Yngwie Malmsteen
Unleash The Fury
Universal Japan
Produced By: Yngwie Malmsteen

Running Time: 73.25

Release Date: Out Now

Released: JP

Musical Style: Melodic Metal

Links: Yngwie
Songs: 82%
Sound: 74%
Here is the freshly edited Yngwie Malmsteen review. I removed the original late Friday as in the rush to get work finished for the week; I made a couple of errors within the review.
That has also given me the advantage of giving the album a fresh hearing over the weekend. In hindsight, perhaps I was a little harsh on the album, but my overall feeling on the album hasn't changed too much from what I originally thought.
I'm sure Yngwie fans will disagree with some points, but that's why the Interactive forum is provided.
Over the last few years guitar great Yngwie Malmsteen has fallen into a pretty comfortable pattern of recording, releasing a new album at regular intervals. Looking back just a little bit, War To End All Wars was a bloody awful album. Things looked a whole lot better for the last album Attack!, which features the very fine vocals of Doogie White. His input, alongside a much improved collection of songs and sharp production made up for the disappointment of the previous album.
Doogie returns again here and in theory is a perfect fit for Yngwie. I believe the two make good music together, but I do feel that Doogie's vocals are too low in the mix and could have been given greater emphasis.
The great Mike Fraser has been brought in to mix the album, but strangely I think the overall sound of Attack! was better. This is a solid production - no doubt made even better by Mike's involvement - but I must confess to being unimpressed with the overall tone of Yngwie's guitar on this record. It's quite obviously his choice of sound, but I just don't dig the tone.
Style wise, there are no surprises here and nothing that hasn't already been delivered previously. That's fine as there are some fine songs on offer and plenty of guitar wizardry to enjoy. Highlights for me include the straight ahead rocker Revolution, the dark and dramatic crunch of The Bogeyman, and the old-school sound of Beauty And The Beast.
Instrumentally speaking there are 4 on offer, none finer than the Baroque acoustics of Fuguetta, but the others impress also for their finesse. For whatever reason, I think the instrumental tracks sound a little sonically better.
There's plenty here for Yngwie die-hards to wrap their ears around with a whole lotta music to enjoy. I think the album might have been a little tighter with a shorter playing time and could have benefited even more with a slightly different guitar tone.
I'd also like to see Yngwie concentrate on writing some truly memorable choruses. Unleash The Fury features fabulous solos (as expected), a solid rhythm section and powerful lead vocals (even if they are down in the mix too much). But what it lacks are some really memorable chorus hooks.
The packaging is rather pleasing though the Japanese spare no expense as usual and add an expanded booklet and an enhanced portion featuring Yngwie playing 3 tracks in the studio.
The Bottom Line
Yngwie fans will likely lap up every second, but general hard rock rock fans might find the running time a little long. The guitar tone used and overall sound of the album is going to be up to individual tastes, but I wasn't too impressed. Well produced, but I enjoyed the sonics of Attack more than this. Doogie White fans might find his talents a little under utilized, but Yngwie fans should go away happy and no doubt their reviews will reflect this view.
Previously Reviewed
War To End All Wars
Unleash The Fury

Line Up
Doogie White: Vocals
Yngwie Malmsteen: Guitars
Patrick Johansson: Drums
Joakim Svalberg: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Track Listing
Locked & Loaded
Cracking The Whip
Winds Of War (Invasion)
Crown Of Thorns
The Bogeyman*
Beauty And A Beast*
Fuguetta (Inst.)*
Cherokee Warrior
Guardian Angel (Inst.)
Let The Good Times Roll
Revelation (Drinking With The Devil)
Magic And Mayhem (Inst.)*
The Hunt
Russian Roulette
Unleash The Fury
Paraphrase (Inst.)

02/05/06: Skip -
Rating: 70
I have been an Yngwie fan since the beginning and have always trie to support his material. But it is getting more and more difficult when the guy doesn't open up and try to get with the program. His guitar abilities are never in question. He is probably one of the best ever, but he has to get some help with the songwriting. Get over the ego, get past the money and put something new out that will be instantly likeable instead of hearing the reviews say "eh! another album, but better than the last".

