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Trail Of Murder Shades Of Art Metal Heaven / MHV00096

Track Listing
· Shades Of Art
· Carnivore
· Lady Don't Answer
· Mab
· I Know Shadows
· Your Silence
· Higher
· The Song You Never Sang
· Nightmares I Stole
· Child Of Darkest Night
· Some Stand Alone
· My Heart Still Cries

Album Details
· Produced By: Trail Of Murder
· Running Time:
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released:
· Genre: Melodic Metal
· LabelLink: AOR / Metal Heaven
· ArtistLink:
Artist Bio
Bollnäs – this small town in Sweden is well known for its great Heavy Metal bands. Two of them, MORGANA LEFAY and TAD MOROSE, became famous all over the world have gained lots of followers.
After singer Urban breed parted ways with TAD MOROSE he and his former band mate Daniel Olsson decided to start a new band. MORGANA LEFAY drummer Pelle Åkerlind, who already worked with Urban breed in BLOODBOUND, was soon added to the line-up and as a three piece they started to write and produce songs for their debut album.

Since they had a singer, a guitarist, a drummer and they all could play bass they didn't involve any more members while they've been working on their debut album "Shades of Art". The songs pretty much wrote themselves, and in the fall of 2011 they entered The Black Lounge to mix the album with Jonas Kjellgren (Sonic Syndicate, Scar Symmetry).

Once the record was finished TRAIL OF MURDER started to look for another guitarist and a bass player. They first hooked up with Hasse Eismar (guitar), with whom Pelle had played in the past. Rehearsals commenced and when Hasse posted a teaser clip on his Facebook page, Johan Bergquist, a guy Hasse had done some gigs with before commented, "Get rid of the bass player—I want in!" Everyone decided to give him a try. Halfway through the first song, it was obvious they'd found their guy.

Now complete, TRAIL OF MURDER are ready to get out there and kick some serious ass!