Less words, but same conclusions and same scores.
A lot more to come as it’s the only way to keep up with the number of releases there are these days and the fact I missed so many over the last 12 months.

DYNAZTY – Firesign – So they changed style mid-career, who cares when its this good! I love these guys and the last three albums have been kick ass hard rock albums, bordering on melodic metal. Such great songs and a massive production. Nils Molin has the perfect hard rock voice. For those that love something that might fall in between Eclipse and Masterplan. 94
KISSIN DYNAMITE – Ectasy – Another European band showing the rest of the world how its done. Huge production, layers of everything and a bunch of high-energy anthemic rockers with big choruses every track. There’s some diversity in the material here, kinda modern, kinda punky, kinda 80s hard rock…but kinda killer! 90
TWO OF A KIND – Rise – I absolutely loved the debut, it was a fantastic slice of female fronted, harmony rich AOR. And I love Fred Hendrix’s writing style and his ability to deliver fresh and original songs. I’m gutted to say this album isn’t a patch on the debut, not the songs, nor the rough production. 50
DREAM CHILD – Dream Child – Another attempt by Frontiers to recreate Dio (this one featuring Craig Goldy, Wayne Findlay, Simon Wright, Rudy Sarzo and Diego Valdez from Helker as the Ronnie Dio stand in). Songs are pretty decent but just like recent Dio albums, everything is the same tempo and you can barely tell the difference between tracks. Valdez is one hell of a singer though! The production is also pretty ordinary – a really muddy, bass heavy sound. 65
BULLETBOYS - From Out of The Skies – It could almost be called From Out Of The Garden Shed such is the production quality. And the songs aren’t much better. The Bulletboys debut is legendary and between that and this album comes an array of releases that both astound and also dismay. At least it isn’t as bad as Acid Monkey. 30
LIONVILLE – A World Of Fools – These guys have earned themselves a well-deserved reputation for high quality European pure-AOR. And it doesn’t hurt to have Work Of Art’s Lars Safsund holding the mike. Another super smooth, very likable, highly melodic slice of music. 92
ALL 4 1 – The World’s Best Hope – Not to be confused with the multi-platinum R&B group (there was no better idea for a name?), this is another Frontiers/Alessandro Del Vecchio project featuring a lineup that is almost Alliance plus Terry Brock. So basically, quality all-round and some very fine performances. Should have been marketed better and under another name and it is fairly safe and predictable, but sometimes that’s a good thing. 87
TAINTED NATION – On The Outside – Pete Newdeck delivers his best Ozzy Osbourne here with a powerful, modern and seriously rocking slice of melodic metal. Killer production and should be huge. Huge I say! 90
NEWMAN – Aerial – Maybe not quite as strong as the last studio album, but that’s hardly a slight. Always enjoyable, always quality and always a must buy. British melodic rock at its best. 90
PHANTOM V – Play II Win – Not earth shattering or something that held my attention for a long time, but this second album from Axel Kruse, Bobby Boebel, Michael Voss and Claus Lessmann is a big step up from the pretty average debut. 80
EISLEY / GOLDY ‎– Blood, Guts And Games – The thought of the two Giuffria guys together again had folks excited. When the album title came to light, it pointed towards trouble for anyone hoping for more pink and fluffy from the guys. Then came the music. Awful songs, awful style and awful production. The result kills any hope of the guys coming back to deliver what fans really wanted. 30
STYX – The Mission – From the band with almost as many live/DVD releases as Foreigner comes a new studio album! Wow! And even more amazing, its pretty darn good. A concept album with more pomp than the last few records, it is entertaining and sounds great. Even the James Young lead vocal sounds great, ok, well… at least it’s short. 91
TONY MILLS – Streets Of Chance – Absolutely superb AOR album from Britain’s Tony Mills. Doing what he does best with a solid production and some highly memorable songs. And now he’s got a new album out. Get both. Feature review for the new album coming up. 90
AXEL RUDI PELL – Knight’s Call – Axel. Rudi. Pell. But not as good. 70
PERFECT PLAN – All Rise – Perfect name, almost perfect album. A monstrous melodic rock debut from yet another Swedish discovery. Right up there with Roulette, Art Nation and Rian. Essential for fans of the genre. Can’t believe I didn’t get a review of this done at the time. A monster! 95
THRESHOLD - Legends Of The Shires – The best progressive hard rock album since Dream Theater’s Images And Words. A double album with all killer, no filler. Brilliant production, songs, performances and I love the vocals of Glynn Morgan. Masterpiece! 100
VEGA – Only Human – More essential British melodic rock. The guys can do no wrong and their productivity now means its hard to compare album against album and pick the best, as they have reached that number of releases where its just all good. No exception here. A little more modern in places, but still brilliant. 93
REVERTIGO – Revertigo – Mats Leven, Anders Wikstrom and Thomas Broman, now that’s a powerful trio. As hoped, it’s a pretty strong album. Modern to a point, but still melodic and hard rocking. A great addition to the Mats Levin catalogue. 87
JAMES CHRISTIAN – Craving – It’s a nice change of pace from House Of Lords and its better produced than the Lay It On The Line record. The Cliff Magness backed album is a smooth, anthemic, mid-tempo collection of songs that suit JC completely. 85
WHITE WIDDOW – Victory – Love these guys, love the throw back Giuffria/keyboard heavy sound and the smooth AOR melodies. They guys haven’t delivered a bad album, but I do think this one is a little safe and a repeat of past formulas. Production not as tight as previous, but I’m still a big fan. 80
SCREAMING JETS – Gotcha Covered – Love this band! Great classic Aussie hard rock. Which is what this covers album focusses on – classic Australian pub rock classics. There’s covers of Men At Work, Dragon, Australian Crawl, Inxs, Icehouse The Angels (whom vocalist Dave Gleeson now fronts) and even AC/DC. But guys, if you are going to cover the best – give it your best. This is yet another example of a limp-wristed straight up interpretations of songs that either don’t suit the band at all, or just aren’t rocked out enough to warrant the effort. Very poor. 50

