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Double Stop Podcast - ERIC MARTIN

Tuesday, March 3, 2015
In Episode 99 of The Double Stop, Brian is joined by return guest Eric
Martin (Mr. Big)
Eric Martin returns to discuss the new Mr Big album 'Defying Gravity',
as well as his past solo records, Triumph’s cover of “Just One Night"
and dealing with online trolls.
On the new sounds on "Defying Gravity" (16:46) "I actually love it,
but when we did it at first I was second guessing and wondering if
this was going to work. I hoped people were going to dig it. Because
it's a different format than what we've done before. We've always hat
that "Daddy Brother" or "Addicted To That Rush". And the next song is
a middle of the road country rock kind of song, And the next on e is a
ballad. And this one is different"
On Triumph recording a version of his solo song "Just One Night"
(32:20) "I'd written that song with Neal Schon (Journey), and I did
the demo with Kevin Elson. And Mike (Clink) turned it on to the guys.
They did an amazing job of it. A really cool song for triumph. A
different kind of song for Triumph."
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Double Stop Podcast - TOM SIZE


In Episode 89 of The Double Stop, Brian is joined by Recording Engineer/Mixer Tom Size. He discusses his path into production and covers some of his key projects such as Aerosmith's Done With Mirrors, Sammy Hagar's VOA, David Lee Roth's Eat 'Em and Smile, and the numerous cd's he's worked on for Mr. Big - including solo albums by Eric Martin and Paul Gilbert. He also discusses the new live DVD's by Eric Martin and Mr. Big.

On his name being left off Aerosmith's "A Little South Of Sanity" 18:45 "I was on tour with them for about two years doing live recording and live broadcasts. And recorded a lot of "South Of Insanity", but you won't see my name on the record. You won't see my name on the record for i guess legal reasons. The producer that they hired, they didn't want to pay him and I was part of his team. He was someone that I'd done a bunch of records with - Kevin Elson. And they, for whatever reason, didn't want to pay him or something, you know, legal stuff that I didn't quite understand. But anyway, you won't see my name on that record, but I recorded most of those tracks."

On his early relationship with Eric Martin (Mr. Big) 52:30 "On that record (1989's self-titles debut) we kind of bumped heads a little bit. On the end of (Addicted To That Rush) he says 'One of these days, pow, right in the kisser" - he's talking to me. I just pushed his buttons. Eric and I work together all the time now and we laugh about it."

On the upcoming live Mr. Big DVD 53:08 "We did another live from the Budokan DVD that should be out soon. It's an awesome show - the production is just off the hook. I finished it up last year. It's with Matt Starr playing drums, and Pat was sitting in on a couple of tunes, and singing harmonies. "

Tom Size Online:

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Mr. BIG Premiere Another New Track 'Monster In Me'

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Today, presents the exclusive premiere of "The Monster In Me," a new song by Mr. Big. You can check out the track, which features a hefty dose of Paul Gilbert's fretwork, below.
The song is from the band's new studio album, ...The Stories We Could Tell, which will be released September 30 in North America via Frontiers Music Srl. It's the followup to 2011's What If.
The album features the original Mr. Big lineup of Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass) Eric Martin (vocals) and Pat Torpey (drums). However, because Torpey was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, drummer Matt Starr (Ace Frehley) will fill in for Torpey on the band's upcoming world tour.
"The new album rocks," Gilbert says. "I love playing guitar, singing and writing with Eric, Billy and Pat. And after 25 years, I'm proud we can make an album that is melodic, powerful, interesting, groovy and emotional."
Two tracks — "The Monster in Me" and "Gotta Love the Ride" — are already available for download on iTunes. The rest of the album is available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.
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