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Turning 25, ERIC JOHNSON Grabbed Guitar Grammy With 'Ah Via Musicom'


Dallas, TX - February 19, 2015.  North American syndicated Rock radio show InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands website sits down with the phenomenally gifted guitarist Eric Johnson on the 25th anniversary of his Grammy Award-winning million-selling album Ah Via Musicom

Eric Johnson's career arc resembles not so much a rainbow but rather an EKG. In the mid-70s Eric played lead guitar in the Austin blink-and-you-miss'em  band  The Electromagnets and did session work on Cat Stevens' 1978 album Back to Earth. By 1980 Eric had developed an almost mythical reputation as a spectacular guitarist, enough to garner a cover story in Guitar Player magazine even before he had a record deal.

Initially signed to Warner Bros Records, in 1986 Eric Johnson released his highly regarded debut album Tones. Much of the music for his next album had already been written during the Tones sessions, but it would be four more years and a label change before fans would hear it.

In February 1990 Ah Via Musicom was unleashed, selling over a million albums and producing three Top 10 rock radio tracks including the Grammy Award-winning 'Best Rock Instrumental Performance' single, 'Cliffs of Dover'.

Eric's guitar sound and style on Ah Via Musicom would revolutionize a generation of players. InTheStudio host Redbeard asked Eric what it was about his initial boyhood relationship with the guitar that still remains with him today.

'It's like a world you can go to. You can visit this world where all the parameters , all the guidelines and rules, don't really apply. I guess it's sort of a fantasy world, but it turns out reality. You can enter this fantasy world and it will turn out a product of reality sometimes... It was kind of an escape thing. You could go off somewhere and do something you really love and bathe in that sound of it, and not have to operate on the same wavelength in a way.' - Eric Johnson

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Eric Johnson's Epiphany In The Studio  For Europe Live

Dallas, TX - June 24, 2014. North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands  takes a trip to Austin via the new album Europe Live  to visit with guitar wizard Eric Johnson.

By 1980 Eric Johnson was already developing an almost mythical reputation as a spectacular guitar player, enough to garner the cover story of Guitar Player without any record deal. 

It was 1990 that Eric Johnson broke out of cult hero status among simply guitar cognoscenti and nabbed those two universally recognized standards of success in popular music, a million-selling album with Ah Via Musicom and a 1991 Grammy Award for his hit instrumental 'Cliffs of Dover'.

For the first twenty-five years of his solo career, Eric was famous (or notorious) for disappearing into the recording studio for years at a time, but EJ had a major musical epiphany which he shares with In the Studio host Redbeard while discussing the rippling 'Zenland', the tasty cosmopolitan Wes Montgomery nod 'Manhattan', the heavy 12-step anthem 'Last House on the Block', the dizzying instrumental from the Tones album entitled 'Zap' and his signature hit 'Cliffs of Dover' all from his new live album Europe Live.
'It was more interesting for me to hear some of the aspects of that (live recording) than it was to listen to some of my studio records, because it didn't feel as stiff and thought out and clutched so tightly. It's something that just happened naturally.'

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