VAN HALEN Rumored Documentary "Unlikely"

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Word spread last week of rumoured secret Van Halen project tied to their new studio album (currently in the works, but with no firm release or completion timeframe).

The rumor alluded to the band preparing a documentary film of the process behind regrouping to record the last record A Different Kind Of Truth and the subsequent tour.

I reached out to my usual Van Halen sources to see if this rumor held any merit and as of right now, the only thing I have uncovered is that such a project is highly unlikely,

According to my long-time trusted source, there was "very little video, if any, shot during the making of the album."

On tour the first leg had "little to no video footage shot", but on the second leg, vocalist David Lee Roth privately had "a guy out on the road shooting lots of video footage."

As a footnote, as we all know, David Lee Roth has been living in Japan for a number of years now and has apparently been getting extensive tattoo work done "on his back and his chest and arms", choosing Japanese masters to do it - nearing close to 200 hours of ink work so far!
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