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LIVESAY Announce New Vocalist Shawn Pelata

News from Kivel Records:
At the beginning of 2014 we announced that we were taking on the band LIVESAY. However the band would be taking their time before announcing their lead singer. Now this is a first for us here. We've never actually signed a band without a singer. It's kind of crazy when you think about it. With that said though, how could we pass up a chance to work with a talent such as Gregg Livesay? A monster guitarist if there ever was one. So a monster guitarist needs a formidable vo...calist that can stand toe to toe on stage. We wanted the right fit. Both musically and personality wise. Someone we could enjoy the company of both on and off stage. So without further adieu we give you LIVESAY's vocalist Shawn Pelata!!
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SEVEN HARD YEARS - No Place In Heaven (Review)

New melodic rock project Seven Hard Years is the brain child of former Shy drummer Alan Kelly, who recruited former band mate Roy Davis (Shy Bassist) to help him, along with US based singer Shawn Pelata (Line Of Fire), Dave Martin (Former Guitarist for-Marshall Law), Martin Walls (After Hours) and Elliot Kelly (Ocean City).
Their debut album has been out for a little while now and while it features some impressive hard rocking moments and some eloquent softer, more reflective pieces, the production quality and overall mix leave a bit to be desired.
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