Zebra IV Frontiers Records
Produced By: Randy Jackson

Running Time: 52.23

Release Date: July 7

Released: EU

Musical Style: Classic Rock, Melodic Rock

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 85%
It took a while to surface and suffered a few release date problems, but at last the all new fourth Zebra album is finally ready for fans to gobble up.
Randy Jackson, together with Felix Hanemann and Guy Gelso recorded this album over the last couple of years, finally following up the band's last studio album - 1986's 3.V.
So what has changed since 1986? Not a lot which will come as great relief to fans of the band's music.
The guys have basically chosen to take up where they left off, with more Led Zeppelin styled classic rock, on a set of songs that were written across a wide range of years.
This is classic Zebra featuring Randy's high-pitch Robert Plant style vocals and his unmistakable Jimmy Page influenced lead guitar. Guy and Felix hold it all together with a tight rhythm section that mirrors the great Bonham/Jones combo.
Go no further than the hard rocking opening tracks Arabian Knights and Light Of My Love to see what I mean.
KK is Hiding is another good Zep like track. In-between things tend to be a bit softer with several tracks acoustic based and featuring a very stripped back production.
These songs tend to put Randy's vocals in the spotlight, so you had better be a fan of his style of delivery.
But it's not all straight forward stuff. Free experiments a little, while Waiting To Die sees Chillie Willie guest on Sax on this slow, hard 7 minute plus blues number.
The closing track Why is an album highlight mixing several layers of acoustic and electric guitars for excellent effect.
The Bottom Line
Fans of Zeppelin and those other bands like Bonham and Kingdom Come, that have been heavily influenced by the legendary act, will no doubt find a lot to like about Zebra IV. It's primarily going to please established fans who will not be disappointed.
Those that are new to the band might not be as immediately convinced, but if you like a taste of classic rock, with strong melodic overtones, should check this out.
Those that enjoyed Randy's participation in The Sign will also appreciate this album.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
No Tellin' Lies

Line Up
Randy Jackson: Vocals, Guitars
Guy Gelso: Drums
Felix Hanemann: Bass

Essential for fans of:
The Sign
Track Listing
Arabian Nights*
Light Of My Love*
Who Am I
The Angel's Calling
KK Is Hiding
So I Dance
Waiting To Die
A World That Is Learning
My Life Has Changed
--*Best Tracks

16/05/07: rich -
Rating: 100
one word...AWESOME

09/11/05: jeff -
Rating: 100
great cd as always randy and the boys done a great bad alot of people want hear the cd.classic.

07/09/04: Joel Scarborough -
Rating: 100
As a Louisian bred radio record jock, and a die hard zeppelin fan, I was so proud when this group popped up out of a little New Orleans suburb and blew me away. I met Guy while I was selling and installing deejay and sound systems for clubs in New Orleans and Metairie and he invited me to see them at the Avalon theatre in Algiers. It was late '85 or early 86 and Randy's Mom was there, sitting right up front. I've been to thousands of shows and concerts -- that was the greatest. Over the years I seen them many time, have worn out countless vinyls, and have for a even worked my way through several sets of their CDs (including "China Rain"). I know every note of every song they have ever recorded, not to mention bootleg copies of some of their live covers,i.e., Zep, Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc. There has NEVER been a greater group than ZEBRA, and just when I thought they might have tired of studio recording: BAM they hit me with what just might be the best album since their debut masterpiece: ZEBRA IV. Randy, Guy, Felix...Rock on Fellas! http://www.recordjock.combe found

22/08/03: Don Wishon -
Rating: 100
One word: INCREDIBLE! If many of us long-time, die-hard ZEBRA fans could help promote the band and the new CD in our cities and with our local rock radio stations, maybe one of the most talented, underrated bands of the past 25 years would receive some level of well-deserved recognition. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with ZEBRA the past four years, helping put together many shows throughout the Midwest and even San Juan, PR. Thanks Randy, Felix, and Guy for all of your hard work and dedication in finally releasing ZEBRA IV! "Why" is an absolutely incredible song that needs to be heard by music fans around the world.

Don, Laura, and Ronnie...feel free to send me an e-mail to let me know where you are from. Visit and join the message board regulars who are part of Zebra's Street Team, promoting the band and ZEBRA IV all over the United States! I am currently putting together my 5th annual Randy Jackson solo acoustic performance in Dallas, TX later this year.

09/08/03: don watson -
Rating: 90
Back in the day I liked Zebra's songs on the radio but did not buy any of their music. I loved "The Sign" with Terry Brock and Randy Jackson so I gave this a shot. What a great shot it turned out to be. Arabian Nights and K K is Hiding are absolute great rockers. I can not get the K K phrase out of my head. Plenty of other good stuff on this cd also. I always feel bad for the artist that worked hard on a great release but due to corporate rock will not be heard by the masses. Lets pray they all do not give up or releases like this one will cease to exist. From a new Zebra fan.

29/07/03: Laura -
Rating: 95
I downloaded "Arabian Nights" over the winter and was very pleased! What can I say...this is what all Zebra fans expected! Right on target! The only this I need now is their Best of on DVD! LS

28/07/03: Ronnie -
Rating: 100
This cd was 17 years in the making. For all ZEBRA fans it was worth the wait. Incredible range of sounds on this cd. Electric, accoustic, fast, slow, rock, blues. The songs get better every time I listen. Hard to believe these guys have been together for over 25 years. Check out the web site for a free download of Arabian Nights.

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