Whitesnake Good To Be Bad SPV
· Produced By: Whitesnake

· Running Time:

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 93%
Sound: 97%
The return of a classic band always brings huge expectations, but more often than not, the end result is something short of fan expectation. On the odd occasion, the band manages to exceed expectations and I believe Whitesnake has done just that.
I have talked before about what inspiration or influence lies behind a band delivering a great album. I guess having knowledge of what made the band great in the first place and a desire to revisit one's best are the two main prerequisites.
David Coverdale has spent the last few years touring with his latest band line-up – yet another chapter in the evolving story of Whitesnake. The band is as tight and as ready as they are ever going to be and that translates into the recording here.
While the line-up features the dual guitar attack of Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach, the absolute star of this album is Doug Aldrich. His writing partnership with David Coverdale has reaped rich rewards for fans.
What I find most fascinating about this album, is that the duo have brought the very best out of each other and Good To Be Bad represents a broad cross section of all the previous Whitesnake incarnations.
I and I think a number of other fans have been taken by surprise at the ferocity of this album after the relatively lackluster new studio tracks added to the live release from 2006 and Coverdale's increasingly mellow output in recent years.
The simply massive production delivers a wall of sound and in your face guitars reminiscent of the band's biggest selling album ever – Whitesnake (1987); but not to be outdone, Doug's bluesy riffs and David's warm and raspy vocal brings back memories of Slide It In and even 70's 'Snake. Then you have the biggest surprise of all for me – a huge nod of the head to the Coverdale Page album, with some very tasty slices of Page-esque Zeppelin riffing spread amongst the album.
Drummer Chris Frasier makes an immediate impact in the band with a powerhouse performance and bassist Uriah Duffy simply hammers that rhythm section home.
Sonically bombastic and pompous in all its glory, the opening hard rocker Best Years blasts through the speakers like no other Whitesnake album has opened since 1987.
Filled with thumping basslines, wailing guitar solos and a Coverdale vocal unrivaled since Coverdale Page, this really kicks off the album fine style.
Can You Hear The Wind Blow is similarly in your face and establishes a fresh sound for the band today. All For Love and A Fool In Love further carve out the new band's sound in a hard rocking way.
As mentioned, there are a few tracks that head back to the Coverdale Page / Zeppelin influenced sound and Call On Me is the first track to do that. The title track Good To Be Bad even more so (do I hear a little Slow & Easy in there too?). It has a real Zeppelin feel to it and the guitar work is simply fantastic.
Lay Down Your Love is the most obvious of all the Zeppelinesque tracks, but when it is done so well, who is to argue?
All I Want All I Need is the first ballad of the album and again is one of the best ballads from Coverdale in years. The other ballads both offer different textures. Summer Rain is smooth, acoustic and sultry, while Til The End Of Time is darker.
Got What You Need is a frantic hard rocker that defies the age of vocalist Coverdale, with a truly energetic blast.
Coverdale's voice may not quite be what it was, but the job of any band in the studio is to produce the very best sounding record possible and on Good To Be Bad, Coverdale sounds better than he has in years. How these vocals were achieved is irrelevant, the fact is they have been delivered and sound great - even if a little raspier and a little lower in register.
The Bottom Line
Ok, so the songs may not quite have that magic originality or chorus strength that the tracks of 1987 had, but this has to be the band and David Coverdale's best effort since that album. I wasn't as sold on Slip Of The Tongue, but still enjoy it, so which album this is the best since will be up for debate, but either way, it is the band's best album in some 20 years.
Doug's bluesy hard rock injection is a shot in the arm for this band and a perfect match it seems. I can't see too many fans being disappointed with this release.
Previously Reviewed
· David Coverdale - Into The Light

Line Up:
· David Coverdale: Vocals
· Doug Aldrich, Reb Beach: Guitars
· Chris Frasier: Drums
· Uriah Duffy: Bass
· Timothy Dury: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Whitesnake - 1987
· Burning Rain
Track Listing
· Best Years *
· Can You Hear The Wind Blow *
· Call On Me
· All I Want All I Need *
· Good To Be Bad *
· All For Love *
· Summer Rain
· Lay Down Your Love
· A Fool In Love
· Got What You Need *
· Til The End Of Time *

--*Best Tracks

Rating: 95

22/07/08: metalmastermusic -
Rating: 90
This is the best album Whitesnake has put out to date !! Sure they have had some other good albums but never one so complete. This one has no filler tracks !! Doug and Reb showcase some outstanding guitar slinging and David shows that even an "old" man can still belt out some awesome vocals. This is a must buy album and may be one considered for best of this year.

19/07/08: Raffaele -
Rating: 95
Coverdale's back is simple the best album of year. I think it's best albunm that he made from "1987".The band play very well, and Dough Aldrich it's perfect. Just a great album.

