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SCORPIONS' Klaus Meine Discusses New Album

Monday, October 27, 2014

Scorpion's Klaus Meine on new record - "The new album sounds fantastic"

Guillaume (Gegers) from Scorpions' official french fan-club Crazyscorps (www.crazyscorps.com), recently conducted an interview with Scorpions' frontman Klaus Meine, who is currently in Sweden recording Scorpions' new album, which will be released in february or march 2015, and will be followed by an extensive world tour to celebrate the band's 50th aniversary. Klaus Meine speaks about the new Scorpions record, James Kottak's rehab process, feeling ridiculous on stage and his first groupie.

A couple of excerpts from the chat follow.

About the new record : "A few years ago, when we thought about this album, about putting out something for the die-hard fans, we were thinking about using some good old material from the 80's, find some old diamonds and pearls, and we did ! But between 2011 and now, and even this year, we kept on writing. This album is not so much about old material, in the end it's much more about new songs, and that feels really good!"

About drummer James Kottak's rehab: "We told him "At this point, it's good if you take a break, not so much for us but for yourself. And not so much about being the drummer of the Scorpions but for yourself being a family man. You should go into a rehab, clean out yourself and come back the same James we know for so many years, not only our drummer but also a friend, and a great guy".

Watch the full interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBschU63xPw
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