Winger Karma Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Kip Winger

· Running Time: 45.04

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 95%
Sound: 94%
It was the amazing Pull album that had me thinking Winger were truly an underrated band and it was Kip's solo album Thiscoversationseemslikeadream that convinced me that Kip was a genius at capturing moods and emotions and was always going that one step further creatively in order to create a masterpiece.
Winger's comeback album IV provided fans with something more to chew on, although some didn't like the taste as much as the band's earlier work.
But on Karma, the band comes full circle, retracing the uptempo stadium sounds that influenced the first two albums, and mixing that with the intensity and darker mood of Pull, plus a little of the contemporary vibe of IV.
The result is a highly contagious and engrossing record that should please fans of every era of the band's history – this truly is one album for the fans.
Karma is a tough, gritty hard rock record, with more emphasis placed on guitars than just about any other Winger release. It also features Kip almost growling into the mike on occasion – reinforcing a tough, 'live in the studio' feel that the songs resonate.
For the record – there are still plenty of Kip's silky smooth vocals too and some passionate balladry, but for the most part, this is just a great, in your face, loud rock n roll record.
The opening riff-tastic salvo of Deal With The Devil and Stone Cold Killer are two of the hardest rocking Winger tracks to date and really get the heart pumping.
Big World Away is one of those modern/meets melodic tracks that could have fit onto Winger IV, but has the melodic chorus of something off Pull. Kip's verse vocal is almost a rap/shout – only he could get away with this! The song has an amazing late bridge guitar solo that further demonstrates the dominance of guitars on this record.
Come A Little Closer is another astounding track filled with production effects, layers of vocals and melodies. Another moody old-meets-new rocker.
Pull Me Under just flat out rocks! The chorus is melodic bliss and the dual finger shred guitar solo is breathtaking.
After a series of rather short songs, the album finds its first epic in the 6 minute Supernova – a slow and sultry song that takes a while to hit its peak.
Always Within Me is another moody, slow starting track that could easily have come from either of the last 2 albums, with the added bonus of an amazing chorus.
Feeding Frenzy is dark, heavy and gives the album a hard rock hit before closing with two more reflective, intense epics.
The first being the 6 minute ballad After All This Time – an earthy, organ filled slow rock ballad with some classy soloing throughout.
Then the 7 minute kicker Witness. Wow! What a massive haunting musical landscape with lush vocals, layers of instrumentation and then a beyond massive guitar solo from Reb Beach – the guy can seriously play. One of the best solos in recent memory here.
Closing the album is a two minute piano instrumental First Ending.
The Bottom Line
As stated earlier – a true fan pleasing album this one. Old school in its approach, without taking a step backward and representing the best parts of Winger over their 20 year history. Great songs, great energy and great performances. Great stuff!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Winger
· In The Heart Of The Young
· Pull
· IV
· Karma

Line Up:
· Kip Winger: Vocals, Bass, Acoustics, Keys
· Reb Beach: Guitars, Vocals
· Rod Morgenstein: Drums
· John Roth: Keyboards, Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
· Winger
· Kip Winger - Solo
Track Listing
· Deal With The Devil *
· Stone Cold Killer *
· Big World Away
· Come A Little Closer *
· Pull Me Under *
· Supernova
· Always Within Me *
· Feeding Frenzy
· After All This Time
· Witness *
· First Ending

--*Best Tracks

29/01/10: panos -
Rating: 90
Great album indeed.

07/01/10: jon -
Rating: 100
Now this is a Rock "rock" cd of the year..the only problem is no American release or airplay etc. This is Winger's best work and they are not getting the respect they deserve for this record...I can't find this CD anywhere..even went to a hole in the wall music store and they had to order it....that's a shame....This is by far the best Rock cd of the my opinion...

06/01/10: Karmarocks! -
Rating: 99
Album of the year for sure. Amazing melodies, powerful riffs, great musicianship. Can't say enough good things about this album. It only doesn't get a 100 because that score is reserved for "Pull" ;) Pure class!
Kip's vocals are amazing and so is Reb's guitarwork. The solo on "Witness" is just breathtaking. I've been listening to this song on constant repeat for quite a long time - it's a proof it's possible to make amazing songs with lengthy guitar solos that appeal to audience and don't get boring after a couple of plays. You only have to be as talented as Kip & Reb! ;)
It's very refreshing to hear a strong album like that, especially considering the state of today's music and shitty releases of once-phenomenal bands.
Hearing songs from "Karma" live was an unforgettable experience - I recommend seeing Winger on tour to everybody! You're in for a treat!!
Thumbs up for Winger!!

06/01/10: James -
Rating: 100
Best Rock CD of the year. Simple as that...

02/01/10: Gary Holder -
Rating: 92
Best album Winger have realeased since 'In the heart of the young' Reb Beach heavy riff on Pull Me Until great song Winger are back.

