SWEET/LYNCH - A 4-Track Preview Of Debut Album

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Vocalist Michael Sweet (Stryper) and guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) have teamed up for SWEET/LYNCH, an album designed by Frontiers Records CEO Serafino, which is due for release early in 2015.
I’ve been fortunate enough to preview 4 tracks from the upcoming album and can’t speak highly enough of the tracks!
Both Lynch and Sweet impress the hell out of me on these tracks and the backing band of James Lomenzo (Megadeth, White Lion, Black Label Society) and drummer Brian Tichy (S.U.N., Whitesnake) means that if these four tracks are anything to go by, all the songs written for this album are going to be hammered home by this ultra-powerful rhythm section.
Sweet just sounds extraordinarily good on these songs. And Lynch is shredding and riffing like a man possessed. This is something big to look forward to.
Briefly – the four tracks I have heard are:
The Wish – A brilliant, rousing hard rocker with a thumping beat and an instant guitar riff, and a melodic vocal driven chorus that isn’t huge, but is immediately stored in the memory bank for endless repeating in your head later. And Lynch gets to display the best of his guitar work during a decent length solo.
Like A Dying Rose – An even better chorus on this one. The beat isn’t as intense or as fast as The Wish, but the chorus is huge and delivers a sound mix of everything that made Dokken and Stryper Platinum sellers. A big big vocal!
Love Stays – A slow, groove orientated ballad with a direct, impactful chorus and some classy guitar playing throughout.
Time Will Tell – Less intense than the other tracks, but more uptempo, adding good variety to the 4 tracks previewed. Another strong, harmony filled chorus and some choppy riffing.
A 90-second preview of another track Divine can be heard here: http://www.chirb.it/eKcwes
And you can hear just how awesome the track Time Will Tell sounds right here: http://audio.chirbit.com/michaelhsweet_1406294226.mp3
Stay tuned for more preview samples and updates on SWEET/LYNCH.
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