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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - the classic-rock band featuring Björn Strid (SOILWORRK), David Andersson (SOILWORK, MEAN STREAK) and Sharlee D' Angelo (ARCH ENEMY, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS) will release its second album JUNE 9.

In an interview with songtitles set to appear on the upcoming album include "Lady Jade", "Stiletto" and "Spanish Ghosts".
You can listen to the chat and a snippet of a brand new song "Living For The Nighttime" (at the end of the podcast), using the SoundCloud widget below.

Songtitles set to appear on the upcoming Skyline Whispers album include "Living For The Nighttime","Lady Jade", "Stiletto" and "Spanish Ghosts".

Björn "Speed" Strid (SOILWORK) - Vocals
David Andersson (SOILWORK, MEAN STREAK) - Guitar
Richard Larsson (VON BENZO) - Keyboards
Jonas Källsbäck (MEAN STREAK, ORCHID) - Drums
Sebastian Forslund (KADAWATHA) - Congas, Percussion, Guitar

Photo credit: Ron Dahlgren

HOUSTON - "Standing On The Moon"

The new Houston video for the track “Standing On The Moon” is a remix version of the song that was featured on the “Relaunch II” album.

Q5 Introduces New Guitarist, New CD Coming In 2015

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Newly reformed 80s hard rock / heavy metal legends, Q5, best known for their classic debut cd STEEL THE LIGHT(Music For Nations), and its sophomore effort WHEN THE MIRROR CRACKS(Polygram), have secured Washington native, guitar virtuoso, Dennis Turnerto complete their official line-up. Turner steps into the position once occupied by original guitarist, famous guitar tremolo inventor Floyd Rose.

The current line-up consisting of original members Jonathan K. (vocals), Rick Pierce (Guitars) and Evan Sheeley (bass), along with Turner (guitar) and (former Fifth Angel / Nightshade/Heir Apparent) drummer Jeffrey McCormack will make its debut performing in Seattle March 13, then will perform at the Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival in Chicago, Illinois on May 1.

Q5 will then enter the studio this summer to begin recording its new cd, slated for release in late 2015, with tour dates to follow.

THE RADIO SUN 'Spaceman' EP Now Available

Monday, March 2, 2015
The Radio Sun record Roxus song on new Spaceman EP

Aussie melodic rockers have just released an ep/cd titled Spaceman which contains songs that will not be featured on the upcoming second full length album.
Vocalist Jason goes on to say that songs like 'Spaceman' and 'Never Knock A Believer' were fun projects, stylistically a bit different for the band but heavy rock nonetheless, yet with the interest they created we thought we'd make them available on hard copy cd".
Guitarist Stevie goes onto say that "the Roxus 'Body Heat' track was recorded as a 'tip of the hat' to a band we all grew up with. Roxus were Australia's best and they should have been bigger".
The Radio Sun 4 song ep can be purchased at the following link for $10 US dollars with free shipping world wide: The Radio Sun second full length album is currently being mixed by Paul Laine and is scheduled for a mid 2015 release.
Listen to a sample of the Body Heat track: The Radio Sun - Body Heat (Edit)


Monday, March 2, 2015
Colour of Noise are a classic rock band from Brighton, England.  The band describes themselves as "steeped in the tradition of the late 60’s British  blues boom and early 70’s stadium rock."
Continuing on, "You might know Colour of Noise singer Matt Mitchell from his band Furyon, or Randy Nixon on drums (Magic Bullet Band, Jeevas, Straw) and Bruce John Dickinson (Little Angels, b.l.o.w). It is our pleasure to introduce to you Dan Electro and ‘Silent’ Ben Daniels on bass.
The songs we write deal with issues of permanence, holding onto what is great in our lives (people and music), coming to terms with change (broken dreams, relationships), trying to retain a sense of yourself in a mad world, and escapism through rock n roll.
The Noise we make is mostly powered by vintage equipment. Not because we’re that stuck on a principle, it just sounds better to our ears. So does recording in the old way.
People have asked us questions about our new band.  We are writing and demoing for an album to be released in 2015. We will do gigs in 2015. We would love to see you there and will announce much more detail on April 7th."

One On One With Mitch Lafon - HALL & OATES & JOHN 5

Monday, March 2, 2015

John Oates of HALL & OATES and JOHN 5 from Rob Zombie guest on this episode of One On One With Mitch Lafon. Joining Mitch as special co-host is solo artist and hitherto Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal.

John Oates sits down with Mitch to discuss the band's illustrious career, crafting songs, his new solo 'Another Good Road' CD/DVD release and the band's new LIVE IN DUBLIN DVD/CD release.

In the episode's second interview JOHN 5 talks about working on new music with former KISS drummer Peter Criss, the unreleased album with Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth, his current tour, the new live Rob Zombie album 'Spookshow International Live', playing the Amnesia RockFest in Quebec, making new music and much more.

Co-host Bumblefoot offers his insight on today's guests as well as talks about playing on stage with former KISS members ACE FREHLEY & PETER CRISS, discusses his new album Little Brother Is Watching and what's next professionally for him. 

For more about Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal visit:

For more about John Oates visit: and
For more about about Hall & Oates: and

For more about John 5: http://www.john-5.comand

Noize In The AtticPodcast - GEORGE LYNCH

Monday, March 2, 2015
George Lynch speaks in-depth and candidly on the latest episode of Noize In The Attic - Where Your past Comes Back To Haunt You (

George speaks openly on the new Sweet / Lynch album, on the failed Dokken reunion "it was way too painful and way too ugly" and how he was cheated out of $30,000 on the Dysfunctional album and tour.

