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I'm absolutely thrilled for MRR's own BRYAN COLE as he heads for Nashville this weekend, to partake in the gig of a lifetime. Yes, Bryan is singing for a reunited GIANT! Featuring Dann Huff, David Huff and Mike Brignardello, plus keyboardist Tyson Leslie (Vixen) and Mark Oakley.
This is a benefit gig for Todd Austin, who lost everything in a recent fire. The Giant guys are old friend with Todd and agreed to pitch in by performing two songs among a night filled with music. 
Now, due to the nature of the event and the fact that Dann Huff hasn't sung in a number years, he felt that he wouldn't do justice to the songs and asked Mike Brignardello if he knew a vocalist. Well, having just played on Bryan Cole's debut album Sands Of Time, Mike immediately called Bryan, who needed no time at all to jump at the chance.
The event takes place this Saturday night in Nashville.
From Mike's FB page: "GIANT reunites for the First Time Ever July 1 @ Basement East for Thrilla for Toddzilla. The original line-up; Dann Huff, David Huff, Mike Brignardello and Mark Oakley, with Tyson Leslie on keys and Bryan Cole on vocals. Show starts at 8:00, be there early, we're playing two songs! Looking forward to seeing our friends and helping our pal Todd Austin. See you Saturday!
And from Bryan this afternoon: "
This Sat night will be a very special evening in Nashville, TN! You do not want to miss this!!! First of all, we're helping a brother musician who lost almost everything in a fire! I've always been absolutely amazing how strong the music community is here in Nashville!
Now for the BIG, GRAND, AWESOME AND GIANT NEWS I PROMISED...... I will take the stage with my musical hero's DANN HUFF, DAVID HUFF, Mike Brignardello, MARC OAKLEY AND Tyson P Leslie for a first ever GIANT REUNION!
Not only am a humbled and honored to have been asked to be a part of the event, but I'll be singing lead vocal for a band that has truly been a MAJOR inspiration! So don't miss this epic event! THIS SATURDAY JULY 1st at 8:00pm at the Basement East in Nashville, TN!
Stay tuned for pictures and video from the event and if you haven't yet checked out Bryan's album, do so here: http://melodicrock.com/articles/melodicrock-records/2016/11/25/bryan-col...
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