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Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon - JOHN 5 & LOVERBOY

On this episode of Westwood One's ROCK TALK WITH MITCH LAFON:
Mitch welcomes Rob Zombie guitarist JOHN 5. The pair discuss his great new live album It's Alive, progress on the new Rob Zombie album, his friendship with original KISS drummer PETER CRISS, writing with Desmond Child, his work with the SCORPIONS & Lynyrd Skynyrd, guitarist Rickey Medlocke and more.
Our second interview is with guitarist PAUL DEAN from multi-platinum recording artist LOVERBOY. The band is best known for their iconic mega-hits Working For The Weekend, Lovin' Every Minute Of It & When It's Over. Paul & Mitch discuss the band's history, Canadian artist Bryan Adams, KISS frontman Paul Stanley and the much talked about band's first ever live show - which just happened to be opening for KISS in Vancouver in 1979. Paul also mentions his upcoming solo album.
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“Dave & Dave Unchained” - a VAN HALEN Podcast


Heard you missed us, well we’re back! “Dave & Dave Unchained” - Van Halen podcast returns with episode 4 celebrating the 30th anniversary of David Lee Roth’s 1986 solo album, “Eat’em & Smile.”

At a time when Van Halen didn’t sound very Van Halen, Roth opted to head in the big rock direction VH was known for mixed with a bit of his “Crazy from the Heat” style added in for good measure. Roth hired gunslingers Steve Vai on guitar and Billy Sheehan on bass with Gregg Bissonette behind the drum kit. The videos were wild and colorful and the live show was packed with Van Halen hits.

The Daves discuss the launch of Roth’s band, the “Eat’em & Smile” tour and breakdown the album song-by-song. There’s also an exclusive interview with Vai, who looks back on his “Eat’em & Smile” days, why the band changed direction with the next album “Skyscraper” and even opened up about the “Eat’em & Smile” reunion that almost happened and might still happen. To cap things off, the cast concludes with part 2 of the interview with “Van Halen Rising” author Greg Renoff who talks about his massive “Eat’em & Smile” article he wrote for Guitar World, Roth’s botched movie and the awkward position DLR is currently in these days.

Sit down with a bottle of anything and a glazed donut while enjoying this firecracker of an episode!

Download the new episode on iTunes or spreaker.com. Connect with the Daves on Twitter: @ddunchained, Facebook: Dave-Dave Unchained, Instagram: ddunchainedpodcast or via email: ddunchainedpodcast@gmail.com

One On One With Mitch Lafon - STEVE VAI

Release Year: 
STEVE VAI and MARTIN TURNER (former Wishbone Ash) guest on episode 167 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.
In the episode's first interview guitarist Steve Vai discusses the upcoming Tony MacAlpine benefit show, his time with David Lee Roth & Whitesnake, the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Eat 'Em And Smile album, bee keeping, working with Ozzy Osbourne, his guilty pleasure desire to join the Alice Cooper band and much more. Our second interview is with former Wishbone Ash member, Martin Turner, who talks about his new album Written In The Stars, classic Wishbone Ash albums, twin guitars and much more.

Quotes from the Steve Vai interview:

"I started getting full of myself and to David Coverdale's credit he tolerated it all."

On almost joining Ozzy Osbourne's band: "I love Ozzy, but can you picture me touring with him? I can't see myself playing Paranoid every night."

"When it came to the Ozzy thing, saying that it would be step backwards is too strong, but I'd done it. I'd been with the big rock stars doing that kind of thing. My instincts said, 'no no no'."

On wanting to play with Alice Cooper: "I would have to say yeah... I could do this for a while (like a tour). How cool would that be?"

To help benefit Tony MacAlpine visit: http://www.gofundme.com/benefitfortony

For more about about STEVE VAI visit:
Online: http://www.vai.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stevevai
Twitter: @stevevai

Quotes from the Martin Turner interview:

"I'm still very much a studio man and always have been... Very very into recording and the process of recording."

For more about Martin Turner visit:
Online: http://www.martinturnermusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MartinTurneroriginalmemberofWishboneAsh
Twitter: @MartTurnerMusic