14/04/06: Ral Donner -
Rating: 98
The last guy never heard the cd, yet he submits a review for it?? What are you, some type of fuckin retard or something??

23/12/05: daz -
Rating: 0
not heard this cd but more than likely its yngwie playing a million notes a nano second bit like all his other stuff really

07/06/05: ben -
Rating: 95
This album rocks, definitely one of his best, even if the sound's not that good. Anyway I saw their show in Paris 2 days ago : it was absolutely incredible as usual...Yngwie rules!!

19/05/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 80
Most has already been said ! Yngwie as we all know and love (or hate as some do here). Still a master on his guitar and the songs are good again.
Quality like always !

10/04/05: marto -
Rating: 90
Killer album!!! Yngwie rocks!!!

09/04/05: Susan Myron -
Rating: 0
Whatever you may think about Yngwie... "arrogant", "repeats his style on and on and on" or "he pays his muscians not good enough" like some magazines sometimes state - that honestly never! mattered to me as long as his music was great.

I love his music since 1984 but have to confess that his last real milestone to me was the "Seventh Sign" Album of 1994. On the following CD outputs as always his trademarks were still there, also the high musicality but the hooklines and the songquality to me seemed to suffer a lot. This became to me very obvious on CDs like "WTEAW" and "Attack". Many tracks, long playtime but songs that where not worth to be mentioned aside Yngwies real classic song-writing-milestones like "Ill see the light", "Far beyond the sun", "Judas", "Seventh Sign" etc. I often hoped that he someday will return to his short playtime with 8 - 10 real songs maximum (like his first 3 outputs) with not a single filler. Sorry for that statement!

The new CD is not a worldclass production for sure, but there is nothing generally wrong with it.The hardcore Malmsteen Fans will remember that the production quality of his outputs of the past in many cases were not state of the art related to their release year. So what - as long as the music is great. And again, to me this production is really OK. Nothing less - nothing more.

Many songs of the new "Unleash the fury" output stand in the somehow sad songwriting-chronology of "WTEAW and "Attack". But 2-3 songs to me seemed better. This all does not really mean anything to me because: ONE TRACK IS DEFINITELEY the best song Yngwie has written since 1994. The titletrack "Unleash the Fury" is a superior Track, I awaited so long. The quality of this song is worth any dollar, euro or yen you have to pay for this CD. You may even scratch the other songs with a knife if you like to, but give this fantastic song a listen. It has an unbelievable mystical-spiritual-hookline you will never forget. This song proves that when Yngwie is in the right mood and a worldclass singer is able to follow his visionary classical-vocal-line-approach, then the classic malmsteenesque quality will rise again. I pray that one day Yngwie will release an Album with 8 Songs in this song-quality.

Anyway, thank you Yngwie for this track!!!

09/04/05: Iwan Susanto -
Rating: 80
Although I still love Yngwie's work on his songs... I find this album quite evident of what many claim that his work are very repetitive and similar. The fast tracks in the album include include Beauty and a Beast, Crown of Thorns, Exile, Let the Good Times Roll, Locked & Loaded, Magic & Mayhem & Revolution. So for music fans who like fast and heavy music with melodious tunes, this album is definitely one that you can consider. I have to say I'm disappointed with the 'similarity' in 2 of the songs. Crown of Thorns is one where I like alot but it is so very similiar to Ship of Fools from the Attack album, esp the main riff. Secondly, Exile is somehow similiar to Anguish and Fear from Marching Out album. Unlike most people who would disagree with me, I think songs like Boogeyman, Revelation and The Hunt are the ones I really don't like from the album. Although it's good that he's tried to add more variety to the songs that he write I feel they are not good enough. As the Malmsteen we know, in this album he offers quite a few instrumental but I like Magic and Mayhem the best( coz of course it's fast!). Overall it's a good album but I personally feel Attack is a better one than this. Good to know that he's stil working hard to improving his songs and guitar playing although many who are not hardcore fans will still feel that Malmsteen is just playing the same old stuff. But trademark is trademark, that's why we love him. For fans out there, it's a must buy. For music lovers, you should try to get this and then work backwards to discovering his more amazing stuff.
My favourite songs in the album( in order of preference):
1. Russian Roulette
2. Magic and Mayhem
3. Crown Of Thorns
4. Revolution
5. Beauty and a Beast

