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FREAK KITCHEN - "Morons" (New Single)

With their new album ‘Confusion to the Enemy’ due for release on September 21, Sweden’s mighty Freak Kitchen are releasing a little taster in the form of new single ‘Morons’.
More on Freak Kitchen…Formed in Gothenburg in 1992 by guitarist Mattias ‘Ia’ Eklundh, Freak Kitchen soon began to earn a reputation for their ‘Corny-heavy-pop-rock-Latin-world-jazz-avant-garde-metal-blues-straight from hell’ and Eklundh in particular was in high-demand, with his guitar playing featuring on albums by Soilwork, Evergrey, Bumblefoot (Sons of Apollo/Guns n Roses), Jonas Hellborg, Panzerballet, amongst others…
Since then the band have continued in their singular vision, making a series of acclaimed albums that reflect their unbridled love of music of all kinds. Citing influences from Slayer to Dean Martin, Kiss to Mahavishnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa to Indian Carnatic music, a Freak Kitchen album is always a wide-reaching, experimental/progressive/metal smorgasbord.
FREAK KITCHEN discography;
‘Appetizer’ (1994)
‘Spanking Hour’ (1996)
Freak Kitchen’ (1998)
‘Dead Soul Men’ (2000)
‘Move’ (2002)
‘Organic’ (2005)
‘Land of the Freaks’ (2009)
‘Cooking with Pagans’ (2014)
"…the Freak Kitchen gang is exceeding every technical limit…" Prog Sphere

Mattias ‘Ia’ Eklundh – Guitar/Vocals
Christer Hysén – Bass/Vocals
Björn Fryklund – Drums
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