The Metal Voice: Dave Mustaine MEGADETH

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Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice ( recently spoke with Megadeth's Dave Mustaine about the upcoming Megacruise, Megadeth's new album, Mustaine Wine and A Tout Le Monde Beer and the possibilities of working with Jeff Waters of Annihilator and Michael Sweet of Styper sometime in the future.

When asked how he would differentiate the Megacruise compared to all the other Metal cruises out there
"As far as I know all the cruises in the USA that had happened are on the East Coast, we are the first metal cruise on the west coast, so we're pretty stoked about that. I've been to both sides of the nation and I think that California is probably the most famous State for the beach cities, though Florida is pretty close.  The cruise leaves Los Angeles and goes to San Diego which has great weather all year long, then to Ensenada, Mexico which is really quaint small city, then we're going to  u-turn  and go back to Los Angeles. I'm just excited because we've got great bands and mostly every band on the tour are my friends that I've grown up. Some of the bands are new bands and I looked forward to getting to know them. The majority of the bands, Anthrax, Armored Saint, Overkill, etc..  are like my brothers that have carried the flag for American metal for 3 almost 4 decades. You can find the full list on our website but we still have a few more slots left. We're just trying to make this be one of those cruises that you know people say you know this was the one cruise you can't miss.  I mean the cruise has been on sale for a couple weeks now and the sales have been phenomenal."

"In terms of activities there's a movie theater on the boat and we are discussing the movies we wanted to play and I was thinking maybe,  some documentaries on some of the bands, maybe movies that I like, like 'The Good The Bad and the Ugly 'and 'Mad Max' stuff like that. We also have been talking about a Mega karaoke  contest so we will have some Megadeth tribute bands on board to help. The contest will be the tribute bands plays and you have one of the fans on the cruise sign up and they sing with the band with lights, with the PA, with an audience and after they are done, we judge you. "

When asked about the wine tasting on board the Megacruise
"I think it's gonna be called wine guzzling when people get a grip on how good the stuff tastes but yeah we've got several varieties of Mustaine wines that we will be bringing with us.  It's the end of these wines with very limited inventory  so depending on how many people buy the wine before we get out on the cruise, we may not have any left.  Our wine business is doing really well but a problem with alcohol businesses is that a lot of people in the alcohol business they see people like myself  coming in and they think f**k this musician they  come in and put their name on the wine bottle  and then try and take money out of our business.  That's not me. I'm in for a long haul, we did our vineyard at my house, I hand planted those vines I didn't pay someone to do it, I did it."

When asked about the musical direction of the new Megadeth album to be released in 2019
"I don't how to answer that because if you want me to say what record it sounds like, it sounds like a combination of everything.  When I write a riff if I don't like it I don't record it, if I do record it, I save it and if I don't use it now I'll use it at some point. There is a complete finished song left over from Dystopia that I forgot we did . When were in the studio and you're doing 16 songs and you're working your ass off every day  sometimes, somethings just slip through the cracks like this song. We've already got a huge head start on this new record.  Kiko just came out to see me, Dirk was here before him and David Ellefson will be visiting me shortly to start playing some bass stuff. We're doing things a little bit differently this time we're kind of approaching the songs one riff at a time and just kind of focusing on the riff  and if the riff doesn't sound good on its own and then why put it in a song?  A lot of people when they write songs they'll put a part in section in the song   just because they need something in there.  For me I don't like doing that. I don't want that one part of the song where there's a weak spot.  I've tried just about every way to write a song over my career and I found this way's probably the best way because if you have a riff and it's not it's not carrying its own weight and it doesn't sound cool , how can it possibly sound cool to good lyrics over it."

When asked if his lyrics on the new album will be politically inspired by the politics in USA today
 "I've kind of toned it down a little bit with the political stuff to where it's more about being  a one world kind of people, about the stuff that affects us as people not so much as citizens of any particular government or nation. Why I put an unnecessary walls up between us right."

When asked if he would ever work with  Jeff Waters of Annihilator or Michael Sweet  from Stryper
" Jeff Waters is an amazing talent and has had a really unfair run because of the same thing I suffered from lineup changes and and it's a bummer.  You start off with one vision and then that vision changes over time from different members in the band and it's  usually because of one of the four P's power, property, Prestige or Pussy  For us every time you've ever had a breakup it's been over drugs money or women. So we yeah would be  great to do something with those guys.  I don't know how people would actually respond to me doing something Michael Sweet because of the Stryper  but I I really care a lot about Mike he's been to my house for dinner several times."

