TOM KEIFER Deluxe Edition Of Debut Album, ‘The Way Life Goes,’ Out October 20

Friday, October 20, 2017
TOM KEIFER once sang, "You're only going once around the ride." 
He's proving that theory wrong with the highly anticipated release of THE WAY LIFE GOES - DELUXE EDITION, an expanded compilation of his critically acclaimed solo debut album, THE WAY LIFE GOES, chock full of bonus content and special artwork.
THE WAY LIFE GOES - DELUXE EDITION is finally set for release October 20 on Cleopatra Records. Pre-orders are now available on Amazon and on Cleopatra’s website. The package will include the original album that has been remastered by Richard Dodd (Kings of Leon, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum). It also has two brand new studio tracks recorded in Nashville by three-time Grammy® Award-winner Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton) with KEIFER and his bandmates (#keiferband: Tony Higbee, Billy Mercer, Paul Simmons, Paul Taylor, Savannah Keifer, and Kendra Chantelle). Fans will finally get to hear the long-awaited studio recording of The Beatles’ “With A Little Help From My Friends,” which KEIFER performs at all of his concerts, plus a powerful new take on the Cinderella classic “Nobody’s Fool,” newly recorded as a duet with Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.
"The reason that I picked up

guitar, the reason that I sing the way I do, was all because of that guy,” said Hale of KEIFER’s influence on her at a young age. The two first performed “Nobody’s Fool” live together in Atlantic City, NJ in September 2013.

"I remember the first time seeing Lzzy perform live at the House of Blues show in Atlantic City and being absolutely floored by the power of her voice and performance,” KEIFER continues. “She's an amazing artist and has been a great inspiration to me as well."
There will also be a bonus DVD with music videos, tour clips, and “The Way Life’s Goin,’” a 30-minute documentary produced by Tammy Vega (KEIFER’s longtime official photographer) about the creation of the bonus tracks, exclusive interviews with the band filmed during the new recording sessions, and live footage.
THE WAY LIFE GOES - DELUXE EDITION will be wrapped in an all new six-panel digipak designed by artist David Calcano (creator of the Fantoons comic strip series) with 20 pages of one-of-a-kind unique illustrations depicting each song.
As KEIFER explains, "Everything from the new artwork, documentary, videos and bonus tracks contained in the DELUXE EDITION is a sum of all the amazingly talented people who came into our world as a result of the initial release. The two bonus tracks were specifically chosen and recorded as we felt them both to be special collaborations that came about while touring for THE WAY LIFE GOES.”
New band members Jarred Pope (drums) and Kory Myers (keyboards/vocals) join the #keiferband lineup in 2017. Writing has begun for a follow-up to THE WAY LIFE GOES with recording slated for Fall 2018.
Upon its initial release, THE WAY LIFE GOES garnered rave reviews. To wit:
“A collection of 14 blues howlers, Stones-y rock and, yes, big ballads, the album calls to mind Cinderella but with an even more rootsy undercurrent.”
--Joseph Hudak, Rolling Stone
“…14 songs that stay true to form – killer blues-rock playing and tones, hooks galore, and strong songwriting. If you’re a fan of harder-edged rock and long to hear genuinely enjoyable new tunes, it may be just the thing; the opener, ‘Solid Ground,’ offers pure Keifer guitar and vocals with a feel reminiscent the Stones’ Exile On Main Street while the remaining tracks are, much like his life the last 15 years, an up-and-down ride.”
--Ward Meeker, Vintage Guitar
“...the record features such vital, vibrant guitar tones and parts that are immediate and honest.  They also have that cool, interlocking, layered quality that made so many classic rock albums so, well, classic.  Keifer flat-out knows how to play vibey guitar parts with ungodly tone, and fans of the Stones, Zeppelin, Steve Marriott, and early Aerosmith should definitely take notice.  And, although you wouldn’t wish hemorrhaging vocal cords on anyone, this guy is singing better than ever to complement his great 6-string parts.”     
--Matt Blackett, Guitar Player
THE WAY LIFE GOES marks the first release of any kind by Keifer since Cinderella’s last record, 1994’s STILL CLIMBING. In many ways, it picks up right where the band left off. The first single, ‘The Flower Song,’ echoes ‘Maggie May,’ the familiar grit in Keifer’s voice approximating Faces-era Rod Stewart; but for the most part the album replicates the blend of pounding hard rock, soaring ballads and blues and country tinges that characterized Cinderella’s sound beginning with LONG COLD WINTER.”
--Shaun Brady, Philadelphia City Paper,
“’The Flower Song,’ his premiere solo offering, smacks of the Black Crowes/the Faces.”
--Katherine Turman, Village Voice (NY)
Here’s the complete track listing for THE WAY LIFE GOES - DELUXE EDITION:
1. Solid Ground
2. A Different Light
3. It’s Not Enough
4. Cold Day In Hell
5. Thick and Thin
6. Ask Me Yesterday
7. Fool’s Paradise
8. The Flower Song
9. Mood Elevator
10. Welcome To My Mind
11. You Showed Me
12. Ain’t That A Bitch
13. The Way Life Goes
14. Babylon
15. Nobody’s Fool feat. Lzzy Hale
16. With A Little Help From My Friends
17. Nobody’s Fool (Piano Version)
Chapter 1) The Way Life’s Goin' (Documentary)
Chapter 2) Solid Ground (Music video)
Chapter 3) The Flower Song (Music video)
Chapter 4) It's Not Enough (Music video)
Chapter 5) It's Not Enough (Lyric video)
Chapter 6) Album Promo
Chapter 7) Cathouse Live
Chapter 8) Count Vamp'd Las Vegas
Chapter 9) Farm Rock Chicago
Check out TOM KEIFER at any of the following tour stops:
DATE               CITY                                         VENUE
Sat 9/23            Hopewell, VA                            Beacon Theatre
Sun 9/24           Big Flats, NY                            Tag’s Summerstage
Thu 10/5            Irving, TX                                  The Pavilion at Irving Music Factory
Fri 10/6             Lexington, KY                           Manchester Music Hall
Wed 10/11        New York, NY                           B.B. King Blues Club & Grill
Thu 10/12          Derry, NH                                  Tupelo Music Hall
Fri 10/13           Chester, PA                              The Block at Harrah’s Casino
Sat 10/14          Warrendale, PA                         Jergel’s Rhythm Grille
Fri 10/20           Little Rock, AR                          Arkansas State Fair
Sat 10/28          Denver, CO                               Fillmore Auditorium
Fri 11/3             Galveston, TX                           Lone Star Rally at Saengerfest Park
Sat 11/4            San Antonio, TX                        The Rock Box
Thu 11/9            Pasadena, CA                           The Rose
Fri 11/10           Santa Clarita, CA                       The Canyon
Sat 11/11          Big Bear Lake, CA                     The Cave
Sun 11/12         San Juan Capistrano, CA           The Coach House
Thu 12/7            Joliet, IL                                    The Forge
Fri 12/8             Dubuque, IA                              Q Casino

