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Friday, February 3, 2017
Thirty-five years ago, the Australian pub rock scene was at its pinnacle and live music was everywhere, and so was Rose Tattoo, scratching its way to the top of the heap.  Tatts: Live in Brunswick goes back to that era, recorded at the infamous Bombay Bicycle Club in Brunswick, Melbourne as part of their legendary and explosive Never Too Loud tour in 1982 and mastered in all its glory for loyal fans in 2017. 
The 14-track album is set for digital release on Friday, February 3 and will also be available exclusively at Rose Tattoo’s upcoming Brisbane and Sydney performances at the Guns n’ Roses shows on February 7, 10 and 11, as well as the GRR Shop and SFR Store. 
Released through indie powerhouse Australian rock label, Golden Robot Records and available for digital pre-order from Australia Day, Tatt’s: Live in Brunswick offers 14 kick-your-ass-from-here-to-there tracks from one of Australia’s most revered rock bands of all time.  Peerless, raw, heavy blues rock with a hot mix of slide guitars and an unmistakable voice, this album will take you back to a time when rock was king and the band was at its most formidable with all the might of what’s ahead in 2017.

Track Listing:
01 Out Of This Place
02 Bad Boy For Love
03 Assault And Battery
04 Tramp
05 We Can't Be Beaten
06 Butcher And Fast Eddy
07 Rock And Roll Is King
08 Texas
09 One Of The Boys
10 Branded
11 Revenge
12 Juice On The Loose
13 Rock And Roll Outlaw
14 Scarred For Life
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*** Pre-order commences Australia Day***
BRISBANE - Tuesday 7 February at QSAC Stadium, or 132 849
SYDNEY - Friday 10 February at ANZ Stadium, or 132 849
SYDNEY - Saturday 11 February at ANZ Stadium, or 132 849
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'Good Times', Box Set Celebrating the Artists of ALBERT PRODUCTIONS

Friday, August 15, 2014
After half a century in the business, it’s little surprise that renowned Australian record label Albert Productions knows how to appropriately celebrate a milestone, with the company announcing in association with Sony Music Australia today the August release of a 102-track compilation/retrospective, Good Times: Celebrating 50 Years Of Albert Productions.
Set to hit stores on Friday, August 15, Good Times will feature two unreleased tracks – one each from Rose Tattoo and The Easybeats – and canvasses the preceding five decades that led Alberts to its current position as one of the country’s most recognisable and respected labels.
The Easybeats’ contribution is especially enticing, featuring a particularly youthful Stevie Wright’s vocal confirmation of it being only the second time they’d attempted to lay it down, and serves as an icing-like complement to the release’s base cake of hand-picked studio and live recordings.
Naturally, the Good Times journey starts at the beginning of the Albert journey, with Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs’ 1964 release Mashed Potato, and ends with the label’s poignant most recent release Walking In The Rain, a Flash And The Pan cover courtesy of the late Doc Neeson of The Angels.
In-between, you’ll find cuts from a slew of acclaimed Australian acts, including the iconic AC/DC as well as The Angels, Alex Hood, The Imagination, Dallas Crane, Knievel, Seabellies, Flash And The Pan, The Missing Links, Ted Mulry, Bobby & Laurie, Choirboys and John Paul Young, who comes to the table with the instantly recognisable Love Is In The Air.
Complementing the deluxe set’s physical release will be a 48-page booklet stuffed with rare pics and a historical retrospective of the label and its catalogue that gives a comprehensive insight into the legendary label’s rise to power from its humble family origins in 1964 under the guidance of Ted Albert, then-MD of parent company J. Albert & Son.
The ensuing 50 years have seen Albert Productions become an indelible part of the national music scene, with its artists having ascended to the heights of ARIA Award victories, ARIA Hall Of Fame recognition and beyond.
Good Times: Celebrating 50 Years Of Albert Productions will be available for pre-orders from July 25.