01/07/08: Kevin Betts -
Rating: 90
Liking this is almost a guilty pleasure. I want to be disappointed in Coverdale's lyrical inanities, especially given his age. As a fan of the band since the late seventies (creak!) I want to be unmoved by the soulless 'widdly-widdly' antics of Beach and, especially, Doug Aldrich. Yet, much like the 'Live In The Still Of The Night' DVD, 'Good To Be Bad' keeps drawing me in, challenging me to find more depth to the music. Coverdale will never re-create the the feel of the band that recorded 'Ready And Willing' and 'Come And Get It' but why should I, or anyone else, expect him to do that? This is Whitesnake in the Noughties and they sound great ..... although Aldrich should sit down with some old BB King and Muddy Waters albums to discover what 'Blues' is actually about. 10 points knocked off for too much widdly-widdly and an old man singing about sex as if he's just discovered that girls make his trousers go lumpy.

18/06/08: Josh -
Rating: 90
Dave's voice sounds a bit rough at times, and the lyrics are about as trite as any I've heard in years, but musically, this thing smokes! Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich form an impressive axe-slinging duo, and Doug and Dave make a good songwriting team musically and melodically (although perhaps not lyrically).

I've listened to this on multiple occasions and can honestly say that there's nary a filler to be found. This is Whitesnake's best release since the 1987 self-titled album.

Do yourselves a favor and buy several copies of this. It makes a great gift.

12/06/08: gregg -
Rating: 96
Wow. Great CD here. Great riffs and vocals. Contender for CD of the year. "Can you hear the wind blow is my favorite"

11/06/08: Lalo -
Rating: 96
e / do-it-all-for-love self serving rock and roll attitude. But wait, this is David Coverdale - and he's done that for the past 3 decades... so surely this comes as no surprise. Disc-2 is a treat - the sound production is crisp and the live songs rock. For me, the highlights from Disc-2 are the opener "Burn/Stormbringer" (anyone hear Iron Maiden's "Wrathchild" rhythm section when the band goes into "Stormbringer"?), and "Take Me With You" where Aldrich and Beach really let loose on guitar. Whitesnake fans from the 80's might compare "Good To Be Bad" with their well-known albums "Slide It In" (1984) and/or their self titled (1987) release... and I'll agree - it's probably not as good as these two quintessential albums. In the end, "Good To Be Bad" isn't a classic at this point... though, in time it very well could be. A great comeback - and in my opinion, Coverdale still has it (4.5 stars).
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Coverdale/Aldrich team have produced one hel# of an album!

Should to be nominated for Best Hard Rock album of year.

1.Best Years-Great way to start off album.Thundering drum and bass section accompany Aldrich's ferocious rifling groove.One of best of tracks lyrically musically on album.Very cool pre chorus and chorus lyrics/vocals.From all accounts sounds even better live.Awesome song.

2.Can You Hear The Wind Blow-Main riff kind or repeats itself too much on this back to basics mid tempo rocker with 1987ish touch but still a cool track.

3.Call On Me-Higher pitched vocals by Coverdale on this rocker.

4.All I Want All I Need-Is this love style tempo.Back in the day this track would have probably been released as single and been a big hit.Nice track

5.Good To Be Bad-Solid rocker with a ferociously good guitar solo.

6.All For Love-A bit Thin Lizy ala "jailbreak" sounding on Cloverdale's singing delivery style and guitar verse riffs.Slows down about 2/3 of way before solo kicks in.One of the tracks included in their current 2008 live set list.Cool rocking track.

7.Summer Rain-Beautiful acoustic based ballad.Verse,pre chorus and chorus have a great hook to them.Coverdale showcases his clear deeper soulful voice here which I prefer.Very very nicely constructed song that makes you remember the earlier 80-81ish era of whitesnake.Cool slide guitar in between verses.Guitar solo has a bit of a southern rock flair to it.If it got decent airplay on radio would likely be a hit.

8.Lay Down Your Love-Great rocker.Hands down one of best tracks on album if not the best.Cloverdale/Page style grooves riffs but actually better than anything on that album.Coverdale belts out awesome vocals ala Still of Night/Blackdog style and then Doug's infectious guitar riff kicks in.Doug recently said in an interview conducted by Vassil Varbanov of Bulgaria's Tangra Mega Rock that this is one of his 2 favorite tracks of album.Easy to see why.More likely to become a new live fan favorite.killer solo accompanies this great rocker anthem.Classic WS type chorus hook.

9.A Fool In Love Again-Very bluesy short intro by Coverdale and Aldrich then big raw riffs burst out to this midtempo rocker with touch of blues and some soul.Track has grown on me with more listens.Chorus has a cool hook to it.

10.Got What You Need- All I got to say is "Hey up". Straight up fast rocker.Ready to Rock frantic style tempo but not as cool as RTR.