ALTITUDES & ATTITUDES Debut Out January 18

Friday, January 18, 2019
ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE featuring ANTHRAX bassist Frank Bello and MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson, will release it's debut album, "Get It Out", on January 18, 2019 via Megaforce. The follow-up to ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE's 2014 self-titled EP was once again produced by Jay Ruston (ANTHRAXSTEEL PANTHERSTONE SOUR), with Jeff Friedl (A PERFECT CIRCLEASHES DIVIDE) returning behind the kit.
The official lyric video for the first single, "Out Here", made by by Melody Myers of Designed By Melody, can be viewed here:

The track features a guest appearance by ANTHRAX guitarist Jon Donais.

A kind of rock 'n' roll primal-scream therapy, "Get It Out" is the result of nearly four years of writing and recording sessions — and decades of touring, searching, striving and liiving. "I've learned that writing songs is very cathartic," says Bello, who has long made songwriting a daily practice. When ANTHRAX is off the road, he tries out new material at open mics around New York City. "A lot of these lyrics are about the inner struggles of my life, and about the rage that has built up from my life experiences — my brother's murder; my father abandoninng my family when we were young, leaving us with no funds to pay the bills," he says. "The ups and downs of life in general. I've always had an anger inside that music really helps me deal with."
"The album has the perfect title," Ellefson adds. "This is music that has been living inside of us for so long. There's a big musical part of each of us that doesn't get heard anywhere else."
Boasting a deep bench of guest stars, including Ace Frehley (ex-KISS; the track "Late"), Gus G. (OZZY OSBOURNEFIREWIND), Nita Strauss (ALICE COOPER), Christian Martucci(STONE SOUR) and Satchel (STEEL PANTHER), the record also represents the fulfillment of a lifelong but little-known ambition for two uniquely gifted artists. As Bello puts it, "All I ever wanted to do was write good songs. I've always been a melody guy. I love hooks; I love catchy songs with a good riff."
The ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE story begins in 2010, when Bello and Ellefson started touring together to lead bass clinics for the amp manufacturer Hartke. In need of backing tracks to support their demonstrations, they embarked upon some writing sessions and discovered their chemistry.
Bello and Ellefson debuted ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE in early 2014, with a self-titled three-song EP that earned the duo airplay on SiriusXM and an appearance on VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show". Those tracks — p;"Booze and Cigarettes""Tell the World""Here Again" — are includedd on "Get It Out" as bonus cuts, in remixed and remastered form.
Ellefson explains that "ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE could have only happened at this moment in time" — when the titans of thrash metal's "Big Fouur" are older, wiser, kinder and more open creatively. "When you're still climbing up the hill," he says, "there's no room for friendly competition. But once you've been to the top of the hill and you've seen the view — which all of the 'Big Four' have — it's okay to breakeak bread, hang out, have a drink." Or, in the case of ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE, delve into hard-rock songwriting in a profound way. "To hear other sides of us as artists — not just as muusicians and performers, but as artists."
ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE has several shows booked in early 2019, including on the ShipRocked cruise in late January.
Tour dates 2019:
Jan. 26-31 - ShipRocked Cruise
Feb. 07 - Nottingham, U.K. - Rescue Rooms
Feb. 09 - Manchester, U.K. - Academy 3
Feb. 10 - London, U.K. - Underworld
Feb. 12 - Norwich, U.K. - The Waterfront

Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Explodes

Thursday, August 28, 2014
The Los Angeles Premiere Screening of INSIDE METAL: LA METAL SCENE EXPLODES Scheduled for Thursday June 2 and Monday June 6, 2016 at 7pm
The Los Angeles screening for the second Inside Metal title LA Metal Scene Explodes will take place Thursday June 2nd in Hollywood, CA at the Attic (formerly Cinespace) and Monday June 6th at The Regency Theaters Valley Plaza 6 in North Hollywood. This is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut Inside Metal film Pioneers of LA Hard Rock and Metal. This title will focus on the monumental era of the LA Metal Scene, from 1981 to 1986, when local hard rock and metal bands took Los Angeles by storm.

Inside Metal: LA Metal Scene Explodes is a two-volume DVD set featuring narration by John Bush of Armored Saint. DVD 1 will be released worldwide on June 10th with DVD 2 to be released in early August.

Featuring: Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot, Ratt), Jack Russell (Great White), Don Dokken (Dokken), Dave Meniketti (Y&T), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Chris Holmes and Randy Piper (W.A.S.P.), John Bush and Joey Vera (Armored Saint), Mike Inez (Alice In Chains), Gene Hoglan (Testament, Dethklok), Ron Keel (Steeler, Keel), Leatherwolf, Bruce Bouilett (Racer X), Betsy Weiss (Bitch), Jaime St. James (Black 'n Blue), Lizzy Borden, Marty Friedman, Marq Torien (Bullet Boys), Joe Floyd (Warrior), Ann Boleyn (Hellion), Steve Plunkett (Autograph), Nadir D'Priest (London) and many others in this compelling history about the quintessential period of hard rock and metal!