28/12/09: Nikos Derventzis -
Rating: 95
First things first: Winger, as well as Kip Winger are two of my favorite hard rock artists/bands. I consider Kip as one of the most talentent musicians and Winger as an unappreciated band, to say the least.
Karma simply rocks. It is the definition of the hard rock album, with amazing songs, phenomenal production and inspired music. I was glad to see them 20 days ago live in Athens, do not miss them. Simply on of the best 2009 albums, well done Kip and Winger boys!

24/12/09: Bruce -
Rating: 99
I cannot stop listening to this record, it is SO layered with MONSTER SONGS, there is not one single filler song on it. As much as I loved the debut, I think this trumps it. From Deal with the Devil to Witness, every song is just amazing. Kip's voice is in top form, and Reb, who I saw with Whitesnake this last Summer and played on Good to be Bad (another 99 for me), finally gets to be the lead, and Winger is his band. If there were any justice in the musical world, this band would be, thanks to this album, Pull, In the Heart of the Young, and Winger, as classic as Van Halen and Aerosmith. Dokken, Def Leppard, Extreme, if your next records don't sound this good, don't come out of the studio until they do.

18/12/09: Dr. David Abend -
Rating: 100
This CD was definitely 100%. Probably one of the best CD's of the decade, if not the year. I repectfully disagree that W.E.T. garnered a '100%' and this did not. Sorry, but you guys blew it-I agree with 'Danimal'. I purchased this on iTunes and have played it through 5 times. It just gets better. The power and melodic precision of the hooks and riffs are astounding on each song. Hoew these guys accomplished this in 2009 just amazes me. Sadly, only a select bunch of intelligent musicians and those with good ears for melodic rock like those on this website will appreciate it.

Too bad the media ignores talent and musicianship such as this in place of auto-tuned rap garbage by the same lame talentless people that seem to pervade 'US' magazine, etc..

Kip Winger and his band of players, including Reb Beach, have succeeeded in revealing that it doesn't matter that they were popular in the 80's with big hair, etc.-their talent and experience far exceeds and shows up on this, their very best CD since the song "Easy Come, Easy Go", and the 'Push' CD. I felt the same way when the Loverboy CD came out. Unfortunately, like they were ignored by the mainstream music media, so will be the fate of this CD by Winger, I'm afraid.

The production, sound, talent are as good as anything on the airwaves since the new millenium.

16/12/09: Mark Wyse -
Rating: 100
Album of the year for me - great sound, songs and musicianship. Simply a top release.

04/12/09: Danimal -
Rating: 100
Andrew you blew it on this review...this is a 100 score and not to mention 100 % better than that dog of an album IV...come on, it sucked, not happy with grunge Winger. Anyways, happy the boys have returned, as always Kip's voice is great, this album sees Reb's best playing yet (in anything he has done with Dokken, Wsnake, MOB, you name it) on anything,. Great songs, masterful production, can't wait to see them on tour!

03/12/09: Eric Van Egeren -
Rating: 99
Can't stop listening to the damn thing! It's hard to believe this is Winger. Kip has to be one the best song writers and singers. Kind of pisses me off they only put out 2 cds of new music in 16 years! I want more!

02/12/09: Peter -
Rating: 100
WOW, if only every album could kick in like this!

Easily with miles of distance the best album of this year and among the best of any given year.

Deal with the Devil is the best opener one can get on an album, a high quality adrenaline song.

Stone cold killer, Big World Away, this album simply doesn´t have a regular song.
Pull me Under, genius, could have been an opening riff on a Slayer song flowing into great melody.

I am definitely not a blues fan but even After All This Time sounds great.

This is a red hot classic, simply doesn´t have a weak moment.

02/12/09: peter -
Rating: 97
I am not a huge Winger fan. Yeah, I enjoyed a few songs on their debut album. And even fewer on their sophomore album. When they released "PULL" though I fell in love with that CD. I still listen to it to this day. Not many albums have that staying power. I did NOT like the prior album, "IV", it was a real disappointment to me. I had to work to find songs I liked and found nothing I loved. When this CD came out I heard good things about it and bought it. And I Am GLAD I did. This kills "PULL" in my opinion, and 'Pull' is a CD I still like. Every song on the album is great, there is not one single filler. The 'Karma' songs are just as great as the 'Pull' songs but the POWER and INTENSITY is a step up.
It is too bad a lot of people wont even hear about this release because it is such an amazing album. With all the older bands releasing CDs lately, this is much much better than the Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, etc.... Buy this CD and you won't regret it!! :)

02/12/09: DJ -
Rating: 90
This is the most ferocious sounding Winger album ever.I think Reb Beach brought back something fierce with him after playing with Dokken and Whitesnake.This cd slams track after track.the big winners here are Pull Me Under,Big World Away,Stone Cold Killer,Deal With The Devil,Always Within Me & Witness.