11.Till The End of Time-The other of Aldrich's 2 favorite tracks on album.Very different sounding from rest of album but absolutely beautiful song both musically and lyricly.Great soulful acoustic unplugged track has a bit of southern blues type groove to it.Coverdale really displays his clear soulful voice on this one.Perfect way to end the album.

The Coverdale/Aldrich collaboration has proven to be a great one on this album.Best WS album released since 1987.My personal favorites are Best Years,Lay Down Your Love and Till The End of Time.This is a very all around deep album with the second half having more of a early WS 80-84 musical influence to it.I will definately go check this great lineup of musicians out if they come to perform in the states.If this is the last Whitesnake album ever recorded, then at least Coverdale and the boys went rocking in style.

06/06/08: Peter Kiss -
Rating: 90
Very good album that is much more reminiscent of pre-1987 era Whitesnake than anything else they have done since. It shows in the fact that the rocking songs greatly outweigh the ballads - both in quality and quantity. On the previous 3 or 4 WS/Coverdale albums the slower songs were the cream of the crop while on this one the heavier Can You Hear The Wind Blow and All For Love are the absolute winners for me.

04/06/08: Scott - sbsc15599@b;
Rating: 92
Another great album! First of all Aldrich rocks this like a MF and I think that he has been the one to ensure that this album communicates to a wide a DC audience as possible. Sure there is little in the way of originality here, but who needs that...this band and those playing in it have a massive history and many styles to choose from...I think they have chosen very well on all tracks.

The production also has to be singled out as something special - sonically this album is hard to have a go is just very professional and all contributors are to be commended on a job well done!

Looking forward to seeing them with the Lepps in Glasgow!

PS The Lepps album is good to but not as good as this IMHO! I would give it a solid 87 (but it is growing on me)!


03/06/08: Tom Lindström -
Rating: 98
Just great ! best album sice Slide It In.

28/05/08: Dave -
Rating: 93
I was shocked! Best material easily since 1987, probably my personal fave since Slide It In.


28/05/08: Richard Hall -
Rating: 90
It's virtually Impossible to top a masterpiece like Whitesnake 1987.People will always try to compare everything after to that release and it won't match stop trying.With that said,give this release a fair shake and let it stand onit's own.It's a very strong heavy bluesy melodic release from one of the greates rock bands of all time.Tracks such as "Call On Me","All For Love","A Fool In Love" & "Can You Hear The Wind Blow" are new classics that will transfer well live.Kudos to Doug Aldric for keeping the heritage rich and alive.David Coverdale sounds fantastic and rejuvenated.Hope this one does well for them.

26/05/08: Ross S. -
Rating: 60
I cannot believe the love for this album here. Sure, it sounds like a monster, and both guitar players really get to go for it. But the songs are just awful. There's nothing even remotely memorable, as if Coverdale just completely lost the ability to write a convincing melodic hook. Further, the lyrics are even more cliched than usual, and that's saying something for Whitesnake. This one's all full of energy utilized badly.

24/05/08: Steve Johnson -
Rating: 90
Whitesnake has always been one of my favorite bands, even though the lineup continuously changes. I have to disagree that this sounds a lot like the Whitesnake album. This reminded me more of the bluesy sounds before their music was Americanized, like Slide It In. No real flashy guitar work, which I thought was over blown on Slip Of The Tongue. Just plain rock guitar. I think the vocals weren't mixed the greatest, but I really like this album. All it needed was a little John Lord, and it would have been perfect.

22/05/08: ice cream man -
Rating: 94
Excellent release that made it feel like 1987 all over again.
Coverdale's voice isn't what it once was but still delivers
the goods. There's a little bit of everything here for fans
of all eras of Whitesnake. Tell me after listening to the final
track - Till The End Of Time that you aren't reminded of such
classic Snake albums like Love Hunter or Trouble. Simply the
best cd I've bought in a while.

19/05/08: Matt -
Rating: 90
I will argue any day of the week with anyone who thinks Robert Plant is better than David Coverdale. This is an album I never thought I would hear again. I've been waiting for Jorn Lande to take up the torch and do an album like this, but his solo work seems to be stuck in a rut, if I may be honest. I have to rain just a teensy little bit on everyone's enthusiam about Coverdale's singing on this cd. He doesn't have the "Still of the Night" range anymore and he sounds his age in some parts, but the production does more than make up for it. To me, Coverdale, Paul Rodgers, and Steve Perry are the 3 greatest rock singers ever. For too long, Rodgers has been the only one of the three still in the spotlight -- it is GREAT to hear Coverdale again. I agree with others that this is a mix of pre-1987 Whitesnake and Coverdale/Page but with a fresh, crunchy sound with just a touch of the trademark 1987/John Sykes sound sprinkled here and there for good measure.

18/05/08: Alanna -
Rating: 85
This definitely sounds like a Whitesnake album and thus deserves praise just for that. David sounds pretty good, the whole band is energized and laying down some great parts. The production is fairly nice, lending the disc a heavy feel that wanders into Coverdale/Page territory at times. But more importantly, the songs are well crafted and make the guitars and vocals just pop.