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VAN HALEN - Tokyo Dome In Concert (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Van Halen
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Hard Rock
Warner Bros.
Thursday, May 7, 2015
Is it at all possible to review this release without making the voice of frontman David Lee Roth an issue? Better for me if I don’t, as lunatic members of the DLR fanclub will certainly riot should anyone dare state the obvious.
But, at the risk of doing something I hate - sitting on the fence - it ain’t that bad. We are talking of course about the current (and recent) vocal abilities of the great Sir David Lee Of The Roth – a frontman so iconic in rock n roll circles that it is almost an 11th commandment to hold him in reverence.
I’ll roll out the cliché that Dave was always more frontman and circus ring leader than styled vocalist, but his charisma and charm (plus fronting the best band on the planet) made him a household name.
I like Dave – I like his energy, I like his intelligence and wit and I like (most) of his recorded output over the years.
Yes, his voice is kinda rough, even for an old guy, but his fitness and stage aura is unquestionable and it is that factor that gets him a pass on all concert appearances and therefore this live document of the band’s 2013 tour.
I’d probably rather hear Dave then watch Dave, his antics are a bit much sometimes, so the lack of DVD here is not an issue for me.
There is also at least a dozen other Van Halen live concerts that fans rank higher in demand than this outing, but this is both the first appearance of Dave and Wolfgang on any official live release.
Any archival live release would have to involve Michael Anthony (I had to mention him, didn’t I?) and that would just be awkward…right?
So, Tokyo Dome - In Concert is here and you know what, I may have a far more enthusiastic love of the Sammy Hagar era (yes, I had to mention him too), but you cannot deny the band is on fire here and Eddie Van Halen – wow. It’s one of life’s joys to hear him play any riff at all, let alone those to the iconic Hot For Teacher, Panama, Unchained, Mean Street and Running With The Devil.
Yes, there are vocals that make you cringe occasionally and yes, they miss that Mike Anthony wail, but this is a pretty nice raw, 100% live on the night recording.
And I’m especially enthusiastic about the new inclusions – China Town, She’s The Woman and Tattoo (ok, maybe a little less so on that one…), but A Different Kind Of Truth was a fricken awesome album and deserves to be part of the classic set list of songs.

I love Van Halen. They frustrate the shit out of me though. I’d much prefer a new/old/anything studio release. C’mon guys, time waits for no man, get on with it! 
But in the meantime this will do for a while, or at least every time it gets warm enough for a BBQ.

One On One With Mitch Lafon - JOE HOLMES & BILL LEVERTY

Friday, April 17, 2015
In episode 104 of One On One With Mitch Lafon, Mitch is joined by American Rock guitarist JOE HOLMES who discusses his new band FARMIKOS, replacing Jason Becker, working with DAVID LEE ROTH, his time with OZZY OSBOURNE, does he have any regrets, being a student of the late RANDY RHOADS, where has he been for the last 15 years and much more.

JOE HOLMES - speaking of his audition for David Lee Roth: "The day I went in to audition, there was a line outside Dave's house. The first song I did was Panama. When I did it - I see Dave smiling. Second song was Yankee Rose then I did part of Gigolo and that was it. After that they cut the line off and went for Mexican food."

In the episode's second interview, Mitch is joined by Michael Angelo Batio who discusses his new essential collection, Shred Force 1, NITRO, playing fast and much more.

This episode is co-hosted by FIREHOUSE guitarist, Bill Leverty.

For more about JOE HOLMES visit: http://www.farmikos.com and on Twitter: @Farmikos
For more about MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO visit: http://www.angelo.com
For more about BILL LEVERTY visit: http://www.facebook.com/LevertyMusic and on Twitter: @Leverty

This Episode of One On One With Mitch Lafon is brought to you by the Heavy Montreal Festival taking place on August 7th, 8th and 9th at Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal. This year featuring Lamb Of God, Slipknot, Korn, Faith No More as well as '80s artists Dokken, Lita Ford and Warrant. Visit:   http://www.heavymontreal.com

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FARMIKOS Set January 15, 2015 as Release Date For Debut Album

Thursday, January 15, 2015
(Los Angeles) Farmikos, the Los Angeles based band consisting of former David Lee Roth and Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Joe Holmes & Singer/Songwriter Robbie Locke are excited to announce that they will be releasing their self-titled debut album "Farmikos" on January 15, 2015.  "Farmikos" will be available in Digital Download and Compact Disc formats through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CD Baby.
The self-titled debut album features ten original songs penned by Holmes & Locke with writing contributions on eight songs by Brent Hoffort.  The album features Robert Trujillo on bass and Brooks Wackerman on drums alongside guest appearances by Skindred's Benji Webbe & Candiria’s Ken Schalk
The album was co-produced by Joe Holmes and Rich Mouser.  Mouser handled the engineering, mixing and mastering of the album at The Mouse House Studios.  The album was recorded directly to two-inch tape.  Mouser  has lent his talents to albums by Weezer, Dream Theater, Transatlantic, and many others.  "In making the album we always tried to keep the sounds raw and organic, recording to analog tape and using natural room reverb for the drums. We rode the line between classic and modern"  - Rich Mouser
Radio personality and host of  VH-1 Classic’s “That Metal Show”, Eddie Trunk had this to say about Farmikos "I always get asked about new bands I like, The music Farmikos is making is amazing! Can't wait for a full CD." 
Farmikos are currently seeking bassist and drummer to round out the band.
01.  Scapegoat
02.  Am I One
03.  Kings Of Dust
04.  The Spoon And Sun
05.  Fragile
06.  The Sound Of My Gun
07.  Ascension
08.  I Was Them
09.  Exit Stencils
10.  Facing East
Joe Holmes - Guitars
Robbie Locke - Vocals
Co-Produced by Joe Holmes and Rich Mouser
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rich Mouser at The Mouse House in Los Angeles, California
Official FARMIKOS website:
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VAN HALEN - No New Album, But You Can Have...

