MRCD13 Compilation Launching Soon

Release Year: 
The latest Compilation CD - MRCD13 - will be released in November, with pre-sales available for the limited edition release shortly.
And for the very first time - MRCD13 will be a TRIPLE CD Set.
CD1 & 2 will offer some great unreleased and preview tunes from the best melodic rock artists around. The third disc will be a special Best Of MelodicRock Records disc, featuring some of the best current releases from the label and a preview of what's to come in 2016!
The final track listing is still to be finalized, but here is a look at what's lined up for the first 2 discs of lucky number 13.
Ammunition - Sucker For Anything
Eclipse - I Don't Wanna Say I'm Sorry (Acoustic Version)
Eric Bazilian - Benedictus (Feat. Wesley Stace)
Erik Martensson - Kissing The Rain (Original ‘Caught In The Game’ Demo)
In Faith - Learn To Fly (Unreleased)
Jim Peterik & Marc Scherer - Delusional (Original Demo)
Liberty & Justice - Amaze Me (Unreleased)
Liberty & Justice - Forever Starts Tonight (Unreleased)
Marc Scherer - Make A Memory (Unreleased)
Mason/Chesney - Breaking Down
Nelson - It’s All About You (Unreleased)
N.O.W - Let This Bird Free (Unreleased)
Outlasted - Someone Like You (Advance Preview)
Reagan Browne - Gypsy Woman's Got The Groove (Feat. Eric Johnson)
Redrum - Never Too Old (Unreleased)
Talon - Back Where I Belong (Unreleased)
White Widdow - Thunder (Japan Bonus)
Biloxi - Right The Music (Remixed, Unreleased)
Danny Danzi - So Long (Unreleased)
Debbie Ray - Beautiful Monday
Faithsedge - Let You Breathe (Unreleased)
Ferreira - Don't Let Go (Acoustic Version)
Gallery - Wannabe
Heaven Comes Down - Just When I Needed You
Human Fortress – Cruel Fantasy (Unreleased)
Jim Santos - Bomb (Unreleased)
Jimmy Lawrence - L.A. Routine (Unreleased)
JK Northrup & Johnny Edwards - Whiskey Train (Live) (Unreleased)
Liberty & Justice - Promises To God (Unreleased)
Mysticity - Father’s Day (Unreleased)
Pride Of Lions - Naked (Unreleased)
Raine - Never Alone (Remixed, Unreleased)
Robbie LaBlanc - Mojito Mike (Unreleased)
Romeo's Daughter - Bittersweet (Live)
Terry Ilous & JK Northrup - Grey People (Demo) (Unreleased)
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