TEN 'Albion' Released As Limited Edition Gatefold Double LP

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The fabulous new Ten album, 'ALBION', will be getting a first for Ten ' a vinyl release. And not just any old vinyl release, oh no. Befitting such an incredible album, both in terms of artwork and music, 'Albion' is getting the full deluxe treatment.

The 'Albion' vinyl release will be double album gatefold, and come with a lot of lavish Ten goodies that any fan will simply have to own. These include:

Eight A5 full colour postcards, 7 solo shots of all the band members, and one full band shot. Each solo shot will be PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED by that band member.

A full colour 22x22 inch poster of the amazing Gaetano Di Falco 'Albion' cover.

Two full colour stickers: one of the album cover (10x10cm) and one of the Ten logo (10x8cm)

A highly detailed Ten guitar pick (shown both sides for display purposes only)

Full colour inner album sleeves with lyrics.

This product is strictly LIMITED to 300 copies and will not be re-printed.

Depending on manufacturing turnaround (typically 3 months) product will be available for shipping late December/early January.

Album priced at GBP29.99 plus postage.

Pre-Order here:


TEN Introduce Two New Guitarists

Friday, November 21, 2014
British melodic rock giants TEN, who will release their new album 'AlbionNovember 21, have announced two new members. The band has revamped its lineup with the addition of guiarist Dann Rosingana and guitarist Steve Grocott. 
For years Gary Hughes has toyed with the idea of bringing even more power and width into the TEN live sound. They are two highly skilled individuals and the aim is to bring twin lead guitar back into play whilst not detracting from the solid and powerful backdrop which is trademark TEN.
Gary commented: "The arrival of Dann and Steve will enable the band to play more of the layers in TEN's studio sound live on stage."



Dann is a very gifted guitar player with a very bluesy edge. Combining speed and melody perfectly in his solo work. He was born Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria, and has been playing guitar since the age of 10. Dann also plays keyboards and sings. His previous Bands include: ShellshockedA2ZHysteria and Yorkshire based club band, Jagged Edge.
Steve is an incredibly versitile guitar player. Combining stunning technical ability with harmony and melody. Creating light and shade in breathtaking abundance with his solo work. Steve hails from Staffordshire and has been playing guitar since the age of 12. His previous bands include AOR band Sevendayz.
ALBION is the first of the 2 new albums to feature lead guitarwork by Dann and Steve.
TEN veteran, the formidable John Halliwell, once again provides the power guitar backdrop and both new additions will share the lead duties and twin together to bring a new dimension to the solo aspect of TEN live sound.
TEN are:
Gary Hughes - Vocals
Dann Rosingana - Guitars
Steve Grocott - Guitars
John Halliwell - Guitars
Steve Mckenna - Bass
Darrel Treece-Birch - Keyboards
Max Yates - Drums
Beginning with their October UK appearance at FirefestTEN will emerge as a new look 7 piece, for the first time featuring the triple guitar attack that will bring a new dimension to the established British Melodic Rock giants.



TEN To Release New Album 'Albion' November 21

Friday, November 21, 2014
TEN - 'ALBION' (Rocktopia Records) For all lovers of fine Melodic Hard Rock the wait is finally over!

British Hard rock giants TEN are returning with what is already being acclaimed as the best album in their history. ‘ALBION’ is the title of the album, the term being the earliest documented name for the collective British Isles from the time of Queen Boadicia.

ALBION’ is fine collection of songs steeped in all the trademark essences associated with the band and is instantly recognisable as TEN.

This is classic Ten in every sense of the phrase.

New European based label ROCKTOPIA RECORDS are proud that this album will carry their prestigious RTP001 catalogue number.

In an exciting development, Gary and the guys have been so productive over the past year that ‘ALBION’ will actually be the first of a two album release situation on ROCKTOPIA.

The second, as yet untitled album, to be released early next year. A schedule not unlike the historical situation when TEN was born, releasing their debut ‘Ten’ and ‘The Name Of The Rose’ in quick succession.

The collection of songs on ‘ALBION’ are destined to become Melodic Hard Rock Anthems.

The Official Release Date for ‘ALBION’ is November 21st Worldwide.
However ROCKTOPIA will be Pre-Releasing the Album to Direct Sales, only in Europe and America, from Monday 27th October. This follows TEN's Friday 24th October Firefest appearance where the album will be previewed and the first CD copies will be available.
ALBION’ will also represent another first for Ten with the release of a limited edition double gatefold vinyl album including many collectable items which will be an absolute must-have for fans of the band.
The name TEN is synonymous with some of the music genre's most striking album sleeves.
In keeping with this TEN tradition the artwork this time is provided by the exceptionally talented Gaetano Di Falco.

ALBION’ is produced by Gary Hughes and once again mixed and mastered by Dennis Ward.

This is an exciting era for TEN. It features all the familiar faces and one or two new ones who have integrated seamlessly, embellishing the Ten sound and taking things to yet another level. TEN are definitely firing on all cylinders.

More information on this will follow shortly in forthcoming TEN press releases.
We promise you that your patience will be rewarded.

THREE LIONS - Three Lions (Review)

information persons: 
section name: 


The style mixes that of early Ten and perhaps a more 70s sounding British rock approach. The album sounds great and has a nice sound of its own. I do think that the tempo – especially mid to late album – drags a little and it could have used a couple of more tracks like the best track of the album, the opening Trouble In A Red Dress in place of a few fillers.

A very good start to a new chapter for the lads and I expect bigger and even better things from album number 2 in due course.

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Produced By: 
Alessandro Del Vecchio
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Hard Rock
Frontiers Records
Wednesday, May 7, 2014


It's a career full-circle for guitarist Vinny Burns who returns to the melodic rock of his early days in Ten, as Three Lions makes their debut album available. Formed by Burns with fellow Ten alumni Greg Morgan and newcomer bassist/vocalist Nigel Bailey, the trio is set to make a mark.

Produced and assisted musically by Alessandro Del Vecchio, the album has a tight, crisp feel that is simply British melodic rock through and through. Vocalist Bailey is similar to Ten's Gary Hughes in that he doesn't have a big vocal range, but has a warm, likable tone that suits the style and the delivery here.

It's great to hear Vinny wailing again and the trio plays as if they have been a band unit for several years already. At 13 tracks and nearly an hour in length, it's a very long album that could have used a little editing, with a 2 or 3 fillers in play, but there's some superb melodic rock on offer too.

Highlights for the album are the obvious opener Trouble In A Red Dress; the organ driven anthem Just A Man; and the uptempo AOR of Holy Water.
There is also a few classy ballads - Winter Sun is a great starter and Two Hearts Beat As One is classic British AOR; Don't Let Me Fall and Made For One Another are also very good – the only downfall is the tracks come in a mid-album pace vacuum.
Magdalene finally picks up the tempo again and delivers another strong melodic rock tune. And Hellfire Highway is a fast rocker that could have been used a few tracks earlier.
Sicilian Kiss is a guitar instrumental to close the album with Vinny in full flight.
I'm not that sold on the fast moving Twisted Soul and Kathmandu is one too many mid-tempo tracks and I think the second half of the album suffers from too many slower paced songs.



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