A great release from the latest incarnation of the W'Snake and a must-have for anyone that liked "1987", "Slip of the Tongue" and "Coverdale/Page".

16/05/08: Laurent -
Rating: 85
I never really really cared for guitar players in the style of Doug Aldrich as I like players with a more varied and wider range of influences. This being said, this is definitively WS best work since 1987. To my suprise I even can hear hints of a very distant past where WS was "the real WS", i.e. until 1984. After having heard "Ready To Rock"on a CR compilation I was convinced I for the first time ever will not buy a DC album. Fortunately a lot of people here commented positively about GTBB and I bought it. Glad I did! Coverdale recaptures part of what made it voice the greatest voice in rock IMHO. He screams less and brought back a healthy amount of blues influences to his music. The Led Zeppelin influences are less present and that's all good for me. My personal tastes would have preferred to see DC teaming up closely with Reb Beach who is a very inventive and fine player than with DA who is very linear to my ears. Still the songs are good and that's the most important thing to me. This is a very very healthy, successful and surprisingly good come back from my favourite band ever!

16/05/08: Juan Carlos -
Rating: 95
No more to say.. The Best Hardrock Album of the year for me!!. Solid and perfect album. 95/100

Rating: 100
im not a whitesnake fan but this album rocks man wish the lepps could put out something like this WOW A MUST BUY.

16/05/08: Kenny Bauer -
Rating: 100
This truly is the Snake at it's best. Man, Doug Aldrich can play. Anyone who has seen the Snake live in the last 5 years knows Doug Aldrich can bring it live, but he was always playing other's music. Now Doug has put his own fangs into Whitesnake and what a strike he landed. His playing is awesome and the great showman Coverdale doesn't let us down either. this is rock at it's best. And trust me, if Whitesnake comes to Your town, go! David & Co. won't disapoint. You can see & hear that Coverdale really enjoys what he's doing. And that makes all the difference.

15/05/08: Brett5150 -
Rating: 92
This CD is mind blowing!!! and a real band effort. "All for love", "Best years". "Summer rain", "All I want..." and "Call on me" are my faves. It contains the heaviest tracks of Daves career, then goes into some of his most mellow tracks such as "Summer rain", but by all means ar'nt continuations from his solo album "Into the light". This is a new start for Whitesnake, and hope to hell, we got another one from this line-up. It really is that good.

15/05/08: Marco -
Rating: 95
Definitely the best WHITESNAKE album since "1987". It rocks great and features some lovely ballads as well. Highly recommended!

15/05/08: Tim -
Rating: 95
I was worried that this cd would be a bomb. I had nothing to worry about. This is one of the best cd's of the year so far. David and the boys managed to maintain their classic sound with a few updates. Missing is the Zepplenesque, soaring vocals, and guitar virtuso playing - not that it is a bad thing. In is a more "crunchy" guitar sound that works! There is not a wasted note on this cd. Coverdale's voice shows some wear, but holds up well on this cd. There is not a weak song on here. I can't seem to get this out of my player. Long live rock!

15/05/08: Todd -
Rating: 96
Easily my favorite CD of the year, so far. The more I listen to it the more I like it! The songs rock. The classic rock combined with the modern sound is a perfect combination. This summer is shaping up to be the best in melodic rock since the summers of 87, and 88.

15/05/08: Damir -
Rating: 90
Amazing production amazing playing amazing vocals but the lyrics are not so amazing

14/05/08: Albert -
Rating: 80
Had this album some time and played it alot. I think it is a very good release. The only one point that decides that i give the new Leppard an 85 score is that this record is in no way suprising. It is a very good record with good songs but there is nothing new of very special.

Looking forward to see them on Arrow Rock festival on June 15th.

14/05/08: Sara -
Rating: 100
Whitesnake - Bad To Be Good

1. Best Years
2. Can You Hear The Wind Blow
3. Call On Me
4. All I Want All I Need
5. Good To Be Bad
6. All For Love
7. Summer Rain
8. Lay Down Your Love
9. A Fool In Love
10. Got What You Need
11. 'Til The End of Time

Marking the end of a decade of non-activity on the recording front, Whitesnake's "Good To Be Bad" is their 11th studio album. As the only original member Coverdale essentially is Whitesnake, but replacement guitarist Doug Aldrich acts as a songwriting collaborator for many of the recordings here. "Good To Be Bad" is exactly what one would expect as a continuation of the Whitesnake legacy, and all the better for it.

From the Artist:

"The new album sounds so unmistakably, typically Whitesnake" says David Coverdale: "For me, the heart and soul of Whitesnake remains the same".