Two screening dates are set for Los Angeles. Several of the featured artists will be on hand at both screenings as will the directors and producers of the film. We will be screening both volumes of the movie (80 minutes each) with a 20-minute intermission so please prepare for a 3-hour screening.

Thursday, June 2, 2016. Showtime 7pm
The Attic (formerly Cinespace)
6356 Hollywood Blvd, 2nd level
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 817-3456
*Corner of Hollywood Blvd. & Ivar
*Full Bar / Full Menu

Monday, June 6, 2016. Showtime 7pm
Regency Theatres Valley Plaza 6
6355 Belliingham Ave.
North Hollywood, CA 91606
(818) 760-8444
*Off the 170 Fwy and Victory Blvd.



Double Stop Podcast - AL PITRELLI

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This week on The Double Stop Podcast is Al Pitrelli (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Savatage, Alice Cooper, Megadeth).

Al Pitrelli (Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Megadeth, Savatage, Alice Cooper, Randy Coven) discusses his life and career. He touches upon his early days with guitar and early bands, as well as early opportunities with Michael Bolton, what he learned as musical director for Alice Cooper, as well as discusses bands such as Savatage, Megadeth and TSO. He also talks about some of his more obscure works with Randy Coven and TM Stevens.

On his first professional gig – playing with Michael Bolton 13:00 “I got my laminate and I wore it to the Denny’s in my neighborhood for about two years!”

On the surprising success of Trans-Siberian Orchestra 35:30 “It shouldn’t work, but I’m does and I’m so glad. There’s an old story - everyone know that the bumblebee shouldn’t fly aerodynamically it’ss impossible for those little wings to support the body size. Everyone knows the bumblebee can’t fly just don’t tell the bumbblebee”

On his leaving Megadeth to rejoin TSO 54:30 “I don’t know if he (Dave Mustaine) was really happy with me at the end, and I wasn’t really happy with the situation. And by 2000, TSO had cut itself into two touring companies because people all over America wanted shows. And I’d been watching one of my children (TSO) basically grow up now, and I was kinda getting homesick. And Paul O’Neil said ‘listen, this is your world. Whenever you want to come home, you come home’. And I was like, you know what – I’m gonna come home now it’s time. And I finished the last show with Megadeth, and we filmed a DVD. I said ‘whatever the last show is, don’t worry I’m there..’ But after that, it’s time to go boys.”

MEGADETH Debut First Single From 'Dystopia'

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Friday, January 22, 2016
Thrash metal genre pioneers MEGADETH will kick off the New Year with the release of their 15th studio album Dystopia on Universal Music / Tradecraft / T-Boy Records on January 22, 2016.
With musical architect and band visionary Dave Mustaine at the helm, Dystopia was recorded in Nashville, TN, and mixed by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Gojira, Avenged Sevenfold).
The rest of the MEGADETH lineup is comprised of David "Junior" Ellefson on bass, new member Kiko Loureiro (formerly of Angra) on guitar, and drummer Chris Adler, who took time away from Lamb of God to record Dystopia. The result marks a true return to form, adding new blood and injecting a new burst of creative energy into the new album. 
"There's an excitement right now that I haven't felt for a really long time," exclaims Dave Mustaine.
Featuring 11 brand new tracks, Dystopia will be released on both CD and LP, as well as digitally. “Fatal Illusion” is the first track released from the album, listen here.
Dystopia weaves together Dave Mustaine’s intricate and unique songwriting style, trademark leads and lightning riffs with harmonious precision, paying homage to MEGADETH’s influential roots while continuing to break new and heavy ground.  
MEGADETH burst onto the thirty years ago, virtually inventing a genre with their debut album Killing Is My Business And Business Is Good! (recently recoognized by VH1 as the Greatest Thrash Metal Debut Album of All Time). sold more than 38 million albums worldwide, earning numerous accolades including 11 Grammy® nominations, scoring five consecutive platinum albums including 1992’s two-million-selling Countdown to Extinction.
1.The Threat Is Real
2. Dystopia
3.Fatal Illusion
4.Death From Within
5.Bullet To The Brain
6.Post American World
7.Poisonous Shadows
8.Conquer or Die!
9.Lying In State
10.The Emperor
11.Foreign Policy
Megadeth will be bringing the thrash downunder this October. Please see below for dates and venues.
OCT 16                  Perth, Australia                 Metro City
OCT 18                  Sydney, Australia             Hordern Pavilion
OCT 19                  Melbourne, Australia     Festival Hall
OCT 21                  Brisbane, Australia          Eatons Hill

DAVID ELLEFSON (Megadeth) Announces ''My Life With Deth'' Australian Spoken Word Tour

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
MEGADETH are a band that needs no introduction with a career spanning over 3 decades, 14 albums and as part of the Big 4, Megadeth have chiselled their place on the Mount Rushmore of Metal.
In a unique event MEGADETH'S Co- founding member and bass guitarist DAVID ELLEFSON is heading to Australia for a Spoken Word Tour.

