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Produced by: Lee Hart

Released: OUT NOW
Closest Relative: Whitesnake
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Crying In The Rain
  2. Still Of The Night
  3. Here I Go Again
  4. The Deeper The Love
  5. Judgment Day
  6. Looking For Love
  7. Is This Love
  8. Slow An' Easy
  9. Slide It In
  10. Fool For Your Loving
  11. Love Ain't No Stranger
  12. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City

Now this one really surprised me. Basically tribute albums are a hit or miss affair. The Van Halen and Aerosmith albums were hits. The Guns N Roses and Led Zeppelin ones for example weren't!
I figured that this tribute would be a little dodgy or at least a low budget affair. Wrong on both counts.
There seems to be a bit of money put into this album as the production is rather good and the sound very good.
The vocalists involved all do their best David Coverdale impersonations and the track listing impresses me no end. All the best tracks from the more recent Whitesnake history and a few classics for good measure.
The backing back for most tracks features drummer Pete Jupp, bassist Bob Skeat with guitars by Lea Hart (Fastway) and Andy Barret plus keyboards by Jem Davis.
But guesting on several tracks are the greats Neil Murray, Mick Moody, Bill Liesgang and Don Airey. A considerable line up of talent!
Vocals (and Coverdale) impersonations are handled by Doogie White (Rainbow), Steve Grimmett, Bernie Shaw, Steve Overland (SO, FM) and Nicky Moore.
The artists involved stick as close to the originals as possible, which is why I was worried about this album. Whitesnake has a tough sounds to reproduce.
But the guys all do it well. Naturally there are moments where it falls a little short, but hell, I think they have done a great job with the resources on hand.
Vocal commendations go to all involved for creating a great atmosphere.
BOTTOM LINE: One of the better tribute albums out there that carries on the blues hard rock sound of the great band.
Sticking close to the originals, this album does a good job at providing an alternative.
Having said that, it is still strictly for already established Whitesnake fans.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Established Whitesnake fans and Tribute album collectors!

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