DYNAZTY - "Firesign" (2018) // Official Lyric Video

Two weeks to go before we will release this outstanding melodic metal album “Firesign” from Sweden’s hopefuls DYNAZTY!
We’re proud to present you here the official lyric video 'Firesign'.

The album will be available as Digipak, clear yellow Vinyl (ltd. to 200 units), clear orange Vinyl (ltd. to 200 units) and blue/yellow splatter (ltd. to 100 units) which is exclusively available in the AFM webshop.

“Firesign” tracklisting:
Breathe With Me
The Grey
In The Arms Of A Devil
My Darkest Hour
Closing Doors
Follow Me
Let Me Dream Forever
The Light Inside The Tunnel

DYNAZTY Sign to AFM and Unleash New Single 'Breathe With Me'

Friday, September 28, 2018
AFM RECORDS is proud and happy to announce the signing of Sweden’s most talented modern melodic metal outfit DYNAZTY! Welcome to the AFM family, mates! 
Here is what Singer Nils Molin has to say about it: ”It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we can announce that we penned a deal with AFM Records! With a strong belief and full understanding for our music and vision, a co-operation with AFM Records could be nothing else but exciting! Can’t wait to see how this bear fruit!"
September 28th will mark the release of the new album, titled "Firesign"! It's time to give you a crushing first song now! Today the new single "Breathe With Me" is released. Enjoy, play it loud and bang your head!

Sweden’s modern melodic metal outfit Dynazty returns with their strongest effort so far. “Firesign” is the band’s most creative, dynamic and inspired album to date. The Swedes merge a pinch of heaviness with innovative influences and don´t lose sight of their catchy melodies. After 2016’s „Titanic Mass“, which is a chunk of an album, produced by Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy), this collaboration now continues its successor "Firesign”, which marks the next logical step in the evolution of DYNAZTY.

The album will be available as Digipak, clear yellow Vinyl (ltd. to 200 units), clear orange Vinyl (ltd. to 200 units) and blue/yellow splatter (ltd. to 100 units) which is exclusively available in the AFM webshop.

