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Blue Tears Mad Bad & Dangerous (Volume 1 of the Classic Unreleased Tracks) Suncity Records

Track Listing
· Long Way Home
· Girl Crazy
· With You Tonight
· Mystery Man
· Rock You To Heaven
· Evidence Of Love
· Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know
· Misty Blue
· Kisses In The Dark
· Everywhere I Go
· Midnight Train
· Follow Your Heart
· Russia Tonight
· Love Machine
· The Last Serenade
· Live It Up

Album Details
· Produced By: Gregg Fulkerson
· Running Time: 72.52
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released:
· Genre: Melodic Rock
· LabelLink: Suncity Records
· ArtistLink:
Artist Bio

The Band:
Gregg Fulkerson – Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Mike Spears – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Charlie Lauderdale – Drums
Brian Hall – Guitar, Vocals

From a humble beginning, Blue Tears was spawned from an idea a couple of kids had way back when they were 10. Two young lads dreamt of being rock stars. Mike Spears and Gregg Fulkerson grew up going through school and college together. From a very small town out of Tennessee which inspired the song “Small Town Dreams” is where these guys used to escape in there cars and sit on their hoods and dream together about being big rock stars and travelling the world.

It was in 1989 where Gregg and Mike landed their breakthrough record deal with record label giant, MCA Records. This had the band touring right throughout America and Canada as well as getting airplay on MTV with their first video entitled “Rockin' With The Radio”. Blue Tears were creating quite a stir in the hard rock circles in the early 90's and had recorded songs for a second album, which never eventuated. Blue Tears were dropped from MCA records just like almost every other hard rock band of that era due to the grunge movement. So these 16 songs were being considered for the second album as well as another 16 tracks which will be on the next Blue Tears album entitled “Dancin' On The Back Streets”.

Gregg grew up listening to the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi who where very influential in his song writing as you will see. He has also written music with some great songwriters in Billy Falcon, Vixen, Wall of silence, Michael Sweet, the list goes on…

It is widely known that there has been bootleg copies of some of the demos floating around Ebay and going for up to $250. The bootleg CD contains a bunch of songs that were poorly taped off a radio back in the day when the boys went on a radio show to promote their new material. Those inferior CD's had an awful sound with a muffled, almost painful sound and some songs even cut out. The Mad, Bad & Dangerous release has the songs straight from the DAT tapes and sounding as good most major labels leaving the songs with the production that they deserve. Gregg has his own home studio where all the 32 tracks have been re-mastered for superior sound quality. They have come out sounding sensational.

If released back in the heyday, the mind boggles at how big this band would have been.

Gregg Fulkerson's latest project was the more modern sounding Attraction 65 album in 2003. While acclaimed by many, some of the old Blue Tears fans felt a little let down with the modern twist implemented in the music. 
That's not the case here.  These releases are guaranteed to please all the die-hard fans, which have been hanging out for this for over a decade now.  More big hair, more big backing vocals, big summertime anthems and ripping guitar solos than you can poke a stick at. And don't forget heartfelt ballads that really mean something. It reminds us of all the fun had back in the late 80's, early 90's.

Blue Tears are on the bill of Firefest II in November 2005 and will be playing some of the tracks from Mad, Bad & Dangerous. If you still don't believe the hype, check out the sound samples provided.

Until next time, keep on rocking on!!