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STEVE WALSH Solo Album 'Black Butterfly' Out November 10

Friday, November 10, 2017
Steve Walsh ­will release his new solo album 'Black Butterfly' November 10 via Escape Music.
Steve Walsh: Lead and backing vocals, piano
Tommy Denander:  All guitars and keyboards
Jerome Mazza:  Lead vocals on tracks 5,7 and 11
Steve Overland:  Backing vocals
Brian Anthony:  Bass and string arrangements
Peter Yttergren:  Drums and percussion
Produced by Khalil Turk and Tommy Denander
Mixed and mastered by Brian J Anthony
Executive producer: Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.
Logo & cover design by Eric Philippe
Track List:
1. BORN IN FIRE   3:32  (duet with Jerome Mazza)
2. THE PIPER   6:02
4. DEAR KOLINDA   4:59
5. WINDS OF WAR   4:45
8. WARSAW   4:49
11. MERCY ON ME   4:58
All songs by Walsh / Denander except 2 Walsh / Denander / Ousey  5, 7, and 11 by Overland / Denander
As the former lead vocalist and keyboards player for the American Classic and Progressive rock band Kansas, Steve Walsh is the voice behind the hits 'Carry on my Wayward Son', 'Point of Know Return', 'Dust in the Wind' and 'All I Wanted'. As a songwriter Steve is well known for penning a classic tune and his wide range of musical influences can be heard on his previous solo releases as well as the melodic rock band 'Streets'. He has also contributed his vocal talents to more than a dozen projects by other artists covering a variety of musical genres.
Steve is well known for his dynamic live performances, passionate vocals and multi instrumental talents on stage. In addition to keyboards Steve has played Congas, Harmonica, Glockenspiel, in short, an all-round great musician. 
Through their good friend Mike Slamer (Streets / Steelhouse Lane) Mike introduced Steve to Khalil and they hit it off instantly and Khalil invited Steve to guest on Radioactive 'F4UR' album to sing one song and after that he was delighted to record an album for the label.
Khalil had a few ideas and one of which was to involve a singer called Jerome Mazza to sing duet on 'Born In Fire'.. Khalil had discovered Jerome on you tube singing for the band 'Pinnacle Point'. Jerome is also the voice behind the second album by Angelica and was honoured to be asked to sing a duet on the album with Steve and asked if he could contribute more. As Jerome has such a fantastic voice it was an easy decision to make and the result is explosive!
Black Butterfly is everything you would expect it to be from someone like Steve Walsh, the man is a legend and this album oozes quality from start to finish. This is the album everyone is talking about, and its finally here...

KANSAS Serves Up 'Leftoverture' 40 Years Ago

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dallas, TX - Sept 20, 2016.  North American syndicated Rock radio show In The Studio with Redbeard is serving Leftoverture on the 40th anniversary of the breakthrough that gave Kansas classic rock statehood. 

By 1976, it was go big or go home for this intrepid six-member band from Topeka, Kansas. Their first three albums had shown significant growth in all areas of songwriting, musicianship and production, but as you will hear from ex-guitarist, keyboardist, main songwriter Kerry Livgren, guitarist Richard Williams, original singer, keyboardist Steve Walsh, ex-violinist, singer Robbie Steinhardt and drummer Phil Ehart, they fully realized that if their fourth album Leftoverture did not spawn a hit and sell significant quantities, the party would be over, a tab that had already ballooned to over $175,000 of debt.

Thankfully Leftoverture delivered big. Really big. Over four million albums were sold off the hit “Carry On Wayward Son” and radio favorites “What’s On My Mind”, “The Wall”, and “Miracles Out of Nowhere”.  Kerry Livgren shares with In The Studio program host Redbeard just how special the recording of Leftoverture was and how, for the band, it’s never quite been duplicated.

“There was a kind of magic feeling around the recording of Leftoverture that years later, as we recorded our subsequent albums, we kept saying, ‘What was it that we did that made this come out that way?’  We went back to the same studio, we used the same place, the same people, but we weren’t able to recapture that. So I attribute it to the songs.”  - Kerry Livgren  

Kansas original guitarist Richard Williams also details how the band’s upcoming fortieth anniversary tour will feature Kansas playing the entire Leftoverture album songs in order every night, some which have never been performed in concert until now.                                         

KANSAS ‘Leftoverture’/ InTheStudio interview is available now to STREAM at:

Direct Link to Kansas website:

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THE ROCK PACK To Debut in Florida November 19

