Winger IV Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Kip Winger

· Running Time: 49.57

· Release Date: October 20

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Kip Winger
Songs: 84%
Sound: 93%
This is an interesting one. Not too many expected to even hear a new Winger album in 2006, so the fact I'm sitting here reviewing this is a feat in itself. Winger left the scene on the back of a killer album – Pull. It is an album that has become a cult classic – I think a majority of the band's fans claim the album to be their best ever – which I for one agree.
Sadly though, grunge had already hit and the band's new found intensity and maturity on that record was only heard by a fraction of what the potential audience should and could have been.
So with unfinished business at hand, the band has reformed the Pull line-up, with the edition of an extra musician in Cenk Eroglu – who contributes keyboard, guitar and FX parts to the new album.
The new album is something a little different again. The downside of Internet leaks means that many have already heard this album and just as many have already posted their opinions of it. And those opinions sure are varied. It seems there are some fans that are struggling with this CD and I do understand those comments, but I have a few of my own.
IV picks up more or less where Pull left off – adopting the same intensity and moody mature delivery style, but also ventures into some new territory that may give some fans pause before accepting.
This is far from an instant album and even once you get to know it inside and out, it remains a mood album. It is not something I am going to or can play at any given time, but rather when the mood fits. Pull was a little like this too, but perhaps more mysterious.
IV is both modern contemporary and classic rock – there are songs that touch on both elements and at times it does so during the same song.
There are some openly commercial moments and some truly dark and contemporary passages which will require some listening to.
At first listen to the record I thought it was super intense and in some parts it is, but with time it sows some quite mellow and commercial moments. I find that the album doesn't feature as many individual highlights as Pull did and is not quite as ground breaking with the songwriting. I also find that this album makes for a better listen when played start to finish without interruption.
Track By Track:
The opening track Right Up Ahead is a prime example of the band at its most intense, complete with Pull style acoustic intro, soon engulfed by a heavy guitar riff. The song takes a few listens to get into with the chorus making itself better known with each listen.
Blue Suede Shoes is an interesting choice to follow the heavy opening track. While equally intense and moody, strip this track and you more or less get a rock ballad with modern teeth. The added vocals and musical effects simply add to the mystique of the track.
Four Leaf Clover is one of my favourite tracks. A simple guitar riff and a flowing melody and catchy chorus make for a very accessible and commercial rock track.
M16 reverts back to the heavy intensity of the opening track. I like the heaviness, but can't say the chorus does a lot for me.
Your Great Escape is an uptempo rocker with a less intense feel and even a breezy feel to it. It is the most commercial rocker on the album and sounds somewhat like a throw back to the band's early years.
Disappear is another super intense moody rocker, with a modern vibe and a chorus that doesn't penetrate as well as some others.
On A Day Like Today is another of the extremely commercial tracks on the album. This is a breezy acoustic driven pop ballad with the intensity of Kip Winger's solo records and the commercial likeability of Winger's early work.
Livin' Just To Die has modern elements, but the heart of this song is a straight forward rocker with a twist.
Short Flight To Mexico has a heavy down-tuned guitar riff driving it, but the chorus is far more upbeat and commercial hook.
Generica is a track I can see some fans disliking, but I like its programmed robotic feel. It interests me and keeps my attention in a hypnotic kind of way. Can't Take It Back closes the album in typically dramatic and moody fashion. This mid-tempo rock track sums up Winger 2006 – a song that needs time to grow on you and isn't openly catchy, but provides enough to draw the listener back in for more.
The Bottom Line
I think Winger has recorded a fine album with a lot of contemporary influences and effects, but for me it doesn't quite reach the highest standards set by Pull. I also favour both Kip's solo records before this, but there are some classic Winger moments within this album.
Perhaps a couple of extra tracks in the vein of Who's The One or Blind Revolution Mad might have given it a more instant attractiveness. I like this record and know others will also, but I also expect the very nature of the album and its style to bring extensive debate among fans.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Winger
· In The Heart Of The Young
· Pull
· IV

