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BLOODBOUND 'Stormborn' First Track “Iron Throne” Released

Friday, November 21, 2014
BLOODBOUND: “Stormborn” drawing nearer.... first track “Iron Throne” released!
Fans of anthemic heavy/power metal know about BLOODBOUND’s qualities. The Swedes' new and highly-anticipated record “Stormborn” will see the light of day on November 21st.
And also several high-class musicians are enthusiastic about "Stormborn“:
Joacim Jans (HammerFall): "My favourite Swedish metal band has done it again! As metal as it gets!“
Joakim Brodén (Sabaton): "Great melodies and one of the best voices in metal right now! This is the future of Power Metal!”
Pär Sundström (Sabaton): "Bloodbound is justt getting better and better and with their new album they are on top of their genre.”

PROJECT ARCADIA - A Time Of Changes (Showcase)

Monday, September 15, 2014
9 Sept
Digital (world)
ON CD (North America)
26 Sept
(SA, JAPAN, UK, EU excl. BG)
26 Sept
(Rest of the world)


Also available on:



- 01. Here To Learn
- 02. Shelter Me
- 03. I Am Alive
- 04. Beggars At The Door
- 05. The Ungrateful Child
- 06. Timeless
- 07. Joy
- 08. A Time Of Changes
- 09. Formidable Foe
- 10. The Deal
- 11. Shadows Of The Night


Urban Breed - vocals
Plamen Uzunov - guitars
Dobromir Paraskov - bass
Villy Neshev - guitars
Daniel Dimitrov - drums

Nightmare Records is proud to bring you an exciting new album from... PROJECT ARCADIA!
Top Class Modern Melodic Metal with a touch of ProgPower "A Time of Changes" is the sophomore release in the discography
of this intriguing band hailing mostly from Bulgaria with the exception of their latest addition
Swedish singer now living in the United States Urban breed most known for his work in Tad Morose & Bloodbound.
Living up to the high expectations of Nightmare, we bring you a fantastic heavy metal album that any fan of the genre will appreciate,
it has powerful guitars, vocals and serious powerhouse of a rhythm section! For fans of old MSG, Tad Morose, Scorpions & Accept.
Mixed and Mastered by Jonas Kjellgren at Black Lounge Studios in Sweden (Sabaton, Scar Symmetry, Sonic Syndicate)
Video's debut for first single "Formidable Foe" directed by Firewind's Bob Katsionis.






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