Full track list:
First time released digitally *
First time released CD #
Never been released ^
DISC 1 – Shakin’ All Over
  1. Mashed Potato (single version) - Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs
  2. Sick & Tired - Billy Thorpe and The Azetcs
  3. She's So Fine - The Easybeats 
  4. We 2 Should Live - The Missing Links *
  5. Shakin' All Over - The Missing Links
  6. Women (Make You Feel Alright) - The Easybeats
  7. Black - The Throb
  8. Over The Rainbow (single version) - Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs *#
  9. I Told The Brook (single version) - Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs *
  10. Sweet And Tender Romance - Bobby & Laurie
  11. The Fortune Teller - The Throb
  12. Kansas City - The Missing Links
  13. Sorry - The Easybeats
  14. Hitch Hiker - Bobby & Laurie
  15. Try To Remember - New World *
  16. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You - The Imagination *#
  17. Julia - Ted Mulry
  18. Love Is a Beautiful Song - Dave Mills
  19. Working My Way Back To You - Bobbi Marchini
  20. Falling In Love Again - Ted Mulry
  21. Pasadena - John Paul Young
  22. You're All Woman - Ted Mulry
  23. St Louis - The Easybeats
  24. Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats
  25. Good Times - The Easybeats
DISC 2  - (Let There Be Rock)
  1. Evie (Let Your Hair Hang Down) - Stevie Wright
  2. Evie (Evie) - Stevie Wright
  3. Evie (I'm Losing You) - Stevie Wright
  4. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) - AC/DC
  5. Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again - The Angels
  6. Bad Boy For Love - Rose Tattoo
  7. Never Gonna Die – Choirboys
  8. We Are The Kids – Dallimore *#
  9. Need Your Love (radio edit) - Ray Arnott *#
  10. Let There Be Rock - AC/DC
  11. Comin' Down - The Angels
  12. Shadow Boxer - The Angels
  13. Who Made Who - AC/DC
  14. Dirty Hearts - Dallas Crane
  15. It Goes Off – Skybombers
  16. The Time I Found My Feet – Knievel
  17. Trans Ending – Seabellies
  18. Curiosity - Dallas Crane
  19. We Can't Be Beaten - Rose Tattoo
  20. You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
DISC 3 – Ain’t it Nice
  1. Can't Stop Myself From Loving You  - William Shakespeare
  2. Jump In My Car - Ted Mulry Gang
  3. Down Among The Dead Men - Flash and The Pan
  4. Excuse Me - Alison MacCallum
  5. Yesterday's Hero - John Paul Young
  6. My Little Angel - William Shakespeare
  7. Darktown Strutters Ball - Ted Mulry Gang
  8. Hey St Peter - Flash and The Pan
  9. Standing In The Rain - John Paul Young
  10. Jamaica Rum - Ted Mulry Gang
  11. Walking In The Rain - Doc Neeson #
  12. Spend The Night – Cheetah
  13. Time After Time - Mark Williams & Tara Morice
  14. In The Dark - Shelley Harland
  15. Ain't It Nice - Ted Mulry
  16. Love Is In The Air - John Paul Young
  17. Honey Dip (radio version) - Daniel Amalm
  18. Search My Heaven - Aleesha Rome
  19. Show No Mercy - Mark Williams
DISC 4 - Open That Door
  1. Lazy River – Harry Vanda and George Young *
  2. Been And Gone - Cool Bananas *
  3. Survival's A Song (Lazybones) - Graham Lowndes *#
  4. Blue Sunny Sky Day - Wendy Grose *#
  5. The Girl On The Five Dollar Note - The Prodigal Sons *#
  6. Brumby Jack - Alex Hood *
  7. How About A Beer For The Horse - Sandshoe Willie & The Worn Out Soul Band *#
  8. Love Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me - Unit 4 + 2 *
  9. Care For Kids - The Kids *#
  10. You Drive Me Crazy - John Paul Young *
  11. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White - The Magnetics *#
  12. Flaming Heart (radio edit) - Ray Arnott *
  13. Working For The Man – BAD *
  14. Picture Show Man – John Meillon and John Ewart *#
  15. The Warrior - Johnny Dick *#
  16. Day Is Done - Wayne Jury
  17. Mundane – Valve
  18. Snow Queen - Rose Tattoo
  19. Planned Obsolescence - The Angels *#
  20. Open That Door - The Angels
  21. Street Fighting Man - Rose Tattoo *#^
DISC 5 - BONUS DISC: My Kind of Music
  1. She's So Fine (live) – Melbourne Awards Show - The Easybeats *
  2. My Kind Of Music (live) - Stevie Wright *
  3. Crazy  (live) – Ted Mulry Gang *#
  4. Darktown Strutters Ball (live) – Festival Hall Melbourne - Ted Mulry Gang *#
  5. She's Got Balls (live) – Bondi Lifesavers - AC/DC
  6. Who Rings The Bell (live) – The Elizabethan Theatre, Sydney - The Angels
  7. Going Home (live) - The Angels
  8. Bad Boy For Love – (Live 1979) - Rose Tattoo *#
  9. Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw – (Live 1979) - Rose Tattoo *#
  10. Dirty Hearts (live) - Hordern Pavillion 2004 - Dallas Crane
  11. Tonight! (There's a Party Going Down) (live) – Annandale - Dallas Crane
  12. Comin' Down (live) - The Angels
  13. Shoot To Thrill (Live at River Plate ) - AC/DC
  14. Evie (Let Your Hair Hang Down) (live) - Sydney Opera House Forecourt - Stevie Wright *#
  15. Evie (Evie) (live) - Sydney Opera House Forecourt - Stevie Wright *#
  16. Evie (I'm Losing You) (live) - Sydney Opera House Forefront  - Stevie Wright *#
  17. She's So Fine (Take 2) - The Easybeats *#^
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