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TRIXTER's MARK GUS SCOTT Honors America's Veterens

Trixter’s Mark Gus Scott Salutes America's Veterans

For a guy who has visited and performed on every major military base in the US, Mark Gus Scott shows no signs of loosing support for America's Military Heroes.  The rock star met with several military officials on his recent tour of Washington DC and filming of his latest video hit, "Ave Maria". The video shows Mark performing amongst numerous iconic DC landmarks, most notably the World War II Memorial. Ave Maria is the first single from Mark’s forthcoming holiday album entitled "Christmas Miracle" due out on Thanksgiving. Mark also makes it a habit to perform Taps at numerous cemeteries in the New York City and Phoenix Arizona area to honor fallen heroes during Veterans Day and Memorial Day holidays.

As the wild and charismatic drummer for the internationally renowned rock band "Trixter", Mark “Gus” Scott has sold well over 3 million albums worldwide, he has accumulated an extremely large press book, but most importantly... He has played in front of millions of people around the world.  Other major accomplishments include Three #1 Videos on MTV (15 weeks at #1), Four “Top 20” AOR Radio Hits as well as a “Top 40” Album on the Billboard Charts (#26).  

Trixter toured extensively in the United States, Canada and Japan in support of their major label releases. They have performed live in arenas with crowds up to 30,000 people, in addition to appearing live on television and radio. The tours have included such rock superstars as: Kiss, The Scorpions, Poison, Warrant, Slaughter, Great White, Firehouse as well as many MTV and movie personalities. Mark attained much notoriety, largely in part to network television appearances, three #1 videos on MTV and hundreds of worldwide publications and periodicals. 

As a member of the Hollywood/NY All-Stars, Mark participated in countless charity events, as well as making personal appearances with President Donald Trump, Treat Williams, Jack Scalia, Jason Gedrick, Gregory Harrison and Regis Philbin.

While just a sophomore in high school, Mark received the NAJE Special Citation for Musical Excellence and was granted admission to the University of Hartford’s Hartt School of Music. He attended three summers studying piano, drums, trumpet and a curriculum that included jazz, classical, chamber music, rock, music theory and composition. Mark also put his knowledge to use not only as a musician/songwriter, but also touring high schools and colleges throughout the country as a guest lecturer, teaching and promoting his drum instructional video and teaching method, “Rock Solid”.

Mark's Solo EP "Christmas Miracle" is scheduled for release on Thanksgiving 2017! ALL PROCEEDS from the first single, "Ave Maria", will be donated to Hope 4 Kids International.

"Ave Maria" single release - November 2017.

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Totally Driven Radio Interviews TRIXTER's Mark Gus Scott

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Drummer of the band Trixter - Mark Gus Scott talks to Totally Driven Radio about.

**The new single & video “Human Era”
**the band not playing for 13 years
**how the grunge came in during the 90’s, and how he has no idea what happened to music since the turn of the century
**Trixter starting the whole flannel craze of the 90’s, but never getting credit
**How Trixter was formed in the early 80s, through their teenage years, and ended up getting signed & dominating Mtv
**the record company asked them to shave a few years off their age, they make they a “youth” band
**Mtv did a “Smash or Trash” with the band, that’s how they got in the rotation
**How “DIAL Mtv” was canceled with their video “Surrender” at #1, and never played on Mtv again
**Why is Mtv still called Mtv
**How Mtv & video really killed the radio star
**The years Trixter wasn’t playing, he was working real jobs, started a business
**That he is amazed they got a second chance at this, and people still want to see them
**The new album “Human Era”
**How it is working with Frontiers Records, compared to record companies of the old days
**Videos just as important today, as the Mtv years
**The world of social media and connecting with fans
**How vinyl is making a comeback

Mark hangs out with us for almost 40 minutes...

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