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Prog Metal 'Supergroup', ZIERLER Premiere "No Chorus" Lyric Video

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Transatlantic progression metal conglomerate Zierler, featuring members of Beyond Twilight, Fates Warning, Scar Symmetry, and Circus Maximus, have released a lyric video for the song 'No Chorus', the first single off the band's long awaited debut album, ESC, out October 16 via U.S.-based Vanity Music Group.  The track is exclusively streamed by Revolver magazine at this location
''No Chorus' is about breaking norms and conventions.  Whether it's approaching music, song structures, life, culture or solving problems in new innovative ways. Articulating a point of view in relation to a particular situation in ways we had never thought of before. Most of all, it's about encouraging people to foster the ability to look at things differently from the way we typically look at them,' explains mastermind/keyboardist Finn Zierler the inspiration behind the song. 
'The track itself is written without a chorus.  The line, "I'm so sick of verse, bridge and chorus" expresses the sentiment at the core of it all.  Writing a song without a chorus and making it work as a song is hard.  Writing a song without a chorus and making it work so that the listener doesn't notice is really hard! 'No Chorus' seemed like a fitting title as the line, 'this song has no chorus' actually takes on the role of the chorus although the song lacks a traditional chorus. Music nerds won't be disappointed.'
His first new album in a decade, ESC is Finn Zierler's most mature as well as his most daring musical work to date.  Drawing from a wide array of influences that bring to mind everything from the unabashed pomp of classic Queen and the madness of Devin Townsend, to the virtuosity of Dream Theater and the eclectic stylings of Hollywood wizard Danny Elfman, Zierler masterfully walk the fine line between genius and insanity, combining a powerful, multi-layered progressive metal foundation with an often dark, majestic orchestral feel. The result is an intricate musical tour-de-force that took the better part of two years to complete.
Joining Finn on ESC are Swedish guitarist Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, Kaipa) - the first to come aboard - and Norwegian bassist/vocalist Truls Haugen (Insense, Circus Maximus) on the Scandinavian side. Finn also reached out across the pond to a pair of Texas standouts, drum veteran Bobby Jarzombek, whose stellar resume includes the likes of Fates Warning, Halford, Riot, and Spastic Ink and vocal powerhouse Kelly Sundown Carpenter, who sang on Beyond Twilight's 2005 album, 'Section X,' and was last seen with Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G's band, Firewind, as well as Darkology.
The album's stellar mix comes courtesy of another Beyond Twilight alum and long-time friend, noted studio whiz Jacob Hansen, best known for his  affiliation with Danish superstars Volbeat as well as his work with Amaranthe and Destruction amongst others.  Last but not least, acclaimed London-based graphic artist Rob Sindermann has been tapped to create the stunning visuals for the ESC  album packaging which includes an elaborate 28-page deluxe booklet.
ESC track listing:
01. A New Beginning
02. Aggrezzor
03. Darkness Delight
04. Dark To The Bone
05. Evil Spirit
06. Married To The Cause
07. No Chorus
08. Rainheart
09. You Can't Fix Me No More
10. Water
11. Whispers



New FATES WARNING ‘APSOG’ Release And Limited Edition Artwork Set

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Record cover Ioannis (Deep Purple, Sepultura, Uriah Heep, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Biohazard, Styx, ) checks in from his studio:
“Hello to all my Fates Warning friends and supporters, I am happy to announce that I will be redesigning the new expanded limited edition package of APSOG to be released in the fall, it will feature a lot of extra music by the band, and also a number of never before seen images. It was a joy to reconnect with this project after so many years to listen to the music again and have a chance to develop the themes more properly this time around.
I promise you a lot of surprises and some great work. I have also completed a VERY LIMITED EDITION portfolio along with other special items that you may purchase at this link:
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