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Singer/Songwriter JACE PAWLAK Kickstarter Campaign

Friday, October 17, 2014

Singer/songwriter Jace Pawlak has been writing tunes for a number of artists in recent years, but he's also working on a solo album ia Kickstarter Campaign. Here's the update from Jace:
"My current Kickstarter campaign is doing well but I wanted to reach out to my melodic rock friends and fans to let them in on it before time is up (it ends October 19th) In addition to the new album, "Perspective", there are some fun rewards in the campaign that incorporate some of my past work. As well as some unreleased stuff. And some of these items and songs will only available through this Kickstarter campaign.
I am very excited and proud of my upcoming album. On the heals of the work I did on Tango Down's "Charming Devil" album, I approached this new record as more of a singer songwriter project for myself. I have a few melodic rock songs on offer, but I also have a few acoustic tunes, two piano ballads ala Richard Marx, and another style or two to round it out. I am very proud of this collection of songs. It's some of my favorite stuff I have ever written. All but one song is finished and once I complete that last tune the album will be off to be mastered and duplicated.

The support I have felt the past month has been humbling and inspiring. Knowing that people connect with what I am doing keeps me motivated to keep writing. All I ever really wanted was to be heard. I hope people will check out the campaign and be part of this. There really are some fun rewards. And above all, I hope everyone likes the music! Thank you for listening!!"
- Some of Jace's more popular songs: Tango Down: "Corners Of My Mind" "Too Many Roads" "Alone" and "Back To Life" // Far Cry: "Have It All" and "Fine Line" // Goodbye Thrill: "Let Me Sleep"
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