Wig Wam
Hard To Be A Rock N Roller....In Kiev

Produced By: Teeny (Wig Wam)

Running Time: 53.13

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Glam / Melodic Rock

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 90%
I did a brief review for these guys last year, but now is an ideal time to revisit this album, being that it has been repacked and re-released to cash-in, sorry, to capitalize on the band's recent appearance at Eurovision 2005 with their new song In My Dreams.
That track has been added as the opening song on what was the album 667 Neighbour Of The Beast. That is certainly a more apt title, as it highlights the tongue in cheek nature of these glamsters.
This album is a highly enjoyable voyage into past glories, where good times ruled and rock n roll was best served up big and the bigger the better. Taking inspiration from the likes of Poison, Kiss, Def Leppard, Tigertailz and early Motley Crue, these guys glam it up to the max, but back up their look and their attitude with some great songs.
There is no denying that the likes of In My Dreams, I Turn To You, Best Song In The World and No More Living On Lies are great songs and great examples of instantly catchy melodic hard rock.
There is some depth to these guys too the album contains plenty for fans of Scandi melodic rock and the guitar solos come thick and fast throughout. The band slows it down in places for a couple of solid ballads such as Tell Me Where To Go and Out Of Time.
Somewhat darker thru the mid-section, the album reverts to good time rock n roll for the conclusion. Hard To Be A Rock N Roller ends the album on a positively glam-stocked high note.
The Bottom Line
Perhaps a couple of tracks too long, there is no doubt the album offers great value for money and will please old school melodic hard rock fans. Never too serious, the guys deliver some high energy music, all layered with harmony vocals and thanks to a huge production, the album sounds a million bucks.
667...Neighbour Of The Beast / Hard To Be A Rock N Roller

Line Up:
Glam: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Teeny: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Sporty: Drums
Flash: Bass, Backing Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
early Motley Crue
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Track Listing
In My Dreams*
667 (Intro)
The Best Song In The World*
Crazy Things*
Bless The Night
The Drop
No More Living On Lies
Out Of Time
Mine All Mine
Tell Me Where To Go*
I Turn To You
A Long Way
Hard To Be A Rock N Roller*
--*Best Tracks

13/11/06: bob -
Rating: 98
one of my favorites within the last couple years. This album is awesome. Can't really sum it up any other way. Its why we listen to melodic / hard rock.

05/10/06: mike -
Rating: 95
Great!!! I love this cd. Features great songs, harmonies and nice euro-metal guitar playing. I liked TheDarkness but WigWam are in a different league to those amateurs.
Can't wait to get wigwamania.

30/07/06: Big Mike - bigmike456@hotmail
Rating: 75
Not as good as Wigwamania but a good release with a similiar sound and vibe. In my dreams is the best track and is killer.
Some of the lyrics seem to be a kick in the face hard to be a rock and roller. Still, certainly worth a listen for 80's melodic hard rock fans.

12/02/06: Mark -
Rating: 95
What a high energy, FUN CD! Very 80s, very glammy, and to me that's a GOOD thing. After years of grunge and altenative beating us over the head with how everything sucks and how unhappy everybody is, a WELCOME return to a positive vibe.
Love this CD. HARD TO BE A ROCK N ROLLER and BLESS THE NIGHT have HUGE choruses, and are just a couple of the outstanding tracks on this CD.
Looking forward to #2 from these guys.

15/12/05: sco dixon -
Rating: 99
one of the best cd's i have heard this year or any year great melodies in every song

02/11/05: Arney -
Rating: 93
This is a band & album I never thought I'd be interested in, how wrong was I! I'm just glad a mate of mine let me borrow his copy as otherwise I would have missed out on something special. I find all of the tracks extremely catchy & well produced, just really good Rn'R in the vein of Autograph, early Dokken or any number of the early 80's classic metal bands. I really love the live cover they do of the song "turn to you",gets stuck in my head big time.If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor & get a copy, you wont be dissapointed!!

04/09/05: Panagiotis -
Rating: 96
I love that album very much.

31/08/05: tonemonster -
Rating: 95
Excellent catchy, melodic European hard rock that pays homage to 70's pomp rock & glam without sounding too "L.A. Sunset Strip." Hooks & harmonies galore. Great guitar riffing & soloing from ex-Dream Police six-string slinger Trond Holter. The songs will stick in your head long after the disc is done playing & you'll find yourself listening to this one over & over again. Haven't heard Euro-glam done this well since Shotgun Messiah's first release & subsequent Zinny J. Zan & Zan Clan releases. And this is still a notch or two above those. Also, fans of the Darkness will love the band's tongue-in-cheek tribute to all that is glam & pomp. Some nice AOR leanings, as well as some arena rock anthems. Killer Scandi-rock from Norway!!

04/08/05: Rocking Rooster -
Rating: 90
Solid, a glam-tinged delight indeed. The ballads are the only part of the cd that really drop it in quality but they aren't too bad.
A great pick-up.

13/07/05: Alan Wood -
Rating: 95
If Sweet and the Scorpions were to be thrown in a blender, you would come up with Wig Wam. I thought The Darkness were going to hold the torch for classic 70's pomp rock, but boy was I in for a wake up call. There is simply no way that this disc wouldn't please even the most discriminating listener.

Buy It!!!

13/07/05: CrankyThePigMonkey -
Rating: 95
This album is definitely a whole lot of fun! In My Dreams was the first exposure I had of Wig Wam and the reason I bought the CD. The song is a great anthem and I love it! That said, there are many other fun songs on the CD which pleasantly surprised me such as Bless the Night, and Car-Lyle. I've been wearing this CD out since I bought it!

*oink oink*

The Pig Monkey

12/07/05: stevel11 -
Rating: 90
Not only is this disc full of high energy, good songs, terrific solos, and harmony vocals to die for, it is also simply great fun! Just try to get some of these hooks out of your brain...impossible. In My Dreams is magnificent, but there are many other great songs too. Definitely a must buy. Can't wait for a new album.

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