Line Up:
· Kip Winger: Vocals, Bass, Acoustics, Keys
· Reb Beach: Guitars, Vocals
· Rod Morgenstein: Drums
· Cenk Eroglu: Guitars, Vocals
· John Roth: Keyboards, Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
· Winger - Pull
· Kip Winger - Solo
Track Listing
· Right Up Ahead
· Blue Suede Shoes
· Four Leaf Clover
· M16
· Your Great Escape
· Disappear
· On A Day Like Today
· Livin' Just To Die
· Short Flight To Mexico
· Generica
· Can't Take It Back

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21/11/09: Harvey -
Rating: 69
I've had this cd for along while and I can say it has to be the purest "mood" cd in my collection. I absolutely love "Pull." I can play it on any given day. IV, conversely, depends solely on my mood. I have it programmed into my MP3 player and I have skipped it or listend to it and enjoyed it. It is a very weird feeling. One day I relate to it, the next it is boring and skipped.

10/09/09: Brandon Irving -
Rating: 84
Has it's moments... 1st 3 songs are real good. The last song "Can't take it back" is one of my ALL TIME favorite songs. But over all.. not as strong as PULL. And some songs just absolutely WREAK (see 'Generica')

17/04/07: Peter -
Rating: 95
Having read the reviews some time ago, I was prepared for some complicated listening. However I put the cd on and liked it instantly from the first note till the last and it only gets better every time listening to it again. Every new Winger album is a little better than the one before, this one gets close to perfection.

25/03/07: Matthew Davis -
Rating: 40
Is it jsut me or is Kip Winger still trying to prove something by wanting to make this album melodic nu metal??? Sad attempt by the band i once considered to be great and to cash in on something in a genre that other bands do better. Skip this unless you are a DIE HARD fan and have an open mind when hearing this

11/03/07: Melih -
Rating: 94
This is modern hard rock with some progressive elements. The album is quite good when you compare with the other hard rock CDs in 2006. Although not so catchy as previous Winger albums, it will grow in each listening. It is the next step in the band's career.

21/02/07: Brent Rusche -
Rating: 93
I feel that this is one of the best releases (in this genre) for 2006. Kip and the boys tear it up on Right Up Ahead, Four Leaf Clover, M16, Your Great Escape, Disappear, Livin Just To Die, Short Flight To Mexico, and Can't Take it back. Kip's voice is 100% intact and the record was mixed very well. For me, the only sleeper track is On a Day Like Today. If you like Pull, you will like/love IV. Adding to my bias is the show they performed at Stone Pony (Asbury Park, NJ) 02/03/07. I am willing to bet myself that this will prove to be the best show of the year. See Winger if at all possible!

20/02/07: Dave -
Rating: 50
Boring. Listened to it about 10 times and I just can't get into it. As a musician I find it bordedline ok. It burns me to see the tallent in this band put out a disk that seems really rushed. It's as if when listening to the prior releases you can hear the progression to a well rounded band with a great sound. Then this comes out and they compare it to Pull. Maybe they should do a little less pulling of themselves and each other and take time next time. I could write 20 songs in 3 weeks but the reallity is that not all would be meant for release.
So in the short, Don't pat yourselves on the back with this release or the possitive delusional ratings on this page.
Very dissapointed.

13/12/06: Craig -
Rating: 98
I cannot believe fans of PULL don't get this album! To my ears this is a progression from it (although it's hard to believe it's been 12 years!) Pull was a good album although, not great. It was a sound of a band maturing with only a few hints of the fluff from the first two albums. Don't get me wrong, I love fluff, IN THE HEART OF THE YOUNG still frequents my cd player. The best tracks from Pull were the darker ones and that sound has now come full circle with this release. It was also inevitable that some of Kip's and Reb's solo material from the last decade would filter through to this release. But boy they must have picked the best parts because IV is hard to fault.
Each time I listen to this album I find something new that wasn't there before. I cannot say that many other releases from this decade have surprised me like IV does! If you listen hard and long enough, you will find everything that you love about Winger. Reb's Solo's really smoke after you get through being caught off-guard from the initial sublteness of it all. Kip has never sounded in better form either! I also love the the way they deliberately surprise you with the strangeness of GENERICA (which I really dig) only to go into a Jazz session from all involved. Brilliant!!
The only reason this doesn't get a perfect score from me is the weak chorus of M16. I have listened to this album over 50 times now and I still cannot immerse myself in the track.