Friday, November 21, 2014
I know I said I was done, but for what it's worth, here's a summary and update of recent VAN HALEN rumor drama. 
A good source of mine knows that Eddie & Alex are in final mixing stages of secret project. 
We both assume it's a new album. 
Upon that news being shot down (by another close friend and the VHND), further digging suggested it was in fact a live DVD. 
That is also shot down very swiftly. 
But further clarification was sought from the CIA and FBI and I now have news that I believe to be more plausible after update 1 & 2 were dismissed. 
If this is accurate - then rumor 1&2 weren't far off the mark. What the upcoming release is in fact a live release - but not a DVD, just an audio only CD release. What Dave era I don't know, but my source suggested it was archival. 
Take it or leave it...but I just felt this story was unfinished business for me. 
If this is accurate we will know I was on track originally. If not, I'll scratch the source for any future info. 
Time will tell if this info stands the test of time :)

In an arrogant, rude and dismissive post at the VHForums.com, the owner of the VHND (the only site seemingly allowed to report or mention Van Halen info), has again shot down the latest news that Van Halen were in fact working on a live DVD.

Apparently not.

So, they have spent 18 months on a top secret, locked down military project that is neither a new studio album, nor a live DVD.

This is despite the uncontested fact Van Halen brothers have been in mix-down in recent weeks.

He stated “All of this is absolute nuts. You all should know he's been wrong about everything before ADKOT was released, and soon enough you will see that he is wrong on everything he said this year.”

So….with that said…I’m done. You can go to the band’s official site www.-van-halen.com (last updated 18 months ago) or the band’s Facebook page (last updated over 12 months ago).

This has to be the most un-fan friendly band on the planet. They have no grasp of keeping the fan base informed, interacting with anyone on the essential and simple to use social media outlets or anywhere else for that matter.

No wonder fans are left hanging on to nothing but speculation.

Whatever this CIA project is, it was being mixed in recent weeks, so it will be announced whenever they are ready.

Apologies for the apparently misleading news.



VAN HALEN has been keeping a “secret’ project under wraps all year, with fans left to speculate just what that might be.
A couple of weeks back I heard that mixing of this project was well underway in a LA studio with a big name mix specialist.  I automatically assumed it was a new studio album or tracks left over from the A Different Kind Of Truth sessions finally coming to fruition.
But sadly it is not.
Here’s a couple of points I heard back following that report, from my two best, long time sources.
- “There are no plans whatsoever to record a new album.”
- “There is no indication that DLR has even been in real contact with the brothers let alone done any recording on "new" songs.”
So just what exactly has Eddie & Alex Van Halen been working on?
Work that I’m told will wrap up this week.
Folks… without any confirmation from the band or anyone official (they never talk…), to the best of my knowledge, it looks like the secret project is an archival Live DVD.
Signs are pointing towards it being a 2008 Madison Square Garden show that was filmed on the night.
Stay tuned…