02/12/09: leo -
Rating: 98
Good to see Winger back.Have played this cd constantly for 2 weeks straight. Their last cd was ok, but this makes up for it. I didn't care much for feeding frenzy and the insturmental.Kip is still a great singer. Good guitar solos from Reb.
Welcome back Winger! Hopefully there is alot more to come from these guys.

02/12/09: Roberto -
Rating: 95
Best Hard Rock Album from 2009.Congratulations !!!!!

02/12/09: king -
Rating: 100
Best rock album of 2009, hands down. Then followed by the new WASP and JORN albums.

02/12/09: Billy Sastard -
Rating: 95
Awesome album. Best they've done in 16 years. Seriously... get this!!!

02/12/09: alaskaman -
Rating: 91
Massive production, aggressive vocals, amazing tight musicianship, and mostly a great collection of songs. This, for me, is an album that suits certain moods. It is so intense that it's almost a tiring marathon to listen to it beginning to end.

All in all, on par with "Pull" as Winger's best album.

02/12/09: tommyknudson -
Rating: 97
I never was a fan of Wingers. UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great mixture between heavy riffs and melodic sounds.
Go get this one.

02/12/09: Willem -
Rating: 100
I'm totally blown away by this album!!
These guys keep delivering!
I drove halfway across Holland last week,to see them live for the first time and i couldn't be impressed more...
Such energy,such craftmanship and with such ease and professionalism...One of the best live concerts i've seen in the last few years...And they seemed to be having a blast(and they were only playing in a really small club)...
They played a lot from Karma and the songs sounded even havier than on the album...
I've been listening to the album over and over again,ever since it came out,and i still can't get enough of it...I doesn't seem to bore,no matter how many times you play it...My favorite songs are "pull me Under","Big world away" and "Stone cold killer",but to be honest...there's not a bad track on the album...
And o yeah...Reb Beach is GOD!!
Buy this album!

02/12/09: Daniel Valderrama -
Rating: 98
very special album, plenty of melodies and multifacetic songs. Probably a sum of albums from the past, madure and strong, soft and very professional.
My favorite are... Deal With The Devil, Pull Me Under, Witness.

01/12/09: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 95
I think this is the best Winger CD since IN THE HEART OF THE YOUNG. They got back to rocking a little more and Kip's voice sounds great.

01/12/09: Felipe -
Rating: 98
Amazing album. I found it much better than IV. This is hardcore in your face! I love it. Especially Big World Away, love Kip's voice and Reb's guitar playing is incredible. I want another release like this! One of the albums of the year!

01/12/09: Jake -
Rating: 85
Good album, good sound. More powersongs than on the IV album. Visited their gig in Weert, Holland, Nov. 26. They were great, though Kip's voice wasn't 100%. Seems that it had something to do with his throat, and the Russia gigs were cancelled. Too bad for the Russian fans.

01/12/09: Diamond Dean -
Rating: 8
Wow , this is a great cd , this is the most aggresive winger have ever been , yes even more so then PULL , Its start off with DEAL WITH THE DEVIL , trully brilliant up there with the best of winger , seriously an all time great . STONE COLD KILLER is up next , it continues in the previous songs way , great aggresive , winger have never rocked this hard . BIG WORLD AWAY , is my fave it is amazing , well written , great chorus , kip sounds almost evil , wow this is one of their best , maybe even there best? up there with JUNKYARD DOG , GREAT ESCAPE , MADALAINE .Reb rips on this one , fantastic , hes great on the whole cd.COME A LITTLE CLOSER, PULL ME UNDER SUPER NOVA , r well done but sound very similer , its a bit flat in the middle .ALWAYS WITH ME a fantastic ballad , also up with there with their best .FEEDING FRENZY is junkyard dog part 2 , pretty rocking but not as good .AFTER ALL THIS TIME is a bluesy sing a long kinda song , u will either luv or hate it , its def diff 4 winger , bit avg.WITNESS another ballad in the waiting 4 the heartache mold , Great song , great guitar near the end . FIRST ENDING is a little piano kind of outro which i love , seriously interesting little bit of music . So there u go A fantastic album , just a bit flat in the middle,


01/12/09: David G. -
Rating: 99
Powerful, Bombastic Hard Melodic Rock ~ Nothing released in the last 24 months comes close to this Amazing CD, nothing.

01/12/09: Kristen -
Rating: 95
What a phenomenal album! Have not stopped listening to this since it came out. Upbeat, heavy, extended solos and Kip's phenomal voice make this a must buy. Pull Me Under is amazing with a really heavy intro and a melodic and atmospheric chorus that could be off a Kip solo song. The only track that doesn't do it for me is After All This Time. Not a bad song it just plods along compared to the rest of the cd. Highly recommended.

01/12/09: Rodney Poplin -
Rating: 8
Best album since Pull. I really enjoy listening to this album. Its full of great licks and Kip's melodies. Buy it, you wont regret it.

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