a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Ron & Howard Albert & Zakk Wylde
  1. Bored To Tears
  2. The Rose Petalled Garden
  3. Hey You
  4. Born To Lose
  5. Peddlers Of Death
  6. Mother Mary
  7. Beneath The Tree
  8. Low Down
  9. T.A.Z.
  10. Black Pearl
  11. World Of Trouble
  12. Spoke In The Wheel
  13. The Beginning...At Last
The first track on this album is an unfortunately titled number called Bored To Tears.
That is pretty much how I felt upon getting to the end of this album.
Now I might cop some flack for this, but I just didn't find this album very inspiring. But there is no doubt that Zakk is a player of immense talent and skill and the solo's and riff making throughout this album is of the highest quality.
The production and mix is also of the highest degree and it is easy to see that there has been several dollars put into this project.
I really like Zakk's work with Ozzy and continue to think Ozzy gets better with age. But as a solo artist Zakk doesn't do anything for me.
It's not that this album is very heavy and a sonic bombardment of one's eardrums, I just don't like the more 90's feel of this record and I especially don't like Zakk's vocals.
If you liked Pride & Glory there might be something here for you. I thought that album was OK, I rate this one well below it.
There is less emphasis on the southern rock sound this time around and the songs are straight to the point.
Stand out tracks as far as I can tell are Hey You with it's really heavy riff and mix of acoustic guitars, Peddlers Of Death, which is a more traditional Ozzy like number and Spoke In The Wheel which is the only really laid back number of the album.
Born To Lose is also Ok, with it's Soundgarden-ish qualities.
But overall I won't keep this album and won't recommend anyone other than die hard Zakk Wylde devotees and some Sabbath/Ozzy fans investigate.
Could have been better.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Zakk / Pride & Glory fans and some Ozzy Osbourne fans.

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