Its no surprise that "Good To Be Bad" has turned into more than a terrific album, but is without doubt one the best releases in this band's long history. "For me, it has all the elements, all the ingredients that I enjoy about Whitesnake" says Coverdale. "It's a very solid, muscular, melodic rock record with a couple of fine ballads, so there's little tenderness when the moment calls for it, and of course the ballads help balance out the chest beaters! I find it a very complete piece of work, actually. It covers a lot of musical ground, a positive chapter in the Book of Whitesnake."

Coverdale's voice is still as intact and thoroughly amazing as ever. If anything, it gets better as the years pass by. Coverdale has always surrounded himself with the very best musicians and this album is no different. In Doug Aldrich, he has found the same magic he briefly has with John Sykes, and Reb Beach manages to bring the flashiness of Vai without the cheesiness that, in my opinion, ruined "Slip of the Tongue". The opening of "Can You Hear The Wind Blow" and "Got What You Need" are simply crushing and put most modern metal bands to shame. Think "Still Of The Night" and "Bad Boys" and you're not a million miles away. The Ballads are not forgotten about either - "All I Want, All I Need" is the big, radio friendly ballad, with a guitar sound that will really upset John Sykes. This album's "Is This Love".

"Got What You Need", a straightforward rocker, lets the side down a bit, although it is worth it to hear the "Ey Oop" at the beginning from the least Yorkshire sounding Yorkshireman ever. Last song on the record, "'Til The End Of Time", and if it turns out to be the last Whitesnake song ever, then its a fantastic way to bring things to a close. A huge, soulful, bluesy song in the tradition of the best Coverdale ballads, it has the best vocal on the album.

Despite the heavy nature of the playing, this album probably owes more to the classic Whitenake than it does the commercial years of the late 1980's. Its just that everything has been overhauled and brought bang up to date.

Why can't all rock albums be like this? - Turn it up and play it loud!!!!

Please don't leave it another 10 years 'til the next masterpiece David.

14/05/08: Ian -
Rating: 90
The Snake return with an album of songs that rock , ok Coverdale hasn't the power of old in his voice but Aldrich more than makes up for this with his guitarwork. So far the best of the bunch in a year where the comeback album seems to be king. Nice one.

14/05/08: RL - n/a
Rating: 90
What a great return to form for Coverdale and company.

DC and Mr. Aldrich smartly borrowed elements from all eras of 'Snake (as well as DC's solo album and Coverdale/Page) to make a very well rounded record with minimal filler. VP of the album goes to Aldrich for his playing and arrangements which surprisingly (and finally) makes us say "John who" ? His playing perfectly compliments all of the material, and he does it without being overboard or cliched.

Personal highlights: "Best Years", "Can You Hear The Wind Blow",
"Call On Me", "All For Love", & "Til the End Of Time".

Looking forward to the US tour.

Bravo, old chap...bravo.

14/05/08: BOBBY -
Rating: 75
This is a pretty good cd.I know one thing it leaves the def lepp cd for dead.
The first track is great and coverdale sounds awesome.
I love the ballad all i want.Prob the best ballad ive heard in a long time,very moving.
All in all a pretty good cd.
Whitesnake is back.

14/05/08: Jeff -
Rating: 97
Now this is how to make a rock CD! How many times in the past have 80's rock bands come out with a new Cd that blew? Whitesnake got it right and will win a new generation of rockers! Congrats guys!

14/05/08: Jeff -
Rating: 95
I have had this CD in my car for over 2 weeks now. I love it! It's essential for any Whitesnake fan. This is not a David Coverdale album. It's the heart and soul of all of what Whitesnake was. There's a little early snake with late 80's snake, with a little Coverdale/Page all mixed in. My favorite songs are Best Years, All I Want, Call on Me, and Lay Down your love. I wish this album came out 12 years ago, and that they would have made 4 more like it since then. I'd be surprised if anyone who buys it is disappointed. Great job guys!

14/05/08: Joe -
Rating: 99
Like everyone else,I have anticipated this release since hearing it was coming.I am glad they have toured and become a tight unit before this was recorded.My only complaint is Reb Beach didn't contribute to the songwriting.I really wanted to hear what he could bring to the table.

14/05/08: bas - -
Rating: 93
Been spinning this disc for a few weeks now, but have to say... IT ROCKS! It takes from every snake-era, so the music is fine, but added is a little aldrich-twist, so it sounds more hard-rock than blues-rock. The production is reallllllyyy good, so everything sounds superb, even though the guitars are a 'wall of sound'. Even Coverdale's vocals are up front... I know many complain, because there is no Sykes (rock lovers) or no Mickey/Moody (blues lovers), but Aldrich/Beach (yes, Reb's on 3 tracks!) are pretty good. With Sykes, this maybe would be a 98% review, who knows? But again, Doug and Reb rock with the best of them. Like Andrew said: Doug is the MVP on this disc! Essential for hard-rock lovers. Just get it already!