SAMMY HAGAR Talks To RollingStone About Van Halen, Chickenfoot & Circle

Friday, October 31, 2014
SAMMY HAGAR has given an new interview to RollingStone, who posted the interview overnight.
The star vocalist touches on his new live band line-up, dubbed “Circle” as well as Chickenfoot and Van Halen.
Highlights include:
His new live lineup Circle: “As far as I'm concerned, that's my new house band. It's me, Jason Bonham, Michael Anthony and Vic Johnson. We call ourselves the Circle because this band has kinda taken me full circle in my career. I can play from every era, from Montrose to Van Halen to solo, Chickenfoot and some Led Zeppelin. In Chickenfoot, we didn't play songs by the Chili Peppers or Van Halen, but the Circle plays my whole world and everyone else's world that's in the band. It's been really special so far.”
New music with Chickenfoot: “Joe [Satriani] is my favorite writer to work with since Eddie [Van Halen.] I'd rather write a record with him than anyone else, but I don't see any reason to make a new record. Going through the whole experience with a record label, and then going out and doing 150 interviews, a big tour and waking up at 4:00 a.m. to go on Howard Stern all to sell 35,000 CDs…It starts to feel like, "Hmmmm. Is this pay for play?"
I mean, I love making music. But doing it on Chickenfoot's level means spending a half million on a record. We write and record for six months. It's a lot of work, and then to not sell many records. It's disappointing. I don't like being disappointed. I like winning.”
Van Halen: “I would play with anybody that loves me and that I love. That would include Van Halen, but the love's not there right now. I do love those guys. We really bumped heads on the last tour [in 2004.] Anyone that saw that last tour or read my book knows that I'm not gonna take any blame 'cause there's no blame to give me. I went out and did my job probably better than anyone else in that band. Anyone that saw the show, I think, would agree with me.
That tour was just a mess and I would never go into a mess like that again. I'm too happy as a human being to be that miserable ever again. I was miserable for the last 40 shows. The first 40 shows I was thinking, "Well, maybe Eddie will straighten out" or "Maybe this can come together." But that didn't happen, and by the last 40 I was miserable. I would, however, be in the original band that we started. That was a love fest full of creativity.”
The 2004 Van Halen Reunion: “I made it through a reunion tour that was just about the most dysfunctional thing I've ever done in my adult life, times 10. But I made it through. There's something funny about a concert. They can work for dysfunctional bands. You can get into a fistfight backstage. You can get into a fistfight the night before. You can be trashed, lying on the ground, feeling like you're dying. But when you drag your ass on the stage and 15,000 people are screaming with their hands in the air, you get revitalized. Then you look at the guy next to you, the guy whose neck you want to break, and you think, "This is good. I can tolerate this." When the show is over, you go back to fighting. And then there's the money. But, look, a lot of bands are in that situation.”

One on One with Mitch Lafon - STEVE HUNTER

Friday, October 17, 2014

In episode 59 of One On One with Mitch Lafon, Mitch is joined by one-time LOU REED, ALICE COOPER and DAVID LEE ROTH guitarist, STEVE HUNTER. Talking Metal's Mark Strigl co-hosts.

Listen to the One On One With Mitch Lafon Podcast on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spreaker, TuneIn and Stitcher.

In this episode's only interview, we speak with guitarist Steve Hunter about his new live CD & DVD called, Tone Poems Live. We reminisce about his days with Alice Cooper, pay tribute to guitar legend DICK WAGNER and talk about his playing with AEROSMITH, PETER GABRIEL and DAVID LEE ROTH. We also talk about his continued friendship with guitar great, Jason Becker.

For more Steve Hunter: http://www.stevehunter.com

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VAN HALEN Rumored Documentary "Unlikely"

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Word spread last week of rumoured secret Van Halen project tied to their new studio album (currently in the works, but with no firm release or completion timeframe).

The rumor alluded to the band preparing a documentary film of the process behind regrouping to record the last record A Different Kind Of Truth and the subsequent tour.

I reached out to my usual Van Halen sources to see if this rumor held any merit and as of right now, the only thing I have uncovered is that such a project is highly unlikely,

According to my long-time trusted source, there was "very little video, if any, shot during the making of the album."

On tour the first leg had "little to no video footage shot", but on the second leg, vocalist David Lee Roth privately had "a guy out on the road shooting lots of video footage."

As a footnote, as we all know, David Lee Roth has been living in Japan for a number of years now and has apparently been getting extensive tattoo work done "on his back and his chest and arms", choosing Japanese masters to do it - nearing close to 200 hours of ink work so far!

One On One With Mitch Lafon - JOHN 5

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
In episode 31 of One On One with Mitch Lafon. Mitch is joined by co-host Russ Dwarf (KILLER DWARFS) and Mark Strigl. This episode features an interview with John 5 of Rob Zombie's band who discusses his new album 'Careful With That Axe', working with Rob Zombie, Paul Stanley, David Lee Roth and K.D. Lang, his criticism of the '2wo ' Voyeurs' album (featuring Judas Priest's Rob Halford and himself) as well as the album he's made (in the past year) with David Lee Roth (of Van Halen) that remains unreleased.
The second half of this episode features an interview with rising Canadian star Jeremy Widerman of the bandMONSTER TRUCK. Jeremy talks about the band's new album 'Furiosity', making it in today's marketplace, playing the Heavy Montreal Festival and more. Also, listen for Jeremy's 'secret sentence' for your chance to win a pair of tickets to 2014's HEAVY MONTREAL FESTIVAL.


Double Stop Podcast - RAY LUZIER (David Lee Roth, KXM)

Monday, July 14, 2014
The latest update from The Double Stop Podcast:

"This week Ray Luzier takes us through his career and tells us about how landed the drum gig in KoRn, goes in detail about how it was being in the David Lee Roth band for 8 years (clue - he quit 4 times), his new band KXM, and how an "average" student got asked to teach at the Musicians Institute. Plus loads of advice from Ray for aspiring musicians."

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