An evening with DAVID ELLEFSON will feature stories from life on the road and about life as a founding member of one of the biggest metal acts in the world documenting all the trials and tribulations. The night will also feature a bass demonstration and audience Q&A which will allow fans to delve deeper into all things MEGADETH and David's autobiography ' My Life With Deth' a story about the complex history of the band.
'My Life With Deth works on multiple levels. It's a behind the scenes story of MEGADETH , it's a story of overcoming drug addiction and it's the story of a man's walk of faith. What could have easily been a life ruined and wasted turned into a life that was redeemed and restored, and Ellefson's story of how it all happened is extremely interesting and inspiring.' ' Chad Bowar (
From the Megadeth's inception in 1983 until the band's temporary disbandment in 2002, David Ellefson was the only constant member other than bandleader, Dave Mustaine. David was a pivotal part in Megadeth's progression from a ferocious jazz infused thrash group to a state of the art speed metal band and into a multiplatinum, chart topping, global juggernaut.
After Megadeth disbanded in 2002, Ellefson pursued a variety of projects including playing with Soulfly and forming the band F5, amongst other endeavours. In 2010 David re-joined Megadeth for the 20th Anniversary of the band's seminal, genre defining classic, 'Rust in Peace'. Since then he has reclaimed his rightful place within one of heavy metal's most revered bands.
Through highs and lows, David Ellefson has experienced the gamut of rock star fame, fortune and excess and lived to tell the tale. This is your only chance to get a personal insight into the history and behind the scenes of one of metal's most iconic bands, Megadeth. Don't miss this unique event!!  A must see for every metal fan!


Tickets available at
Tickets available at | |
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Inside Metal: Pioneers Of LA Metal & Hard Rock DVD Campaign Launched

Thursday, August 28, 2014


The early '80s metal scene in Los Angeles has become legendary, as it spawned such worldwide headliners as M'tley Cr'e, Ratt, Dokken, W.A.S.P., and originally, Metallica (before the latter relocated to San Francisco). And the new documentary, 'Inside Metal: Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock & Metal,' chronicles the entire scene.

Directed by Bob Nalbandian and produced by Metalrock Films, 'Inside Metal' features all-new interviews with countless bands and artists that thrived on the scene, and tell its story, first hand. To ensure that this killer documentary receives the attention it deserves, a fundraising campaign has been set up at WWW.METALROCKFILMS.COM - which will help strengthen the film's distribution, marketing and promotion.

This groundbreaking movie features exclusive and candid interviews with members of Metallica (Lars Ulrich), Ratt (Stephen Pearcy), Dokken (Don Dokken), Quiet Riot (Carlos Cavazo), W.A.S.P. (Chris Holmes), Megadeth (David Ellefson), Great White, (Jack Russel), Y&T, (Dave Meniketti), Stryper (Michael Sweet) and Armored Saint (Joey Vera).

'Inside Metal' is about giving fans the real inside story from the behind the scenes world of metal and hard rock with in-depth interviews, ultra-rare concert footage and photographs, and an original music score from that era; in this no-holds-barred, never before seen, recollection of untold stories.
To check out some sneak previews, visit:

Early feedback has been exceptional, including renowned video director Jonas 'kerlund (who has worked with the likes of Metallica and Ozzy) raving, "This film captures an era that catapulted metal into the spotlight and takes the audience on a wild ride down memory lane. After watching it I wanted to get in my time machine and experience those days for the first time. You're hit with a potent nostalgia, a time I thought we couldn't get back, not until I saw this film. I can't get enough of this shit, what an amazing film to watch over and over again, well done!"

Metalrock Films ask - and want - real and serious metal fans to be a part of this historic documentary and spread the word that this was the scene where it all began, ground zero.  "Our Fanbacked campaign will raise the direly needed financial support to bring this film to one and all in the US and Internationally in order to pay for the marketing and promotion to get it noticed by the general public. We want to bring this film to your theatre, town, bar, club and living room! Unite and support us. We have created some one of a kind opportunities for our friends and fans to participate with us in birth of this film. Get your name on the screen and let the world know that you support metal and the bands that create it. Help us tell the story of the music you love and let the world know you love it. Join in the festivities of our, and your, accomplishments by being at the premiere of the movie and interact with the artist that participated in its creation. Commemorate your participation with a plaque, t-shirt, poster or other limited edition merchandise items that says 'Metal Rules.' Keep checking back as we add more tasty premiums."

And thanks to you and your donation, 'Inside Metal' will finally get the true story of the scene heard - worldwide!

To make a donation, go to:


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