14/05/08: Gary -
Rating: 98
This is classic Whitesnake with the brillance of Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach on guitars. Coverdale sounds fantastic as does the whole band. The best three songs are "Got What You Need", "Lay Down Your Love", and "A Fool In Love". If you like rock and roll you need to get this album.

14/05/08: Brian Clough -
Rating: 90
I've been anticipating this release for six months now and I'm very pleased with what I hear! This isn't a weak album like the mid 90's release, Restless Heart. Eventhough I liked that release, Bad To Be Good brings the rock back! Doug Aldrich and David Coverdale have a great chemistry, along with guitarist Reb Beech. The sound of the album isn't quite as flashy as the 1987 self titled album, but it's not quite as dry as the band's late 70's releases either. It seems the band has taken the strong points of both eras and made a comfortable hybrid for the fans in 2008. The bottom line is, if you've ever been a "Snake" fan, then don't wait a minute longer. Go out an buy this today!

14/05/08: Stewarty -
Rating: 95
Andrew has said it all. This album is a monster. David has the best all round band for aeons (I reckon Tommy is still on those tapes the drum sound is very like him)The band sound fresh modern and heavy, very heavy but keep the blues in the (musical) mix. The only disappointment is Summer Rain where David (my number 1, five star, 24 carat gold HERO) tries too hard to make this the radio friendly ballad and it comes across a bit twee and weak. Best Years, Can you hear the wind blow, Goot to be bad and Lay down your love will have you singing along. Buy!

14/05/08: Ralf -
Rating: 98
The best Whitesnake album generally! Am not necessarily a fan of the band, but with this CD they have absolutely persuaded me! Sensational songs, top musicians and the length of the tracks simply phenomenally!

14/05/08: Booper71 -
Rating: 93
Harder to rate it any higher than that because it clearly is not as instantaneously classic as Slide it In, Whitesnake `87, or even Slip of the Tongue!

I would group it amongst the early Whitesnake output like Ready and Willing and Come ' n Get It etc that I love.

Good to be Bad is my favorite track, it sounds like it belongs on Slide it In!

14/05/08: the rocker -
Rating: 98
this is very good. crunching guitars, good vocals, good backing vocals. great's a cross between slide it in and self-titled.

14/05/08: Scott -
Rating: 85
Any new music from Whitesnake is a definite treat and this CD does not disappoint. We have grown accustom of Coverdale and his hired mercenaries...always changing the band line-up is nothing new. The disc has a great guitar sound throughout. Aldrich and Beach sound great together. Coverdale's voice, through the computer enhancements sounds strong, albeit not as mighty as we remembered. The first 3 tunes soar off the runway and All I want All I need is a classic ballad radio hit. We crank it back up with the title track Good To Be Bad which arguably is the best track. All for Love is too repetitive in the chorus and Summer Rain is just blah filler. The disc finishes strong and is a great value if you select the limited 2 disc set which includes 7 live tracks although I question Coverdale's song selections. This is a solid 'Snake CD worth pickin' up. So I rate this a bit lower than Melodic's review.

14/05/08: frytz -
Rating: 98
well, I didn't know what to expect - but now I hear the wind blow! Amazing album, cool tunes, cool vibe, brings the snake straight up to 2008 without losing the past! thumbs up to Doug for making it happen!!! most of the songs will be amazing live and that's really cool as well! can't wait for the tour - yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

14/05/08: Rob -
Rating: 95
Excellent comeback from the boys, The riff on this album are incredible, the production is top knotch..David Coverdale sounds good on most of the songs..although he sounds a little hoarse on a couple of tracks, but otherwise and excellent album Highly recommended!

14/05/08: William -
Rating: 98
I loved this album! Reminded me of the "Is this love" days. All I want all I need is an amazing song filled with a great sound, and a link to the good old days of this type of rock. My favorite was "Can you hear the Wind blow" Also a song that reminded me of a band called Tatoo Rodeo, " Summer Rain" Very nice acoustic piece. I think this album is one of the best that I have heard from my era! A must buy for Rock fans around the world!!!

14/05/08: Marko Niemi -
Rating: 100
Awesome studioalbum from one of the best bands ever!!!
I don`t wonder its success at all cause Good to be bad is full of the hit tunes, so the waiting is rewarded really!!!
David Coverdale & Doug Aldrich fit well to be the songwriting team and the new members play in the spirit of the real, today`s Whitesnake at all!!! 87 is very near this album, as well-balanced album, maybe even more than it!!! At least Can you hear the wind blow, All I want all I need, Summer rain (a little like Melissa Etheridge`s Come to my window) & Till the end of time (like Wayfaring stranger!!) are my favs in the album, difficult to say really the best songs from it cause they all are so good stuff!!!!!

14/05/08: Harv -
Rating: 99
Damn! Holy Shit! I almost blew out my speakers jamming to work when I bought this cd. It is their best material period. It takes 1987 a step further. "Call On Me" rivals "Slow 'n Easy" as my favorite Whitesnake song. If you like Whitsnake, buy it.