With that said, I can happily crown it ALBUM OF THE YEAR!

11/12/06: Joey -
Rating: 97
Enjoyed this unique cd from the first listen.
Fav songs Four Leaf Clover, Disappear, Short Flight To Mexico, Generica
This is just a cool fuckin' cd.

09/12/06: Tahir Bise -
Rating: 77
This is an interesting album that could be considered a bit of a grower as with initial listens does not grab you as much but with more listens you get into it more and more.It is a pretty good album worthy to have in your collection.

09/12/06: FooD -
Rating: 20
an annoying album....only 2 songs are great (Right Up Ahead , Four Leaf Clover).

i'm sorry for this because Winger usually creates great music but this album is BAD!

not recommended. sorry.

08/12/06: Dee - d2@cheerful
Rating: 10
Normally I can use Andrews scale and judge it pretty well but here, he was way to easy on this one. Not one song is catchy or sticks in your head to sing along with. I understand a band wanting to branch out but this is crap, and who did they think would buy it? Apparently suckers like me...

08/12/06: Kevin Hardiman -
Rating: 90
Winger return with their forth great release.yeah I know its modern and all that but it has great riffs ,lush chorus,excellent production .Its a bit different from old winger
proggy and modern and also a bit poppy but you really have to listen to this cd about 6 times before it kicks in.Give it a try

02/12/06: Splash777 -
Rating: 15
This album is horrible. What in the hell is the band thinking? The hooks of past glories are gone, the killer song writing is gone, the band is playing music that just isn't Winger. It sure might be Kip Winger but it ain't winger. I can't stand this album. The production might be top notch but with such poor song writing who cares. This isn't what I was excited about when Winger reunited. This isn't good enough to be a coaster under a can of no name cola!

30/11/06: jerry -
Rating: 90
I have always been a big fan of Winger and was excited to hear they were putting out a new album. At first I didn't know what to think of it. After several times of listening to IV, it has really grown on me. I wouldn't say it's there best, but I think it's a good solid album. Welcome back Winger!!

27/11/06: ben -
Rating: 94
all my friends who listen to the cd likes it too...have always been a fan of winger....this cd is strong,love blue suede shoes...

24/11/06: Kristofer von Wachenfeldt -
Rating: 95
The BEST melodic rock CD this year! Kip never lets anyone down but yes..if you're expecting a S/T or a "In the heart of the young" you WILL be disappointed. This is a mixture of "Pull" with a little pop and Kip's solo stuff in my ears. And I don't think the band has ever done a record that grows that much upon you. I love every CD this band has put out, this ranks as their best at this moment!

Way to go guys! Pure genius


24/11/06: Red -
Rating: 85
Not a bad album from Winger, but it's weighed down with a little too much filler for my liking.

14/11/06: Axe-Machine -
Rating: 72
This really isn't a bad album, but in all honesty, it's not Winger for the most part and probably shouldn't be billed as such. 'Right Up Ahead' starts the album brilliantly, and 'Your Great Escape' is also excellent, but the rest of the album leaves alot to be desired, and certainly isn't the continuation of Pull that most of us hoped it would be. Had the band been able to make an album with the class that the two aforementioned songs show, then this could have been a mighty fine album, albeit a little different, as Pull was, but in the end they have, for the most part, failed to deliver the album that fans wanted. 72%.

13/11/06: Angelo -
Rating: 94
This is an excellent CD a great progression from PUll. A perfect blend of Classic Winger with a modern up to date feel. On A day like Today is simply captivating, a great arrangement!! Right up ahead is right out of PUll! Diappear has a Pull feel written all over it, with the chorus having a hint of early Winger! Can't take it back is a moody chilling song. All in all this CD has lots of feel and emotion, with a liitle bit of everything to keep all fans happy. I am more than pleased with the CD. BTW, Reb's work is awesome, lot's of feel!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS!!!!

