ROSS THE BOSS 35th Anniversary Tour For MANOWAR’S ‘Hail To England’

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“With 1984's Hail to England, Manowar delivered one of the quintessential power metal albums of all time” Allmusic
Ross The BossManowar’s co-founder and definitive guitar god, takes no prisoners when he and his earth shattering band pounds out “Hail to England” in all its decibel meter destroying glory.
Formed in 1980, Manowar launched an all-out assault on complacent boring metal. Bombastic, epic and above all exhilaratingly LOUD, Manowar sought to destroy all who stood in their path. Led by Joey DeMaio, Eric Adams and the soul-crushing guitars of Ross The Boss Freidman, Manowar broke the Guinness record for loudest band ever not once, but three times.
Now Ross The Boss is cranking the amps up to 12. Sitting proudly at #87 on Rolling Stone’s Greatest Metal Albums Of All Time, “Hail To England” merged the sound of the new wave of British Metal with skull-melting thrash intensity, and started punching holes in the membrane of the Universe.
On top of all this, fans can anticipate a slew of other Manowar classics, guaranteed to see fists raised to the roof, and leave ears ringing in utter metal bliss.
"We will bring the message of True Metal to our Immortal Metal Armies. We will deliver an experience only to be described as, true classic metal. We are going to devastate every audience, every night, without mercy.” Ross the Boss
Ross The Boss November 2019 Tour Dates
Friday 15 November - Whammy Bar, Auckland
Saturday 16 November - San Fran Bath House, Wellington
Sunday 17 November - Club Tavern, Christchurch
Wednesday 20 November - HQ, Adelaide
Thursday 21 November - The Zoo, Brisbane
Friday 22 November - Max Watts, Melbourne
Saturday 23 November - Metro Theatre, Sydney
Sunday 24 November - Rosemount Hotel, Perth
Presale: Tuesday 30th July 10am - 11:59pm Wednesday 31st August AEST
General Onsale: Thursday 1st August - 10am AEST
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BLOODY TIMES - Album Trailer, feat. ex-members of MANOWAR & ICED EARTH

German heavy metal band, BLOODY TIMES, have released a video trailer from their new album ‘On A Mission‘, due on January 11, 2019, which also features ROSS THE BOSS (ex-MANOWAR), JOHN GREELY (ex-ICED EARTH) and RAPHAEL SAINI (EX-ICED EARTH). 'On A Mission' can be pre-ordered here: and the video trailer can be viewed here.

One On One With Mitch Lafon - ROSS THE BOSS (Death Dealer)

Release Year: 
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
DEATH DEALER's Ross The Boss joins Mitch on episode 168 of One On One With Mitch Lafon. In the episode's only interview guitarist Ross The Boss discusses Death Dealer's new album 'Hallowed Ground', The Dictators, his time with Manowar, shares his thoughts about Joey DeMaio and much more.
Quotes from the interview: On leaving Manowar "Sometimes you just grow apart and Joey was taking the band over. There was no street sense. There was no nice. There was no being cool with other bands.This is not me. I wasn't planning on leaving and I did not leave. I was asked to leave."
On retiring from music: "If it ever gets to a point where it's an embarrassment. That you're just wheeling me on the stage... That'll never happen. Some bands are doing that already and it's not pretty. You'll never see that out of me - I guarantee you."
For more about about Ross The Boss & DEATH DEALER visit: Online: & Facebook: & Twitter: @officialrtb & @DeathDealerband
Follow Mitch Lafon on Twitter: @mitchlafon One on One With Mitch Lafon's Official Twitter is: @1On1WithMitch And Official Facebook page is:

Former Manowar Guitarist, DAVID SHANKLE, Returns With DSG + New Album

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Known for being a member of MANOWAR between 1988 and 1994, DAVID SHANKLE remains a world renowned super shred guitarist and instructor for all true metal fans - as heard by the upcoming third full-length offering by his band, DSG, titled 'STILL A WARRIOR.’ To be released on April 24th in Germany and April 28th worldwide via Pure Steel Records, the ten-track album is sure to please long-time fans of the fleet-fingered talents of Shankle.

"I'm very happy to say that I feel this is the best DSG record to date," says Shankle. "I also feel this is the best DSG band out of all three of them so far. I'm very proud of everyone of these guys great job they did on the record." Joining Shankle in DSG are vocalist Warren Halvarson, bassist Mike Streicher, and drummer Gabriel Anthony. "With new singer Warren Halvarson, new bass player Mike Streicher, and our new drummer Gabriel Anthony, this is by far the BEST line up to date."

For 13 years, Shankle has been enjoying a solo career, as evidenced by the two albums,  'Ashes To Ashes' (2003) and 'Hellborn' (2007). And 'Still A Warrior' does not disappoint, as it features both metallic anthems (the title track) and instrumentals ("The Hitman") with such guest artists as Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Stump, and Parker Lundgren from QUEENSRYCHE. Also, the "Demonic Solo” (from the movie 'Jezebeth') is being hailed as one of the fastest guitar solos in the world.

Shankle: "I think the new DSG record, 'Still A Warrior,' is a combination of the best from the 'Ashes to Ashes' and 'Hellborn' CD's. A lot of great melodic vocals and full neo-classical shred guitar in your face.” 'Still A Warrior' confirms: friends of US metal with a classical shred guitar influences will completely be satisfied by their old hero again!


1.              Still A Warrior
2.              Ressecution
3.              Glimpse Of Tomorrow
4.              Demonic Solo (From the movie Jezebeth)
5.              Fuel For The Fire
6.              Eye To Eye
7.              The Hitman (instrumental)
8.              Suffer In Silence (Agenda 21)
9.              Into The Darkness
10.            Across The Line

Here is the link to the Still A Warrior song single available on iTunes:

Here is the link for the preorder of the CD:
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