14/05/08: Ktz -
Rating: 97
The beeeeeeeeeest years of my life! Great comeback!

14/05/08: Almir -
Rating: 95
Behold clones! The Masters have arrived.
No bullshit. No updated sound. You listen to this and you feel like 1990 all over again. Great guitars (couldn't be any better) great choruses, great songs (except for Summer Rain, maybe) and Mr. Coverdale singing like always.
I went to see them live for the fourth time just to see the new songs. Shame they only play three of them, but it is ok.
This is by far, the best release of the year.
A lot of bands should follow their example and give to the fans what they want. Not that updated-sound-looking-for-new-fans crap.
And all the bands that want to make a hard rock cd should use this one as a manual.

14/05/08: Monster Cock -
Rating: 100
A classic! Doug Aldrich is the man but don't forget Reb Beach is all over this too! I would put this right up there with the 1987 album even though it doesn't have anything as recognizable as In The Still of the Night or Is This Love but it's a truer album than 1987 as it's where Whitesnake is right now not where it was in 1987 when it turned itself into a slick, glossed over radio hit making machine. Oh yeah and David sounds great!

14/05/08: Tahir Bise -
Rating: 98
Whitesnake's latest release since their "Restless Heart" album of 1997 was a long time in the waiting but very well worth the wait. David Coverdale has put together a wonderful line-up to fully encompass what Whitesnake are about and adding an element of modern sound and style. The album has a selection of tracks that vary in style to please fans who appreciate the different incarnations of previous albums and line-ups. Good To Be Bad is the best album released by WS in a long time and would rate just as good as the 1987 album if not better in some elements with the songwriting and lyrics. I rate "Ready An Willing" as one of my personal favourite WS albums but this has taken over as my favourite.
I really hope that commercial radio pick up on how great these songs are and people get to hear great rock music how it should be played. The members of the band compliment David very well and Doug Aldrich was born to play in Whitesnake. In Doug Aldrich, David has found a great friend and writing partner who understands what WS fans want to hear and not experiment like other bands have to allienate teh fans by trying to please record companies and put out songs for commercial radio.

Best Years - This is one of my favourite tracks just pure rock with David sounding better than ever and the band grooving along. Chris Frasier's performance on the song is sensational along with the guitars wailing along.

Can You Hear The Wind Blow - Another rocker that hits you like a ton of bricks great rythym guitar with a feel of some of the 87 album.

Call On Me - This is another rocking track more bluesy that the 1st two songs a hint of the Coverdale/Page with heavy guitars the Beach/Aldrich combination really works well due to their differing styles

All I Want All I Need - This is the first ballad on the album which is a great WS trait as DC likes to mix it up by not making albums that are solely one dimensional. The track would do well as a single for radio if given a chance.It's the "Is This Love" of 2008

Good To Be Bad - This is a bluesy rocker that has a cool groove and melodic sound and lyrics great title track.. bad to the bone for sure

All For Love - I love this song it has a real rocking smooth feel that can cause you to get a speeding ticket. This song goes down very well live and David Coverdale sounds awesome. There is a bit of Thin Lizzy in this song. I would have this song as a single it is very catchy.

Summer Rain - What a great ballad very mature track and lyrics one of the best ballads DC has written and great composition with Doug Aldrich. This song could even be played on a country music station and be a number 1 hit.

Lay Down Your Love - This is another rocking track with a Queen type chorus with a Led Zeppelin feel. It is a great live song for people to sing along to. The first film clip/single is this particular track

A Fool In Love - A bluesbased track that encompassed the rythym and blues element 12 bar blues indeed a great song.

Got What You Need - This track has an AC/DC feel to it and for me not one of the stronger tracks on the album. It has a blues feel and a rocking track bit Cov/Page type of track.

Till The End Of Time - An acoustic track with a blues feel this songs shows what a great vocalist David Coverdale is. The melodic track is easy going and a fitting way to complete the album

In conclusion this album is a feast for any rock music loving fan where you will hear one of the greats in David Coverdale sing his heart out with his range and diversity.

13/05/08: Mats -
Rating: 98
Excellent , every household should have a copy.

13/05/08: Robert -
Rating: 90
Great disc. Aldrich is amazing and Coverdale sounds like the DC of old. Most importantly the songs are excellent. Call On Me could've been lifted from Slide It In, All I Want revists Is This Love, Good To Be Bad flat out rocks, and Summer Rain is a nice acoustic ballad with a clean Coverdale vocal and simple melody.

It all sounds very familiar while staying fresh and modern. I wish more aging rock bands would take a cue from Whitesnake. This is how you please your fans!