12/11/06: chris nnelson -
Rating: 61
Well what can you say.this must be the most antisipated but also the most disapointing cd of the year.i've tried numerous times to get into the album, but with no avail.just to prove the point i recently saw winger at the firefest festival and the tracks that bombed were the tracks off the new cd.its been said that kip wnated to to do a much harder rocking sounding album this time,but i always say if you've got a great sound and a winning formula don't change it.please do better next time.

12/11/06: Murray Bannerman -
Rating: 96
album of 2006 by far. swan, you need to realize this isn't 1988 anymore. stop wearing yellow and black spandex and get with it. kip and the boys are rock gods and have made a mature album. stick that in your speedee mart slurpee.

12/11/06: Rob K -
Rating: 85
The fact that I am listening to something new from this band is a miracle in itself, and add the fact that it actually is a decent body of work make it even more special. These guys are great musicians and the production is top notch, but it is the music that counts. Favs of mine are up-tempo rockers such as Four Leaf Clover, Your Great Escape and Short Flight To Mexico while the two mellower songs On A Day Like Today and album closer Can't Take It Back all work well and are pretty typical and should please most Winger fans. Some of the other material offered might take some repeated listening to appreciate. The opening two tracks to me are perfect examples of that. Right Up Ahead and Blue Suede Shoes are more mid tempo, groove oriented in nature. The songs Disappear and Living To Die are decent but would have probably fit better on the bands second album In The Heart Of The Young. The only flaws on this album for me are M16 and Generica. M16 is heavy but just doesn't go anywhere. However, after editting off the first half of Generica I was left with nice little instrumental featuring some nice drum work by Rod.

11/11/06: johnk5150 -
Rating: 75
As a fan of Pull and a hater of the S/T record, I'm glad there's nothing resembling Seventeen on Pull. That said, the whole war theme is a little contrived and there are some real clunkers in the new record. The band is smoking hot the whole way through, but there is something lacking in the songwriting here. To my ears this sounds like Winger going through the motions.

10/11/06: Jules -
Rating: 90
Pull is my number one album and Winger are one of my favourite bands. Initially I was disappointed by this release, but like several other comments here, after a few listens, it gets better and better. This is a mature recording with some seriously clever musicians putting their creative ideas together. It doesn't quite hit the heights of Pull in my view (that would have been virtually impossible) but is nevertheless a damn good cd. Many of the songs are real growers and whilst one or two are a little too clever for me to fully appreciate there's some great stuff on here. Kip's voice, full of energy, passion, anger etc has never sounded better and Reb's guitar work is as top quality as ever. Stick with this album and it will reward you.

10/11/06: Lou -
Rating: 30
Sorry , this ain't no "Pull" . The amazing "Pull"
cd is what the "Native Tongue" cd was to Poison ,
2 of the most fantastic cd's made by bands who
no one thought they had it in them . Same w/ Warrant
and their awesome "dog eat dog" cd . Anyway , Winger
IV does nothing for me . A few decent songs , but cd
is not on my shopping list .

10/11/06: Gator - .net
Rating: 88
A little inconsistent in terms of songwriting, but good songs are REALLY good, which is fair enough for me to give this release a thumbs up. Crystal clear production is another pleasant surprise.

10/11/06: Georg Loegler -
Rating: 94
I give this record a 94 because it has grown on me a lot. It takes more spins and the songs need time to be fully embraced, then chances are you will really like it. Musicianship of all 5 members is outstanding, songwriting excellent, the sound production is great and the singing is fantastic.
This is one of my three contenders for Album of the year.

10/11/06: Rick -
Rating: 40
I am very dissapointed in this release. There isn't a song on hear that is really catchy. It's like a kip solo album with reb on guitar.

10/11/06: dai - .com
Rating: 100
I listened to this album with much expectation and i was not let down at all .Kip winger and Reb beach are immense talents and this album showcases this. Yes its modern sounding and i love it . In my opinion this is how a rock band should sound ,The guitar work on this album is simply mind blowing the levels of depth on each listen is a joy to behold . I hope they stay together now and produce more of the same!!!