On his early Ozzy auditions: "I went out to Scotland, England, Ireland.. I toured with them and played at some sound checks.. I brought in Don Costa and we rehearsed for a while. (they told me) "you're the guy" (and) I spent two months in that camp. They didn't give me a nickel.. I ended up losing my job and my apartment. It really blew me away the indifference of those people. They are callus and non-empathetic, non-compassionate.. they didn't really give a shit but maybe that's what you need to be successful in this world, being heartless and calculating and cold".

Hear the interview here (starts at 30 minute mark)

BAD COMPANY To Release Deluxe Editions of First Two Albums

Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Bad Company have recently found the original multi-track tapes from their first two albums and in the process discovered previously unreleased tracks, takes, and mixes from those sessions which form the bonus material on brand new deluxe editions.
Bad Company (1974) and Straight Shooter (1975) have been remastered using the original tapes to create new Deluxe Editions. The two-CD versions include all of the newly discovered bonus tracks, while their 180-gram vinyl counterparts offer as much bonus material as they can fit on a second vinyl record.
The eponymous debut album in deluxe form features the single edit of Can’t Get Enough, b-sides Little Miss Fortune and Easy On My Soul as well as eight previously unreleased recordings such as the demo for The Way I Choose, and an unedited version of Superstar Woman.
Follow up, Straight Shooter (1975) goes even further with 13 previously unreleased tracks and and the b-side Whiskey Bottle. The bonus material here includes a stripped-down version of Shooting Star, and two tracks never released; See The Sunlight and All Night Long.
Bad Company and Straight Shooter deluxe editions are released on 7 April 2015.

Bad Company
Deluxe 2CD Track Listing:
Disc 1
1. Can’t Get Enough
2. Rock Steady
3. Ready For Love
4. Don’t Let Me Down
5. Bad Company
6. The Way I Choose
7. Movin’ On
8. Seagull
Disc 2
1. Can’t Get Enough (Take 1)*
2. Little Miss Fortune (Demo Reel 1)*
3. The Way I Choose (Demo Reel 1)*
4. Bad Company (LMS Studio Reel 2-73 Session)*
5. The Way I Choose (Version 1 Inc. F/S)
6. Easy On My Soul (Long Version)
7. Bad Company (LMS Studio Reel 8-73 Session)*
8. Studio Chat/Dialogue
9. Superstar Woman (Long Version)*
10. Can’t Get Enough (Single Edit)
11. Little Miss Fortune (B-side of Can’t Get Enough)*
12. Easy On My Soul (B-side of Movin’ On)*
Tracks 1-7 and 9 previously unreleased
2LP Vinyl Track Listing
Side 1
1. Can’t Get Enough (Remastered Version)
2. Rock Steady (Remastered Version)
3. Ready For Love (Remastered Version)
4. Don’t Let Me Down (Remastered Version)
Side 2
1. Bad Company (Remastered Version)
2. The Way I Choose (Remastered Version)
3. Movin’ On (Remastered Version)
4. Seagull (Remastered Version)
Side 3
1. Superstar Woman (Long Version)
2. Little Miss Fortune (B-Side Of “Can’t Get Enough”)
3. Easy On My Soul (B-Side Of “Movin’ On”)
4. Bad Company (Lms Studio Reel 2-73 Session)
Side 4
1. Can’t Get Enough (Take 1)
2. The Way I Choose (Demo Reel 1)
3. Little Miss Fortune (Demo Reel 1)
4. Bad Company (Lms Studio Reel 8-73 Session)
Straight Shooter
Disc 1
1. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad
2. Feel Like Makin’ Love
3. Weep No More
4. Shooting Star
5. Deal With The Preacher
6. Wild Fire Woman
7. Anna
8. Call On Me
Disc 2
1. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)*
2. Feel Like Makin’ Love (Take Before Master)*
3. Weep No More (Early Slow Version)*
4. Shooting Star (Alternate Take)*
5. Deal With The Preacher (Early Version)*
6. Anna (Alternate Vocal)*
7. Call On Me (Alternate Take)*
8. Easy On My Soul (Slow Version)
9. Whiskey Bottle” (Early Slow Version)
10. See the Sunlight
11. All Night Long”
12. Wild Fire Woman (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)*
13. Feel Like Makin’ Love (Harmonica Version)
14. Whiskey Bottle (B-side of Good Lovin’ Gone Bad )
Tracks 1-13 previously unreleased.
2LP Vinyl Track Listing
Side 1
1. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad (2015 Remastered)
2. Feel Like Makin’ Love (2015 Remastered)
3. Weep No More (2015 Remastered)
4. Shooting Star (2015 Remastered)
Side 2
1. Deal With The Preacher (2015 Remastered)
2. Wild Fire Woman (2015 Remastered)
3. Anna (2015 Remastered)
4. Call On Me (2015 Remastered)
Side 3
1. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
2. Feel Like Makin’ Love (Take Before Master)
3. Weep No More (Early Slow Version)
4. Shooting Star (Alternate Take)
Side 4
1. Deal With The Preacher (Early Version)
2. Wild Fire Woman (Alternate Vocal & Guitar)
3. Anna (Alternate Vocal)
4. Call On Me (Alternate Take)



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