13/05/08: Jeffrey Thomas -
Rating: 94
I am biased, I have been a David Coverdale fan since Deep Purple days and I have grown up on Whitesnake so take this into consideration as you read this. I think this record is a really great effort from David and company. The music is on par with past records, as a matter of fact this sounds like it could have come out right after the Slip of The Tongue cd 1989. I will go one further and say that it is a more enjoyable record. I was worried about his voice, I have see the live concert videos and herd his voice, its not what it once was, but he is in great form here. (Don’t you hate getting older) If you are a fan of Whitesnake, don’t walk, run to the store and get your copy.

13/05/08: John -
Rating: 20
Gave this twenty cause the live bonus cd is great - but the regular cd - of new material - sound like the cuts you skip on the good Whitesnake cd's - total unmemorable, un medlodic, unlistenable - I do have to say the guitar playing is great - but the songs are all all all lame lame lame - another band that should call it quits........for sale on ebay.....

13/05/08: Ben Banks -
Rating: 95
About damn time, were they waiting for the frikkin' rapture to make another album. Great job!

13/05/08: Luis Quintana -
Rating: 92
After so many years finally we got the New WS album. The album is brilliant. The first song is a kind of weird opener which will grow over with time. A bit modern at times but with a reat guitar solo resembling a bit of Crying in the Rain. Then we are kicked in with Can you Hear the Wind Blow which is this big rocker with a very catchy chorus and a very inspiring guitar entrance. Call on Me is one of my favorite tracks. In my opinion kind of a modern version of Still of the Night. From there on we go to a great ballad. Good to be Bad seems more in the Burning Rain tradition. Very good track. Then we go to All For Love which could be a track written for Slip of the Tongue. The last couple of tracks find themselves more in the tradition of Zeppelin and Deep Purple but are very good. The only thing missing is a bit of that 1987 magic but then again times have changed and bands need to move on. I think it was a very smart album and people will enjoy. Not to forget DC still rocks and off course the skills of Mr Aldrich add up to the album. Very nice release that if for a chance you do not lik at first, will grow over time.

13/05/08: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 0
The late 80s would be hard to duplicate for any band but Whitessnake has delivered a true rock gem. GOOD TO BE BAD has a very bluesy hard rock feel and David Coverdale delivers the goods with his powerful vocals on every track. Doug Aldrich's guitar work really shines and takes us back where few bands have treaded in the last 20 years. This CD is full of great songs and exciting sounds that thunder from your speakers and I guarantee this one will be in my CD player for a long time.

13/05/08: KING -
Rating: 100
Best album of 2008 thus far. This kills the new Def Leppard and probably the new Motley Crue when it comes out in June. This is exactly how a 70s/80s band should sound like today, they've given the fans what they want this time. The only thing that might steal the spotlight from this release this year is JORN- Lonely Are The Brave (June 6).

13/05/08: Tommy -
Rating: 10
The best album (CD) of the year! I have been waiting on a album like this one for 15 years, and if another one doesn't come along for another 15, I will be satisfied. WHAT AN AWSOME AWSOME ALBUM!

13/05/08: doobie -
Rating: 95
This Cd starts out balls to the wall and then grabs them and doesnt let go! Undoubtedly one of the hardest Snake records ever.
They keep that Snake sound and they still manage to sound modern.
There is a touch of the early Snake and mid to late 80s sound is there too.
Oddly enough, one of my favorite tracks is "Summer Rain" which is musically moving and vocally rich. If radio or music channels would pick this up they would have a smash on their hands.
Mr. Coverdale is in great voice and Doug Aldrich lead guitar work is on fire and expertly backing him is the guitar god himself Reb Beach who brings the accelerant to start that fire.
Timothy Drury's keyboards are there but not overpowering as on some Snake records,and Duffy and Frazier lay it down. Although i would have loved to hear Tommy Aldridge on this record Frazier is no slouch. Couple of Iffy songs brings it from a 100 to a 95 but undoubetedly this CD was worth the wait! GO GET IT!

13/05/08: Paul -
Rating: 0
I've been waiting for something new from Whitesnake for a very long time. This is one of my all-time favorite bands, and this release is not a let down. Hard to believe that he can still belt out the vocals like this, and the dual guitar onslaught that you get from Reb and Doug is amazing. This brings me right back to the mid-80's when Whitesnake was the cream of the crop...a definite must buy.

13/05/08: scuppanet -
Rating: 90
In places just awesome. In places ok. All in all, super release. There'll a track on here that'll move everyone; both old and new.

Old Coverversion still has it going on.

13/05/08: Greg -
Rating: 100
A perfect release at the perfect time! There is not one weak track on the disc! This is what should've come after the 1987 album! David Coverdale and Doug Aldrich have outdone anybody's expectations! A great melding of 70's and 80's Whitesnake! The only thing better would be to get John Sykes back! Until then, enjoy this smoking slab of rock, blues and swagger! And, David, Tawney's on the phone. I'll tell her to F*CK OFF for you!

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