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MTM Music 0681-41
Produced by: Wicked Sensation

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative: Whitesnake
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Magic Moments
  2. Someone Strong
  3. You're The Answer
  4. Stand Tall
  5. Highspeed Chase
  6. The Preacher
  7. Night On Fire
  8. Love Is Strange
  9. Caught In A Fantasy
  10. Get Down The Business
  11. Let It Ride
  12. Joker In The Pack
  13. Reflected

A German version of a bluesier Whitesnake, or Pink Cream 69 with David Coverdale on vocals?
Take your pick - either description fits Wicked Sensation, a German band with a solid heavy sound and a vocalist that does have a favourable comparison to Mr. Coverdale.
The band have been around for a few years, but this is their debut album. And quite an impressive release too!
13 tracks of hard hitting melodic rock, with a strong blues edge and a great production job to strengthen the package.
The closest sound comparison is to that of fellow Euro-rockers Pink Cream 69. The band self-produced the album, but it was mixed by PC69's Dennis Ward, bringing with him a similar pattern of sound mixing and delivery.
But Wicked Sensation are a bluesier version of PC69 and a little less over the top with their song arrangements.
Take Whitesnake in their Slide It In era, update the production, add that strong European sound (a la PC69, Jaded Heart, Shylock) and you will be pretty close to what the band sound like. It must be noted that the songs here are not in the same catchy/hook filled league as PC69. The only thing that would have made the album any better would be some bigger chorus hooks/harmonies.
BOTTOM LINE: The main key to enjoying this release will be a love of all things European, a love of blues influenced hard rock and behind those two aspects, a love of early 80's Whitesnake.
This is a very solid and consistent set of songs.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of European hard rock with a strong blues edge, some Whitesnake and PC69 fans.

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