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The Cars founder Ric Ocasek has been found dead in his NYC home, dying unexpectedly, but apparently of natural causes.
This comes just a day or so after the tragic passing of Eddie Money.
I was a huge fan of both, The Cars provided some of the defining classics of a generation and Eddie Money proved persistence, honesty and an unbridled determination could make dreams come true.
Ric Ocasek was responsible for the bulk of songwriting for The Cars. And just look at all the cuts you know by heart. It is another example of the talent that many of these 70s and 80s musical icons possessed. Some call it ‘old school’, I call it class.
His contributions to pop culture via The Cars, his solo records, his critically acclaimed production work and his keen eye for fostering new talent are nothing short of incredible.
His spirit will live on, such as Benjamin Orr’s has all these years.
I have a small Eddie Money story I like and there’s something very personal about Eddie that I haven’t shared before.
Eddie Money was the very first interview I did as a journalist back in 1996.
Of course, I was a huge fanboy, so I was nervous, excited and had a list of questions 5 pages long.
It was an interview to remember, lengthy, hilarious and Eddie made me feel as if he was telling these stories for the very first time. You can imagine my immense dismay when I turned off my recording Walkman Only to find it had chewed the tape from the get go - totally screwed up and I lost it all.
I raced to my day job at the time and went to work recalling the interview and attempting to transcribe it from memory. I still regret not having that audio, but to this day, his quotes were that memorable, it wasn’t hard to recall the conversation and piece together an article.
Step back a few years before this and I had just started my first real full-time job working in a record store. The manager was cute and intelligent, and I was pretty intimidated by her, but talking music was an obvious ice breaker.
We had a few favourites in common, but I felt the need to draw on a more out of left field example to see if she really had good taste. “Do you know Eddie Money” I asked? Yeah, she did and she had his records. That said everything I needed to know right there. We’ve now been together 25+ years and have three sons (none of which are named Eddie though!).
I’m looking forward to hearing Eddie’s completed new record. It will be mixed emotions of course, but I know he’ll have something memorable to say.
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