Release Year: 
Music Legends Unite!
The Rock Pack Feat. Mickey Thomas of STARSHIP, Bobby Kimball original lead singer of TOTO, Steve Walsh formerly of KANSAS, Robin Zander of CHEAP TRICK, Fee Waybill of THE TUBES, and John Payne formerly of ASIA!
The Rock Pack To Perform At The Germain Arena, Ft Myers, FL. Nov 19, 2015
Fort Myers, FL -  November 19th sees the arrival of THE ROCK PACK at The Germain Arena, Ft. Myers, FL.
John Payne, former ASIA lead vocalist and co-creator of the #1 Vegas musical Raiding the Rock Vault, has created a unique new event. THE ROCK PACK concert is an incredible 80s rock extravaganza featuring the vocalists and the hits from six major classic rock bands.
The cast of stellar star singers includes Mickey Thomas of STARSHIP, Bobby Kimball original lead singer of TOTO, Steve Walsh formerly of KANSAS, Robin Zander of CHEAP TRICK, Fee Waybill of THE TUBES, and John Payne formerly of ASIA.  
This stunning show features the classic hit songs sung by the original singers; Dust in the Wind, I Want You to Want Me, We Built This City, Africa, Surrender, Beauty, The Flame, Rosanna, White Punks on Dope, Carry on My Wayward Son, Dream Police, Hold the Line, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now and more.
Ringmaster Payne also extracts interesting stories from the cast of classic rock artists as well as pertinent visuals on huge screens. Throughout the show he sings the ASIA classics Heat Of The Moment, Only Time Will Tell, Sole Survivor, and Time Again.
Prepare yourself for an unprecedented evening of superlative music, enthralling stories and visuals.
THE ROCK PACK, Presented by KDIM Entertainment as part of The Classic Rock Series.
Who: The Rock Pack
When: November 19, 2015
Where: Germain Arena, Ft. Myers, FL
For more information:

KANSAS Miracles Documentary Package On CD/DVD in March

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Epic Records and Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release KANSAS - Miracles Out of Nowhere, a DVD/CD package celebrating one of the most popular American bands of the 1970s. The package includes a new, full-length, documentary film and a companion audio disc of greatest hits, deep album cuts, and more, in March 2015.
Epic/Legacy will also release a deluxe limited edition CD/DVD set, available exclusively through KANSAS.  This edition includes an additional DVD of bonus features and outtakes not included in the documentary and not available in stores, along with the 78-minute documentary DVD and specially crafted companion CD.  The unique CD, curated by longtime KANSAS producer Jeff Glixman and KANSAS drummer Phil Ehart, features hits and deep cuts alongside audio extracts from the film.
KANSAS - Miracles Out of Nowhere deluxe limited edition CD/DVD set is available now for pre-order. Please visit for more information. The standard version will be available for pre-order on Amazon on December 26th.
2014 marked the 40th anniversary of the release of KANSAS, the band's debut album. To commemorate the occasion, the classic KANSAS lineup reunited, for the first time in more than 30 years; at the place their incredible journey began, Topeka, Kansas! There, they relived the incredible untold story of one of the most successful American rock bands of their era.  Returning to monumental career landmarks in their hometown, as well as sharing untold memories ranging from touring to songwriting and recording, the band shares how the smash hit "Dust in the Wind" was just a passing comment away from never being recorded!  Viewers will hear the band tell stories about recording in the studio next to John Lennon, a backstage fight with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, and how the words "free beer" changed their lives forever! Miracles Out of Nowhere presents KANSAS in a way they have never before been seen.
View the KANSAS - Miracles Out of Nowhere trailer here:
Directed by Emmy-nominated Charley Randazzo, the documentary features interviews from legendary Queen guitarist and former tourmate Brian May, acclaimed producer Brendan O'Brien, Rolling Stone journalist David Wild, and more. Featured prominently is country icon Garth Brooks, who counts KANSAS, alongside The Beatles and the Eagles, as one of his greatest inspirations. These extraordinary new insights are coupled with rare and unseen footage, including live performances and candid, fan-shot footage of the band on the road. Miracles Out of Nowhere offers an unprecedented look at the incredible ascent of KANSAS, a story that will appeal to new fans and veteran enthusiasts alike.
From the beginning, KANSAS was fascinating in its unconventional approach to rock stardom.  The sextet, composed of drummer Phil Ehart, bassist Dave Hope, keyboardist/guitarist Kerry Livgren, violinist/vocalist Robby Steinhardt, vocalist/keyboardist Steve Walsh, and guitarist Richard Williams were unlikely candidates for mainstream success in every way.  After an improbable pairing with rock impresario Don Kirshner, the man behind the Monkees who signed and financed KANSAS on his Kirshner label, their relentless drive to succeed eventually resulted in instantly recognizable iconic hits like "Carry On Wayward Son," "Dust in the Wind," and "Point of Know Return."
KANSAS has released eight gold albums, three 6x platinum albums (Leftoverture, Point of Know Return, The Best of KANSAS), one platinum live album (Two for the Show) and the million-selling single "Dust in the Wind."  Albums and singles by KANSAS could be found on the Billboard charts for more than 200 weeks during the 1970s and 1980s. "Dust in the Wind" and "Carry On My Wayward Son" can still be heard on today's radio.

