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Snakeryder Back For The Kill Z Records

Track Listing
Wake Up The Nation
Hard Life
Break Out
Sweet Desire
Back For The Kill
Can't Stop The Insanity
Love Steals
You Never Knew Me
Shot Gun
Money On Her Mind

Album Details
Produced By: Snakeryder
Running Time: 42.57
Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
LabelLink: Z Records
Artist Bio
Snakeryder is a group of musicians who have been veterans on the local New Jersey club scene for a number of years. Formed in Jan, 2002, by Song Writer, Lead Vocalist & Lead Guitarist, AJ FedZ. AJ had been writing songs reminiscent of the 80ís long after the 80ís were gone. Building his own studio, brick by brick, he recorded and demoed many songs by the year 2000. By this time, AJís personal catalogue of songs were in the hundreds. AJ soon discovered the Melodic Rock Scene! AJ being a determine individual, set forth his goal to land a deal with one of the AOR labels. Submitting demos to every quality label, AJ had offers from 3 Record companys. After speaking to executives from all 3 record companies, Metal Mayhem seemed to be the best Choice! The label seemed like they catered more towards the style of music AJ wrote and the staff at MMM seemed to be very genuine.

It was time to put together the band!

AJ thought of the best possible candidates, made a few phone calls and Snakeryder within one week was hatched from their egg! The first call was made to long time friend and X-band mate , Drummer Dino Castano. Dino has worked with Vick Lecar and many New York Bands in his day. The second call was made to Guitarist Karl K. Karltson. AJ had also worked with Karl in prior bands. Karl In the 80ís had played in a popular LA club band Called Tokyo Rose, then relocated to Germany to play with a signed act. The third call was made to another long time friend of AJís, Bassist Joey Reno. In the 80ís Joey had played with Grudge recording artist Metal Wolf, he also played with Robert Hazard. Robert is the song writer {girls just wanna have fun} Recorded by Cyndi Lauper.

Now that all the essential elements were in its proper place, it was time to put the band in a room together and crank it up!

Before they even struck a note, there was strong personal chemistry and admiration for one another. They then set up, tuned up, and AJ said, what song do you guyís want to do first? Love It Bites seemed to be unanimous. From the moment they kicked into the song, it was like magic. The power & chemistry was incredible! At the end of the rehearsal, there was a euphoria, that lasted for days. It was time to pick the material for D.O.A. They had a very hard time picking the songs themselves. Being to close to the material, they let MMM pick all of the songs for the Record. End of Story! They then began pre-production in AJís studio. After submitting the production tapes to the Record company, Ryan at MMM said "you guys are ready to do this Record"!

The band chose to record the Record at a local recording studio called Fair Bank Studios in Blackwood NJ. The engineer had years of experience and a long list of Bands under his belt. They were extremely happy with the work he had done with other band's and their music! There was no doubt in their minds, this was the studio for Snakeryder! They entered the studio on Tue. April 2, 2002. The recording and mixing was completed on Wed. Dec 11 2002. Mastering was done in January 2003 and scheduled for a March release. Due to the war and slow economic times, they all felt the Snakeryder Record should not be released until timing was right! The bands self titled debut was then release by Z Records during September 2004.

2006 and the bands eagerly awaited follow up "Back For The Kill" is released during late November 2006 to critical acclaim via Z Records.