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This week on the Double Stop Podcast is a 2 part interview with Eric Martin. At the end of Part 2 he reveals that he has a new project/band with Warren DeMartini from Ratt.
[Eric reveals in the conversation that he has a huge man-crush on Warren's playing and would like to create a side project as Billy has with The Winery Dogs. The style he says would be something like 70s Aerosmith, The Black Crows and The Faces...]

Part 1:



In Part 1 Eric shares how he got his start in music, and discusses his early solo albums "Sucker For A Pretty Face", "Eric Martin" and "I'm Only Fooling Myself". He also covers his contribution to the Teachers soundtrack (a song he wrote with Neal Schon from Journey), as well as his near miss in Toto. We discuss the formation of Mr. Big (and the role Mike Varney had), and the recording of the first Mr. Big album.

Part 2:



In Part 2 Eric discusses the first Mr. Big tour with Rush, the success of "Lean Into It", the reformation in the 90's with Richie Kotzen (and sharing lead vocals on some songs), the reunion with all original members, the Mr. Vocalist series of cds in Japan, and he announces his new project with Warren DeMartini (Ratt).
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