The GuitarCast - BERNIE TORME

Release Year: 
Legendary Irish guitarist Bernie Torme called into The GuitCast podcast to talk about his new album 'Blackheart', the current state of the music industry and just what happened to that 'Desperado' project with Twisted Sister's Dee Snider.

Torme, who's early career included stints with Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Ozzy Osbourne and Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), is assisted on 'Blackheart' by fellow musicians Chris Powell (Shark Island) on bass, Ian Harris on drums. Recorded in his home studio, the new album embraces the digital age of recording yet Torme cautions against paying too much attention to whats on the computer screen saying: "The prob the past you could only hear things...visualization on screen has been incredibly problematic because people tend to lock in on problems that really have been on every record forever and no ones noticed."

Exploring new business models, Torme utilized campaigns to finance his last two albums. Torme states: "I thought initially it was a stop-gap but doesn't seem the business is in any way shape or form sorting itself out". While some established artists like Torme have found success using this method, he urges caution to those who might think it a cure all for the struggling music industry saying: "It's a new model that's been great for me. I would think it would be hard for a completely unknown".

Speaking on the excess of his 'Desperado' project with Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider, he recalls: "So, we recorded it, everyone is thinking 'great album'. A couple of tracks were played to the [at that time] CEO of Electra who said 'yeah, this is great"...a week later later he said "drop it". He continues: "That was at the height of the 80's, at that time every album had to cost an absolutely enormous amount of dollars or it wasn't a 'proper album'..."I think that album cost $400k or $450k." As to the work going into the album he states:  "I think at the end we had about 85 songs, it was insane." 'Desperado' was ultimately released after an 8 year delay.

Concluding his record label experience he sums up with: "I've said it before & ill say it again, those people deserved Napster!"

For the full interview visit The GuitCast is a weekly podcast bringing you the latest news & gear reviews related to the guitar world along with interviews with the biggest names in guitar.

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The GuitarCast - TOM KEIFER

Release Year: 
Guitarist and singer Tom Keifer of Cinderella fame sat down with Shawn and Corbs from The GuitCast to talk about his latest album; The Way Life Goes.  In this, all cards on the table interview, we get an all access, backstage pass to Tom's writing process, country influences, experience with producers and session musicians, personal views on Spotify, and his vintage gear arsenal.