KANSAS - Steve Walsh & Billy Greer Comment Exclusively

Friday, July 4, 2014
Kansas has announced via their Facebook page that vocalist Steve Walsh is leaving the band. The post from yesterday reads:
“On June 30, 2014, Steve Walsh informed the members of KANSAS that he is resigning from the band. His last performance with KANSAS will be August 16, 2014, in Sioux City, Iowa, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.
As KANSAS continues on, the band wishes Steve only the best in his future endeavors, and thanks him for the 41 years.”
MelodicRock contacted both Billy Greer and Steve Walsh for comment.
Steve was kind enough to send back this statement:
“I'd like to thank all the fans that have come to see me sing in Kansas over the years. Sometimes I had to pinch myself just to make sure I wasn't dreaming that at my age I was still playing in a great band in front of great fans.
I'd also like to extend my well wishes to the members. But I'd especially like to thank the crew that we've had now for a while. It's the best group of guys behind the scenes that I've ever worked with. They are most forgiving of us who stand in the bright light, and have done a lot that they really aren't required to do, just to make sure that my comfort and safety are well taken care of.
I know there's a lot of different versions out there on why I'm leaving so let me just say that it's time for me to go, and yes, it makes me sad to have to admit that.
Thanks again to all of you out there in the seats. I will never forget this. It's been a great party.” ~ Steve Walsh
Billy Greer has sent this comment in today:
"It really saddens me to see Steve leave the band. The face of the band will  hanged forever!  I have about a 34 year history with Steve, so, it makes it extra hard to see him go. I owe a lot my success in the music business to Steve and for that I am very grateful. To me he is still one of the greatest voices in rock 'n roll! Frankly, I wouldn't count Steve Walsh out just yet. I think we will hear more from him in very near future! I wish him all the best, love him like a brother and will be there for him if he ever needs me! So, all the best my friend!" ~ Billy Greer



KANSAS Pick Vocalist Ronnie Platt to Replace Steve Walsh

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Posted today at the Kansas facebook page is news of the band's decision on a replacement for departing singer Steve Walsh. The band has picked Ronnie Platt.
"KANSAS would like to introduce lead vocalist and keyboardist, Ronnie Platt, as it’s newest member. Ronnie’s first show with the band will be September 12 in Oklahoma City, OK, where he will take over singing duties for departing vocalist Steve Walsh.

Ronnie, please meet the greatest fans in the world…..

“I want KANSAS fans to know, first and foremost, I’m one of them,” says Platt, a Chicago area native. “Heck, I’m a blue collar guy that rides a Harley and I’ve spent most of my adult life earning a living by driving a truck. I’m a long time fan of the music and have always looked up to Steve Walsh. My goal is not to replace Steve; no one can do that. It is my goal and responsibility to sustain the integrity that is KANSAS. This is a lifelong dream and I would like to thank Phil, Rich, Billy, and David for the opportunity. Yes, I’ve got the job, but now it’s time to earn it….and I take nothing for granted that has been given to me. My performance in KANSAS will be how I’ve always performed, with passion and enthusiasm. “

KANSAS drummer Phil Ehart states, “After considering other candidates, it became clear Ronnie was our guy. He’s a perfect fit musically and personally with the band. His passion for the band and the music, as well as his musicianship, is exceptional.”

KANSAS guitarist Richard Williams adds, “Once we get back from Europe, we’ve got a lot of work to do to be ready for our fans in September. People can expect us to shake things up musically and dust off some songs we haven’t played in quite a while. Who knows? With Ronnie now on board, there may even be new music in our future!”

Ronnie, welcome to KANSAS!"
In related news, has posted the brand new Rob Palladino interview with Kansas' Phil Ehart.

Check it out at:

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