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Talon Live In Chicago DVD + Audio Indie

Track Listing
Cryin' To Me
Always Be My Baby
What About Me
Baby Jane
When Will I
Last Time
Mother Mary May I
Live Free or Die

Album Details
Produced By: Talon
Running Time:
Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
Artist Bio

Melodic Hard Rock torch-bearers Talon have just released the video document of their high-energy set from Melodic Rock Fest 2, which includes every key Talon track from their 3 studio albums. They were recently captured live at the end of their "Fallen Angels" tour and the concert includes live versions of their greatest hits, plus 4 new tracks recently released on their highly-praised Talon - III Escape Music CD Release.

To document this amazing show, Vision 4 Films (Bret Michaels, Megadeth) were chosen to film the event in High Definition using 7 Pro HD Panasonic AVCHD cameras. Produced and edited by John Parker, the video release captures the band having a great time in Chicago and showcases the muscle and melody the band display live.

This special edition video also includes several bonus features Talon appearances and behind-the-scenes fun at the 2009 and 2010 Dakota Rock Fests, Talon in-studio tracking for the III CD Release, a Melodic Rock Fest Slideshow and a Dakota Rock Fest's Slideshow. And as a bonus all pre-orders and 1st-run orders will receive a companion 'Live CD' of the Chicago set!

Both the Blu-Ray and DVD includes the following songs: 1 Cryin' To Me, 2 Always Be My Baby, 3 What About Me, 4 Paradise, 5 Baby Jane, 6 Sacrifice, 7 When Will I, 8 Last Time, 9 Mother Mary May I, 10 Live Free or Die, 11 Jane.

Both versions are NTSC and Region-Free for worldwide viewing. The Blu-Ray concert w/bonus CD and the DVD concert w/bonus CD are now available and include U.S. 1st Class Shipping. There are also buy tabs for International shipping (adds $4).

To order, go to the Talon Official Facebook Page and click on the "Talon Store" tab!

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