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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

WE ARE ONE is a music collaboration initiative created to combat extreme poverty and homelessness within our cities.

During the last 9 months we have been building the foundations of an international charitable movement comprised of music and media professionals from different countries, all of us people who want to make a difference within our respective cities and raise public awareness on the crucial social matters of homelessness and extreme poverty. Some renowned rock artists have already joined our ranks, but we have extensive participation by upcoming artists and bands as well. We are injecting a lot of young blood into this, including and showcasing some fantastic upcoming talent.


WE ARE ONE is not a "regular" charity; it introduces a very different approach when compared to traditional charitable endeavours, both in concept and overall implementation.

Our effort is specifically designed to help and to provide support for small extreme poverty charities in different regions. Instead of spending a fortune of proceeds into building and maintaining our own glossy infrastructure from scratch (like most large charities do nowadays), we will be utilizing the existing small local infrastructures that are there within every large city. There are many selfless people out there, tireless dedicated volunteers who run homeless shelters and soup kitchens. These experienced people do some fantastic work with minimal help and resources, and without ever seeing a penny coming their way from the state or from big charitable organizations. We don't aim to replace those people, or their tried and tested local infrastructures. We want to support their valiant efforts and also to maintain their existing setup and to build upon it, so more aid can reach more vulnerable people faster.


Our forthcoming collaboration releases are just the high-profile means for a much more long-term localized charitable endeavour.

The real work on the streets will be achieved through our unique WR1 Live! framework concept. Instead of creating very occasional and very expensive events - like many large charities do these days - we are building a unified framework of smaller but more frequent interconnected live events, happening in different cities as our international network expands. Essentially we are devising an unprecedented international "charitable franchise", for lack of a better term.

WR1 Live! is all about a global concept, but with localized, cost-effective, self-reliant implementation. Our WR1 Live! events will always be tapping on local manpower and resources, showcasing some fantastic local upcoming talent, while feeding and providing shelter for some very vulnerable local people with the proceeds. We also want to entice more people to support their own local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food banks, and music is our way of achieving this goal.


We believe that it is time to start making a noticeable difference. We simply cannot carry on ignoring this massive global problem, this invisible beast that devours our humanity.

It’s time to start merging our individual networks and start delivering some real help fast, to those invisible members of our societies who need it the most. Charity should start at home; we need to clean up our own homes first, before concentrating on faraway causes. We must incite people to wake up from their collective narcosis, a narcosis induced by constant financial hardships. Nobody was born indifferent; everybody cared at some point and it’s only the daily battle for survival that stops most people from expressing their humanity. It just requires the right kind of stimuli in order to bring it out to the front again. Our humanity is still there, buried under a mountain of everyday madness, beaten up, maybe broken, but most definitely not gone.


This task would have been almost impossible even as far back as 6 or 7 years ago; but we are all connected now thanks to the advent of social networking, so this thing is much easier to setup than it seems.

We must never forget that everything always starts with a single unifying concept, a single idea that may even seem unfeasible at first. Nothing that is even remotely possible is ever unfeasible when ENOUGH of us believe in it, when MANY of us support it, when ALL of us join forces and work towards its successful conclusion, bypassing petty divisions and focusing purely on the important, unifying task at hand. The time to act is right now. Future generations will judge us very harshly if we just continue to care only about ourselves and do nothing to help those human ghosts, the real “walking dead” who drag tired feet among us, within our own cities, sometimes even within our very neighbourhoods. We must never forget that with each one of our actions - or inactions - we are essentially determining our own future legacies. The real battle will be fought into the hearts and minds of the people, and that’s where our combined contribution will be absolutely crucial and invaluable. This is our vision and we can make it a reality, together.


Thank you for reading this! A very special thanks goes out to all the people who have understood and supported this unique charitable concept from the very beginning; this includes the fantastic people at for their invaluable support.

Our dedicated website is still under construction and will launch when the music is ready for release. Until then please visit our Facebook page, LIKE and SHARE, spread the word! Everyone can help, even with just a simple like and share, or by inviting friends to our page. Together, we can achieve so much more!


WE ARE ONE... Your Music. Your Passion. Our Strength. We'll Sleep when we're Dead... ...'till then we'll RUN!

COMING SOON: Our initial collaboration releases will follow the Seeds of Dissension theme.

This is a protest concept against corruption and the invisible forces in our societies whose hunger for status and power has reduced our world to its current state. At this point we are still finalizing the list of renowned participants for the first version of Seeds, the music is still being mixed. WE ARE ONE and Seeds artwork by Pete Alander:


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