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BON JOVI Prepares 'Burning Bridges' Release To Close Out Sambora Era

Friday, August 21, 2015
Ok, so here’s the Billboard BON JOVI article – so far the only official source of news for this newly announced Burning Bridges release.

Bon Jovi is releasing a special fan album leading up to its overseas fall tour, Billboard has learned.
The band is releasing two new tracks not even one month before the Aug. 21 release of their new album, Burning Bridges.
A spokesperson for Bon Jovi tells Billboard: “Burning Bridges, which will be released August 21st, is an album for fans and will accompany an upcoming international tour. The band is hard at work on their next album, which will see a full-scale release in 2016.”
The first track -- “We Don’t Run” -- is written by Jon Bon Jovi and Grammy-winning producer John Shanks. An anthem in the Bon Jovi tradition, the tune features meaty production and a shredding guitar solo by Shanks. Shanks has a long history with the band, having produced What About Now, The Circle, Lost Highway and Have a Nice Day.
The song leads off with a driving  drum beat and a chain-gang chorus before Bon Jovi gets down to business with a gritty vocal throwing down the gauntlet as he sings, “Not afraid of burning bridges/ 'Cause I know they’re gonna light my way/ Like a phoenix from the ashes/ Welcome to the future, it’s a new day!”
The second -- "Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning" -- is a happier, more romantic, bright pop song with a hooky chorus featuring the lyrics “Saturday night gave me Sunday morning/ Opened my eyes and it’s a new day dawning/ Think I might have pushed my luck a time or two/ Everything about us is what gets me through.” It's classic Bon Jovi and sure to inspire a big sing-along on the road.
Credited to Jon Bon Jovi, John Shanks and former guitarist Richie Sambora, the song -- released internationally on July 16 -- was written previous to Sambora’s departure from the group.
While the band's live dates kick off overseas on Sept. 11, fans can catch keyboardist David Bryan in a solo headlining spot Aug. 29 at the  Rock the Farm event at Regan's Hollow Farm in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

So what’s behind this album?
What I’m hearing is conflicting information. I’m told it is an album of unreleased studio tracks from the last 2 albums. That part seems confirmed.
But that would therefore suggest that Richie Sambora will be part of the performances on the album. But one source suggests that Richie’s parts might have been taken out and replaced, as he would have to grant permission for his parts to be used. Whether that has occurred is unknown (but unlikely given the animosity between Sambora and band boss Jon Bon Jovi).
Only the two tracks mentioned in the Billboard article are brand new.
The album’s title is a not so subtle dig at line-up changes within the band, but is it Jon suggesting Richie has burned bridges by leaving the band, or is it Jon declaring that this album represents the last of the Samboa era and it is therefore he who is burning that bridge and moving on?
Bon Jovi are heading to Asia for a short tour starting September 11.
Meanwhile, check out the new single from Nickelback Bon Jovi:
Stay tuned for more details.


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