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IN THE STUDIO Celebrates 35th Anniversary of DAVID BOWIE's 'Let's Dance'

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Dallas, TX - April 26, 2018.  North American syndicated Rock radio show and website IN THE STUDIO with Redbeard: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands "puts on its red shoes and dances the blues" this week to celebrate the 35th anniversary of David Bowie's Let's Dance album.
Far from David Bowie’s first “comeback”, thirty years ago he emerged from a protracted period of self-imposed exile in Berlin where he had virtually singlehandedly co-opted the best elements of Kraut Rock (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Can, Amon Duul) into a series of critically lauded if not best-selling albums Low, Lodger, Heroes and Scary Monsters, whose influence can now be seen in full bloom in today’s wildly popular Electronica movement. When Bowie’s Let’s Dance emerged in Spring 1983 with songs “Modern Love”, “China Girl”, “Cat People” (with young unheralded Texas blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan), Metro’s “Critical World”, and the seven minute title strut, it put David back in heavy rotation on North American rock radio where he had been MIA since his previous “comeback” to rock, 1976's #1 seller >Station to Station. This week IN THE STUDIO program host Redbeard shares some of his conversations over the decades with Bowie, who made startling predictions about the internet and who explained the difference between rock music as change agent versus popular music.
“It’s very important for an art form to be the way that only a certain group of people think. That’s when it’s still an incendiary device. But then when it just becomes the way that we ALL think, it’s popular music. We all love popular music. Access to it is so easy. It’s everywhere.”  - David Bowie

DAVID BOWIE Let's Dance @35 / IN THE STUDIO with Redbeard interview is available now to STREAM at: www.inthestudio.net/redbeards-blog/david-bowie-lets-dance-35th-anniversary/

Rock Legend DAVID BOWIE Remembered 'In The Studio' Speical

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rock Legend David Bowie Remembered In Candid Interviews With Syndicated Radio Host Redbeard

'Nothing in our lives lasts. Nothing manifest lasts, except our spirit.' - David Bowie 

Dallas, TX -  January 12, 2016.  Veteran rock journalist and InTheStudio syndicated radio host Redbeard shares candid interviews with music, film, art, and fashion great David Bowie, who died Sunday after an eighteen month battle with cancer.

In celebration of Bowie's recently released box set Five Years (1969 -1973), InTheStudio syndicated radio host Redbeard revisited interviews he conducted with Bowie about that highly prolific period in his career, spanning from Space Oddity to the invention of the cosmic character Ziggy Stardust.  These interviews can now be streamed on the InTheStudio syndicated radio show website at the links below:

DAVID BOWIE Interviews
Part One 
Part Two

'Bowie changed the trajectory of rock music, fashion, and gender social issues in thirty-eight minutes with Ziggy Stardust,' cites Redbeard. 'David Bowie is one of my most memorable interview subjects. 'Art with a capital 'A' ' is how Bowie described to me the expression of certain universal truths to one another. But even before he got sick, David seemed to realize fully that when the unique spirit within us all is set free to return to the ultimate Creator, there will be no need whatsoever of any kind of artistic expression, because art in Eternity will be replaced with Truth... with a capital 'T'.'

David Bowie in his own words from interviews conducted by Redbeard for InTheStudio:

'When I was nine or ten I was given books on Jack Kerouac, ( Lawrence) Ferlinghetti, (Alan) Ginsberg, (Gregory) Corso and all that whole Beat crowd, and they sort of became early Bibles to me'Initially I thought I was going to be a painter, but I realized there was absolutely no money in that. So for work I became a graphic artist'I enjoyed  theatrical music. I enjoyed the idea of interpreting things on stage and creating an otherness of some kind.'

'I think the person I was listening to out of America as much as Little Richard, at that time, would have been Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. This is really cool (Velvet Underground). I want to sound like this, but English.'

'Hunky Dory probably, for me, was the first recognition that I had this ability to write stories that people found interesting. There were no real characters on Hunky Dory, but the idea of developing little story songs,  as opposed to just mood pieces, it obviously was quite strong in me, and I think it gave me the motivation to propel myself towards something more cohesive as an album.'

'I had this terror, in my mind, that I was going to be trapped with Ziggy & the Spiders.'

'I think the Seventies showed conclusively that we live on a thread of rationality, that in fact the cosmos is far more complex than we realize.'

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