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Fade To Silence Records Announces ROCKETT QUEEN As First Signing

Friday, September 25, 2015
Goodnight California Reissue Set For Release September 25
TYLER, Texas - Fade To Silence Records is excited to announce explosive
Texas rock 'n' rollers Rockett Queen as the label's very first signing.
"I ran into Rockett Queen's Walter Lee in a club in Texas and he dragged me
outside to his Mustang to listen to rough track mixes of new songs the band
wrote and recorded with producer extraordinaire Zac Maloy in Nashville," said
Fade To Silence founder Paul Bibeau. "Suffice it say, I was floored by the
quality and strength of the material. It had hooks and melody! So I ventured to
Dallas to see them perform live and in all honesty, rarely have I seen such a
seasoned performance delivery full of energy and engagement. Simply put,
they owned it. I struck up a rapport with the guys and decided that I needed to
manage this band."
The first release will be a reissue of the group's Goodnight California EP in an
expanded edition, including three new tracks, on September 25.
"We had some songs we didn't get a chance to put on the first round due to
time restraints and we just felt this was a perfect time to put it all together and
get it out the way it was meant to be," said vocalist/guitarist Lee.
The EP will feature the original five tracks, showcasing Rockett Queen's
versatility, from the hard-driving anthem "I Hate You" to the poetic sensibilities
of "Since You've Been Gone." In addition to the EP's five original songs, the
new version will feature the brand new song "Hey God," an acoustic version of
the band's "Hard to Love" and a cover of the Misfits' punk classic "Attitude."
"I feel that there seems to be a lack of young, rock n roll bands today with
memorable songs that can also put on one hell of a show," Bibeau said.
"Frankly, I find it refreshing."
"'Hey God' is about the destruction and emptiness that some families face after
a family member is shipped off to war," Lee said. "Realizing how many of them
have to pick up the pieces and find a way to make life work without the person
who was suddenly plucked out of their lives is something that hits close to me."
New conceptual videos for "I Hate You" and "Since You've Been Gone" have
been shot and will be released in conjunction with the first singles to
commercial radio. A lyric video for "I Hate You" has also been produced.
Get your first taste here:
"Hard to Love" is an acoustic preview of a track from Rockett Queen's next fulllength
record, which the band is currently working on with producer Zac Maloy
in Nashville.
"To show some of our punk rock roots we decided to record a cover version the
Misfits song 'Attitude," Lee said. "We wanted to reach back and have some fun
with a style of music we all grew up loving."
Rockett Queen's brand of straight-up, honest rock 'n' roll has garnered the
quartet a great deal of critical acclaim and Top 40 airplay. Performing for more
than 25,000 music fans, the band's energetic live show has won over a
devoted fanbase.
Said Lee: "We strive to walk that line of paying homage to what we grew up
loving about rock 'n' roll and giving something new to the generation that came
before us AND the kids that are at the forefront of the new rock revolution."
Rockett Queen is completed by Jay Scars on lead guitar, Chaz Graves on bass
and Keith Crash on drums.

Spitfire Records founder launches Fade To Silence Records

Release Year: 
Former Spitfire Records company founder/president and industry veteran Paul Bibeau has returned to the music industry after a hiatus, launching Fade To Silence Records via AMPED Distribution worldwide.

The new label will focus on establishing a label brand, a catalogue/visual/television imprint and publishing division covering hard rock and heavy metal.

It is in the initial stages of staffing and will work with AMPED on physical and digital sales, distribution, and manufacturing.
Bibeau, who takes the role of Fade To Silence CEO, said: "When you are fully engulfed in a song, a full album, an experience, then the lead guitarist starts to unleash holy hell as the song begins to lower in level and you crank the volume to digest every last music morsel as the track dissipates into air and you are craving more - that is the Fade to Silence experience.
"I'm here again because I seriously missed the entire creative process that occurs while working with amazing talent, from artist and repertoire to the creation and execution of the marketing plans. For me, it is all about the passion for the art, the desire to contribute to revitalizing the style of music I adore and to help fill the void with great new artists. Having said that, it is true that hard rock and heavy metal music continues to grow in popularity globally, the various genres/sub genres are largely overlooked by the corporate system."
He added: "I have watched from the sidelines and the patient approach to long-term career development seems to be lacking," said Bibeau. "I believe that in the changing industry landscape, one major key to survival and growth is partnering with tremendous creative and unique talent that can deliver the goods live. Our talent partners will all have one thing in common, they will all be road warriors in the sense that they all have started to lay a solid foundation of fans through relentless touring.
"A great set-up and first week SoundScan impact is always the goal, but in today's industry, that's the point when the record's life cycle abruptly ends. Fade to Silence Records will strategically organize creative endeavors into multi-format physical and digital release, allowing each artist and release to be individually developed, produced, marketed, maintained and sold according to each unique requirement and objective. 
Our talent partners will receive preferential treatment, attention, guidance and creative resources over the long haul. Our main objective is to create a much longer window of time in the record's lifecycle and continue to focus on the daily fundamentals of creating awareness for each individual tour date/market."
Dean Tabaac, VP of AMPED Distribution, commented: "Creating a new label is tough in this environment and is a tall order. This is a fast moving industry with new rules being created just about on a daily basis. To have a seasoned music master like Paul Bibeau come to AMPED to be his preferred distribution partner for Fade To Silence Records is an honor. His business acumen combined with his innate ability to catch bands on the rise before anyone else sees the potential makes it very exciting for AMPED to be a part of."
The label will launch in the fall of 2015 with two reissues scheduled thus far, with the label's major frontline releases projected for 2016 street dates. The label's first two signings are Rockett Queen with the single Goodnight California, and With Out Arms To The Sun, who will release A Far Away Wonder.


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