzer: The Deviant Chord. SPV/Steamhammer
Jim Peterik Eye of the writer (acoustic album)
Jizzy Pearl: solo album. Frontiers Records
Joe Perry: solo album
John Corabi: 94 Live — One Night In Nashville Rat Pak Records
John Norum:
John Sykes: Sy-Ops
John Waite:
Johnny Gioeli: solo album
Judas Priest:
Kane Roberts: new album Frontiers Records
The Killers: Wonderful wonderful
The Killing Floor:
King Diamond: Metal Blade Records
King's X
Lee Aaron:
Lillian Axe: From Womb To Tomb
Lion´s Share:
Lou Gramm
Love N War:
Lynch Mob: The brotherhood
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Mad Invasion:
Madam X:
Marc Scherer
Marilyn Manson: Heaven upside down
Michael Angelo Batio:
Michael Learns To Rock:
Mick Mars: solo album
Mitchell Hunt: Give Me A Sign. Lions Pride Music
Monster Magnet:
Morbid Angel:
Morning Dwell: The Guardians Of Time
Mother Road:
Motionless In White: Graveyard Shift. Roadrunner Records
Myles Kennedy
Nasty Savage:
Night Legion:
No Love Lost:
Not Hot Ashes: Frontiers Records
Old James:
One Soul Thrust
Owens/Caffery: Frontiers Records
Perfect View:
Pestilence: Hadeon
Phantom 5:
Phil Campbel:
Pink Cream 69:
The Poodles:
Powerman 5000: New wave Pavement Entertainment
Pretty Boy Floyd: new album Frontiers Records
Pretty Wild
R.P.G (Reece, Percudani Group)
The Ragged Saints
Rain Or Shine: Lions Pride Music
Rainmaker: Frontiers Records
Raintimes: Frontiers Records
Reach: The great divine
Rebel Reno:
Red Dragon Cartel
Resurrection Kings:
Restorer: Fall of the world
Reuben Archer: Petrol Head
Revelations: Gatekeeper
Rhapsody Of Fire:
Richard Page: Goin´ south
Risin Tides:
Rob Moratti: new album Escape Music
Robert Fleischman: You gotta believe it
Robin Beck: Love is coming
Rock Goddess:
Rockstars On Mars:
The Rockford Heroes
The Rods: Louder Than Loud Steamhammer/SPV
Romeo Riot:
Rose Tattoo: new album Golden Robot Records
Royal Flush:
Russ Ballard: Rockett Love:
Saint Deamon:
Sambora/Orianthi Project:
Sammy Berell:
Sapphire Eyes:
Scream Maker: Back Against The World
Shiraz Lane
Skid Row:
Snakes In Paradise: Step Into The Light Frontiers Records
Soleil Moon:
Sonic State Capital
Sonic Station:
Sons Of Icarus: Beyond The Sun
Space Elevator:
Stage Dolls:
State Of Salazar: new album Frontiers Records
Stellar Revival: Love, lust & bad company
Stephen Chesney:
Steve Perry:
Stone Machine
Stone Broken:
Stone Temple Pilots:
Strangers: Survival
Sunsët: debut album Lions Pride Music
Sweet Leopard:
Takara: Wicked and Beautiful
Teenage Time Killers: Greatest Hits Vol 1
Temple Of The Dog: s/t 25th anniversary A&M Records
Textures: Genotype Nuclear Blast
Threshold: Legends Of The Shires Nuclear Blast
Timo Tolkki:
Toby Hitchcock:
Tombs: Metal Blade Records
Tommy Shaw:
Tony Harnell:
Tony Martin: Thornz
Tony Mills: Streets of Chance
Trevor Rabin
Two Of A Kind: new album Frontiers Records
Tyketto: live DVD
UFO: covers album
Ummure: new album. Nuclear Blast
Uriah Heep: new album Frontiers Records
Vandenberg's MoonKings:
Vanishing Point:
Vendetta: new album Lion Music
Vixen: live album
Von Baltzer
Vuur: InsideOut Music
Wheels Of Fire
White Wizzard: Infernal overdrive
Wildness: new album. AOR Heaven
Wind Rose: Stonehymn Inner Wound Recordings
Wintersun: new album Nuclear Blast
X Japan:
Zero Tolerance:

JAN 2018
Saxon: Thunderbolt

FEB 2018
Toto: 40 Trips Around The Sun Sony Music

Adriangale: MelodicRock Records
Alice In Chains:
The Brink: Frontiers Records
Circus Maximus
Creye: Frontiers Records
Devildriver: Outlaws Till The End
Fifth Angel:
King Company:
Last In Line:
Lita Ford:
Magic Dance: Frontiers Records
Mason Hill: Frontiers Records
Metal Church:
Michael Schenker Fest: Nuclear Blast
Nazareth: Frontiers Records
Pleasure Maker: Lions Pride Music
Royal Mess
Tom Keifer:
Work of Art:

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