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Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason on PINK FLOYD's Epic 1979 Album The Wall

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Nick Mason Deconstruct Pink Floyds Epic 1979 Album The Wall @ 35

Dallas, TX - December 17, 2014.  North American syndicated Rock radio program and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind Historys Greatest Rock Bands revisits the second highest-selling album in history, Pink Floyds The Wall  on its 35th anniversary.

By the late Seventies, Pink Floyd had all the commercial success a band could imagine, but not without battle wounds. The relationships between composer/ bassist Roger Waters and the other band members, as well as between Waters and the audience, had been strained and distorted by the time of The Wall. The only thing left was the music.  

In a two-part, two week special InTheStudio radio program, host Redbeard speaks with The Wall architect Roger Waters, singer/guitarist David Gilmour, and percussionist Nick Mason about building one of RocknRolls crowning recording, live production, and cinematic achievements. 

Based on a music superstars plunge into the dark side of success which eventually results in absolute isolation, both emotionally and physically, from the audience he or she purports to attract, Roger Waters sadly recounts the autobiographical nature of The Wall  and the defining moment he remembers it coming to life.

During a show in Montreal I finally got so angry  that I spat at this child, he was 14 or 15 I suppose. When I got off stage afterwards I thought, What have I been reduced to? And what has happened to the relationship between the band and the audience?  So, The Wall was something that I had experienced very powerfully through most of that (Animals) tour, but specifically on that day.  - Roger Waters

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