10/11/06: Charles Williams -
Rating: 80
I was hoping for a record a bit closer to the Pull record, which was wicked cool from start to finish. This record is certainly not a step off the path, but there is not an epic track like "Blind Revolution Mad" or "Junkyard Dog" on this group. There are however very catchy things offered here. Best tracks: basically 1-7 on the disc. The last one is also fine. The three from 8-10 are a tad removed from the rest of the disc and a bit lesser quality in my opinion

10/11/06: Swan -
Rating: 25
What a disappointment. I was really looking forward to this album, nut it just sucks!!

10/11/06: Andrew Fortunski -
Rating: 91
Is this classic Winger? No but what do you guys want from a band of musicians that have evolved there sound over the years. We shouldn't expect the same or it would be a poor effort. I think this CD is AWESOME. A perfect 100 no but there is so much going on with all the songs that this CD is a MUST BUY. It is that good. The sound is excellent and Kip sounds as good as ever. This is a serious set of songs. The titles are obvious and the message is clear, the war in Iraq has had a great impact on Kip and he is taking it out on the music. Powerful, in your face, raw at times but sweet, passionate, intense and melodic in all the right places. Four Leaf Clover is very reminiscent of Kips first solo CD. It's easy to like and it's as catchy as hell. I agree with Andrew on that. This CD for sure needs more than one listen to appreciate. PULL wasn't a melodic gem but was a great piece of music from start to finish. I love that CD as well. This CD is heavy, heavier than PULL but it has a uniqueness all it's own. That is what makes a good band, going out of their element a little to test the waters. Winger has done that and done it well. This CD is solid all the way through and I ask those who are too quick to slam it, to really give it a few more listens and then make a post or re-post on what you think.

10/11/06: Nicodim -
Rating: 70
Expected much more from this album. Slightly disappointed. But still has some nice songs like Blue Suede Shoes (no Elvis or Jerry Lee here), ;) Four Leaf Clover and Short Flight 2 Mexico...

09/11/06: Almir -
Rating: 20
There's not much to say here, but must be said.
What a big disappointment. Pull is one of my all time favorites. Of course I wasn't expecting the "follow up" to it because...well...we're not in the 80's anymore...the sound has been updated...the band found a new has a modern feel...(and the biggest clichι of all) "we try not to repeat our sound on each record", but this cd is awfull. Not one single song can be salvaged here. From the big names this is the worst cd of 2006, no doubt about it.

09/11/06: Martin -
Rating: 80
This is a tough one. I adore "Pull", and I had hoped that this would be in the same league. Despite repeated listens, it still doesn't quite cut the mustard for me. My first impression was not good - the production seemed a little flat and uninspiring, and the songs just didn't grab me. I'm liking it more the more I hear it, but it'll never reach the dizzying heights of "Pull" to my ears.

09/11/06: Archie -
Rating: 70
Yet this is a good album it is definatly not as solid album as I was expecting but yet I am still happy with some of the cuts on the disc, I havent given it the usual 10 or so spins that would assist me in giving a more adequat rating I think 70 is being very fair in its rating so far with what I have heard
On A Day Like Today, could definately be a hit if marketed in the right way a great song Right up ahead and M16 also good tunes lets hope the next record is a step ahead of this one and I hope we dont wait so long for next release..

09/11/06: Sava -
Rating: 89
I'm not a fan of first two Winger albums... "Pull" was great record and "IV" is even better! Awesome heavy metal/hard rock/melodic rock mix!
Best songs: "Right Up Ahead" (with great metal riff), "Your Great Escape" (right in your face hard rock), "Livin' Just To Die" and "Short Flight To Mexico"!
Good songs: Rest of the album, except "Generica" wich is only bad tune!

09/11/06: Paul -
Rating: 25
WTF???? I'm not even going to waste time on this one. This is just weak dire crap(using Andrew's rating scale!) CDs as bad as this will guarantee that melodic hard rock will NEVER make it back onto the airwaves. Winger used to be a favorite of mine... WTF???!!!

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