07/04/05: scott - n/a
Rating: 90
I echo the thoughts of all the positive reviewers. This is a fine album. Typical Yngwie. I like it better than Attack. Anyone who's ever liked Yngwie should like this. It's that simple.

04/04/05: Christos Gatzidis -
Rating: 88
I hated this one when I first got it (although Dougie's fantastic vocals and the good production strike the right note from the start) but it's amazing how much it grew on me. Definitely his best album since Facing The Animal (though Attack! was good too), very heavy in a Marching Out kind of way but still melodic and epic enough to warrant some classic Yngwie songs in there. Revolution, Winds Of War, Beauty And A Beast (about his Ferrari!), Bogeyman, Cherokee Warrior (which Yngwie sings and actually makes it sound better for it too!!!) and Exile are all awesome songs and amongst his best... The only problem? The guy still doesn't allow for any input from someone else resulting sometimes in stilted, shout-along choruses (where one word is chanted again and again), the occasional super-silly lyric and of course does somewhat repeat himself from time to time (Let The Good Times... has I'll See Tonight's riff while The Hunt is the son of I Am A Viking). Dougie, other than a fine singer, is also a very competent songwriter and it would have done this album good if he was allowed to work on some vocal melodies and lyrics for a few songs. Still, a very good album for all Yngwie fans (and 78% is too low a rating for it I think), good to see him keep the same band around and also losing some weight and retaining some stability in his personal life. Roll on the European tour!

31/03/05: Dan -
Rating: 99
It's absolutely beyond me how anyone can not like this album, it possesses all of the typical Malmsteen style trademarks and does not fail to deliver. Also I very much appreciate the long running time of all the more recent Malmsteen productions, there is no filling material but just high quality stuff on "Unleash The Fury".
I bought Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force in early 1985, shortly after it has been released and since then always got his albums as soon as they had been available. There is no reason to change this habit...YNGWIE RULES!!!

26/03/05: Fabian J Lelo -
Rating: 95
I have to agree with what many Yngwie fans over the Internet claiming Unleash The Fury as being his best work in years. It's true. This album is a stunner. I love that Cracking The Whip. Yngwie singing the choruses was very cool to say the least.

The Bogeyman to was a loada fun. That infectious riff will be remembered for a while now.

Dougie White is right at home working with Yngwie. He's done an admirable job thus far on both albums. Just happy that he's still active in the Rock scene.

Patrick Johanssen. What a killer drummer. Is he related to Anders and Jens Johanssen at all? Sure it's a common name throughout Scandinavia but I am curious.

And lastly to Yngwie. You're looking great man managing to lose all that weight. Bravo.

23/03/05: SpaghettiBoy -
Rating: 93
I too have to strongly disagree with the review of Yngwie's "Unleash The Fury". This album is Yngwie's strongest work in years. It is much better than "Attack!!". Is it too long? I don't think so. I'd rather an album be filled to capacity. Besides, being an American and having to pay outrageous import prices for his albums from Japan, I appreciate that he gives you a lot of music on his albums.

As far as reviewing this album is concerned....where to begin. It starts off very strong with "Locked & Loaded", which really feels like a typical Yngwie opening track number. "Revolution" is very strong. "Cracking The Whip" is one of the high points of the album. My only complaint is that as usual, when Yngwie himself sings, he seems to always have the vocal turned down too low. That same complaint holds true for "Cherokee Warrior", which is very good, but once again suffers from the vocals being buried. "The Bogeyman" absolutely is his strongest song he's put out in years. The instrumentals are what you'd expect from him. I could go on and on and review every song.....but that really isn't necessary.