Tom Keifer speaks openly with The GuitCast about 'The Way Life Goes'.  When asked about the writing process, his reply spoke volumes; “I always try to draw on new inspirations and those things can come to you at anytime.  Usually it’s when you are not trying, a lot of times it’s when you are traveling.  Long drives can spark ideas, a lot of times on planes; for some reason that feeling of movement can open up a hypnotic state and you start to get ideas.  That’s usually how a song starts for me.”  Tom goes on to speak about his filtration process and how he doesn’t really even start to take notes or work on an idea until it has stuck with him for a time.  “If that initial spark or idea goes away then I just figure it wasn’t interesting or memorable”. 

The no rush, let it happen, spirit proves to be a winning formula for a successful album.  Even if it was 10 years in the making, the best things in life are well worth the wait.  Be sure to check out the whole interview on The GuitCast to get the full scoop on this great record, a bit of Tom’s gear, and more things Tom Keifer. 

Episode 25


One On One With Mitch Lafon - TOM KEIFER

Release Year: 
In episode 114 of One On One With Mitch Lafon, Mitch is joined by The Voice of the Rock, Cinderella's TOM KEIFER.

Tom sits down with Mitch to discuss his latest album The Way Life Goes, touring and working on new material, the future (if any) of CINDERELLA, the failed SONY Cinderella album deal, using songs demoed with Cinderella on his The Way Life Goes album, Cinderella's use of various drummers including Cozy Powell, Kevin Valentine (who also ghosted on KISS' Psycho Circus album) and Kenny Aronoff, working with producer Andy Johns, Cinderella's Still Climbing album and much more.

On making The Way Life Goes: "Started working on this record unbeknownst to me that it was a record. The attitude was really let's just make some music. Fuck the lawyers. Fuck the labels. Let's just go record some shit."

This episode is co-hosted by FIREHOUSE guitarist, Bill Leverty.

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TWITTER: @TomKeiferMusic

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Double Stop Podcast - JEFF LaBAR

Monday, March 23, 2015
This week on The Double Stop is Jeff LaBar:

"Jeff LaBar (Cinderella) tells us about his early days and early bands. He explains how he got the gig in Cinderella, and the recording of Night Songs, Long Cold Winter, Heartbreak Station – and how the changing musical climate affected Still Climbing. He also discusses Tom Keifer’s vocal problems and their failed recording contract with Sony in the late 90’s. He also talks about his new solo EP One For The Road, and the recording process for it. He also shares that he’s heading back into the studio to record the follow-up for Rat Pak Records."


One on One with Mitch Lafon - KIX, CINDERELLA & TWISTED SISTER

Monday, August 4, 2014

In episode 34 of One On One with Mitch Lafon. Mitch is joined by co-hosts Russ Dwarf (KILLER DWARFS) and Mark Strigl Of Talking Metal. This episode features interviews with Twisted Sister's JAY JAY FRENCH, Cinderella's JEFF LABAR and KIX's Mark Schenker.

In our first interview Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French discusses the band's upcoming performance at Heavy Montreal, the band's touring schedule and philosophy, releasing new music, The Pinkburst Project: benefiting the Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation, and much more.

Our second interview is with '80s guitar God, Jeff LaBar from Cinderella. Jeff talks to Mitch about his new One For The Road album, talking on lead vocalist duties, working with drummer Cozy Powell and producer Andy Johns on Cinderella's Long Cold Winter album, the future of Cinderella and more.

We close out the episode with a great chat with KIX bassist, Mark Schenker. Mark discusses working and touring with KIX, their new album Rock Your Face Off, making new music and much more.

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One on One with Mitch Lafon - SKID ROW & CINDERELLA

Monday, July 28, 2014

In episode 32 of One On One with Mitch Lafon. Mitch is joined by co-host Russ Dwarf (KILLER DWARFS). This episode features interviews with SKID ROW's Rachel Bolan, Cinderella's Eric Brittingham and Franz of Grim Skunk. Rachel discusses the band's new album "Rise Of The Damnation Army - United World Rebellion Chapter Two", dressing up like Lady Gaga, whether or not the band likes money, the incredible Johnny Solinger and more. In his interview, Eric talks about his new band, Devil City Angels, which also includes Poison's Rikki Rockett, Tracii Guns and singer Brandon Gibbs as well as writing music for the band's debut album, touring plans, what's next for Cinderella and more. Grim Skunk's Franz talks about the band's INDICA label, their history and playing at HEAVY MONTREAL.

Also, listen back to our interview with rising Canadian star Jeremy Widerman of the band MONSTER TRUCK in episode 31 for your chance to win a pair of tickets to 2014's HEAVY MONTREAL FESTIVAL.

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This Episode of One On One With Mitch Lafon is brought to you by the Heavy Montreal Festival taking place August 9th and 10th at Parc Jean Drapeau in beautiful downtown Montreal (Quebec) Canada and this year Features performances by Metallica, Slayer, The Offspring, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Twisted Sister, Exodus and many more!

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