 “Firesign” tracklisting:
1.. Breathe With Me
2. The Grey
3. In The Arms Of A Devil
4. My Darkest Hour
5. Ascension
6. Firesign
7. Closing Doors
8. Follow Me
9. Let Me Dream Forever
10. Starfall
11. The Light Inside The Tunnel


Stockholm Rocks 2016 - July Event To Feature REACH, JOE LYNN TURNER, DYNAZTY


Stockholm Rocks again - new event already in July 2016 - Friday 22 and Saturday 23;

With four Stockholm Rocks events completed and the steady growth of interest we have decided to host a 5th edition in the middle of summer ' Stockholm Rocks Summerfest on July 22nd-23rd. We are picking up where V'sby Rocks unfortunately had to call it a day. So, the artists are in the same vein, melodic rock, but maybe a bit more towards the heavier side. We also would like to promote young bands who are bringing the tradition into the future, but of course also celebrate some household great musicians who has been making ear candy for the last 30-or-so years. We are proud to present:

Joe Lynn Turner, legendary singer with a past in Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen and Deep Purple but not to miss his own material ' a new album was released in May ' check out Sunstorm

Santa Cruz, four young Finnish rockers with attitude and loads of guitar. They recently toured UK and now they have been in the US since April. A new single was released the other day

Erik Gronwall, the voice of H.E.A.T, will be making a special appearance and playing an acoustic gig together with band colleague Jonah T. The set will consist of H.E.A.T material and his rock favourites

Iron Savior, German power metallers who has been giving us a good headbanging with 10 albums for the last 20 years. Loads of guitar and a steady beat ' the latest album Titancraft is reaching the stores this week

Dynazty, introduced to the Swedish audience at a local Eurovision event making a metal version of a winner. With their 5th album they have moved on and bring us melodic metal ' Titanic Mass

Reach, had already getting attention with making a rock cover of Avicii's hit 'Wake me up'. Then Ludvig Turner brought rock into the Swedish Idol contest, recorded their debut album and played 30 gigs in UK and throughout Europe last year. With hooks from the 80's mixed with youthful energy they want to 'Reach out to Rock' even further now

Hysterica, four young ladies who put a lot of effort into making their shows a musical and visual experience. Two albums and an EP full of heavy metal they will kick some ass - and with the latest single 'Ease my mind' they also show a soft side ' but only a little

More information and ticket links can be found at:

DYNAZTY Back With a 'Titanic Mass' April 15

Friday, April 15, 2016
At long last, DYNAZTY will release their fifth album Titanic Mass on April 15 via Spinefarm Records. Hailing from the musically lively mecca that is Stockholm, Sweden, Dynazty are a prime example of forward-thinking and evolutionary sound development.
It was with the Spinefarm-released album Renatus (2013) where Dynazty truly came to their own.
Opting for a sound more modern, more defined, and more addictive, Renatus saw the band take a leap towards a tighter sound with an arsenal of rapid rhythm patters and machine-gun riffs, ever-present soaring vocals plus huge, addictive choruses. Thanks to its massive arrangements, Renatus was an exceptional album.
Now, Titanic Mass sees the Swedes take the next logical step in the never-ending flux that is their sound.
This time, they chose to maintain the overall bite and tightness of Renatus while taking a courteous nod in the direction of power metal and adding a symphonic element; yes, the arrangements are "Titanic" this time! The band has succeeded in making the songs yet another notch more addictive than before. 
The edgy yet massive production of Peter Tägtgren (Sabaton, Pain, Dimmu Borgir etc, ad infinitum) elevates Titanic Mass to Dynazty's ultimate statement to date.
 "Titanic Mass is the culmination of all the knowledge we've learned and all the experience we've gained over the years writing songs and making albums. Our efforts combined with the mastery of producer Peter Tägtgren has resulted in an album that we feel is really strong. To us, Titanic Mass is without a doubt our ultimate effort."
 1. The Human Paradox
 2. Untamer of Your Soul
 3. Roar of the Underdog
 4. Titanic Mass
 5. Keys to Paradise
 6. I Want to Live Forever
 7. The Beast Inside
 8. Break Into the Wild
 9. Crack in the Shell
 10. Free Man's Anthem
 11. The Smoking Gun
Pre-orders launch on February 12. At that time, "Roar of the Underdog" will be available as an instant grat track. The first single is "The Human Paradox," which will be accompanied by a video directed by Tage Rönnqvist (Swallow The Sun, Santa Cruz) on March 18.
Dynazty are: Nils Molin - vocals; Love Magnussonn - guitar; George Egg - drums; Mike La Lavér - guitar; Jonathan Olsson - bass


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