Yngwie's playing on this album is as always top notch, and as usual his band is fantastic as well. Doogie fits in with Yngwie very well, especially live.

The album is very strong.....and is certainly not just for Yngwie loyalists.

23/03/05: bruce holmes -
Rating: 50
Sorry, but this one I've all ready toosed out. I listened to it over and over and the songs are weak and he could have had anybody doing the vocals and it would all sound the same.Attack was better than this one, but Yngwie really hasn't put together a good effort for quite a while.

22/03/05: Anders Johnson -
Rating: 95
I find the original review very unfair. In my opinion this is hands down Yngwie's best album in a decade. It was a long time ago since i last heard the man so inspired in his guitar playing. What really strikes me with this album though is the songwriting, normally there are a couple of standout tracks on an album, but on this album there are soo many good tracks i have a hard time deciding which are the better ones, they're all great! Not only will you hear some of Yngwie's best hard riffs ever, there are also melodic parts to die for. The vocals are handled by Doogie White and i really enjoy his singing on this album. The songs seem to somehow fit his vocal range, a big improvement compared to Attack. Patrick Johansson (drums) and Joakim Svalberg (keyboards) has to be mentioned also. They're both all over this album providing a tight and big sound. Two excellent musicians. How the original reviewer can complain about the sound is just beyond me. Mike Fraser has done a great job mixing the album, the guitar tone and overall sound is crisp and clear throughout the album. Unleash The Fury is definately a "Must Buy" in my opinion and easily one of Yngwie's three or four best albums ever. If you like Yngwie you gonna love this album! Finally, here's a link to a much more fair and in-depth review of this album (than the original one):

18/03/05: Dr Nick -
Rating: 90
I have to agree with the everyone else who's reviewed this CD so far - I thought on first listening that the production was pretty good, and certainly in a different league to WTEAW. Yngwie's rhythm sound is a little different to past recordings, but it sounds OK to me.

And the songs - well, I like them! Locked and Loaded hits you with a great riff, superb vocals, and trademark soloing, setting the scene for the album.

I wasn't so keen on Beauty and a Beast either, but I love Bogeyman - almost Marylin Manson-esque riff, but totally different in vocal style obviously. And NO fills throughout the song, just a NASTY riff, until the solo itself, which is very different.

Maybe a bit long, but easily as good as Attack!!.

18/03/05: max -
Rating: 90
I think this one was unfairly rated. It's a good album, with strong songs and it does sound very good. Yes, doogie's vocals could have been a little higher in the mix, but it's not 1/10th as bad as WTEAW. Listen to this one and attack!! back to back and you'll hear that this one sounds better.

18/03/05: Paul Morrison -
Rating: 95
I'm at a loss regarding the original review. There is nothing wrong with the sound quality on this album as far as I can tell. Everything sounds as clear as a bell to me, with every instrument (including vocals) receiving equal billing in the mix. Also, Yngwie DID bring someone else in to mix the sound. Mike Fraser did it, and he's no slouch when it comes to mixing albums, as his track record will show. Riffs buried in the mix? Songs like "Cracking The Whip" and "The Bogeyman" absolutely leap out at you. I just can't agree with that sentiment at all.

As for the album, it's much better than "Attack!!". It's more consistent and has more solid songs. There are four instrumentals (not three, as stated in the review), and I will admit that they are not as strong as the instrumentals on "Attack!!". But there's only one track here that I'd consider a "filler", and that's "Beauty And A Beast", which is kind of a "Faster Than The Speed Of Light" for the 21st century.

Everything else is top notch Yngwie. There are loads of killer riffs, he sounds more fluid than ever, his solos are very well thought out on this album, and there are lots of high quality songs. Doogie sounds better here than on "Attack!!", using more variety and expression, especially on a track like "Russian Roulette". The songs seem to be more personal than before, with "Revelation (Drinking With The Devil)" being a prime example.

Yngwie fans all over the internet are proclaiming this as his best album in a long, long time. I'll just say it's as good as anything he's done in a long time, a big step up from "Attack!!", and a worthy album for anyone with even a passing interest in guitar heroics.

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