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Indie Release
Produced by: White Diamond

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Closest Relative:
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Symbol Of Love
  2. American Dreamer
  3. It's Just Another Day
  4. This Game Of Life
  5. Heaven
  6. All My Love
  7. It's So Funny
  8. My Girl
  9. Man Of God

Whatever the publicity behind this release, whoever it is playing on it and whatever the guys have planned next - we still have to review this release, available from the band themselves.
Next comes a movie documentary and a possible new album or all new material. That later though...
So - the music? Just what are White Diamond like? Well, pretty good really.
The title would suggest these songs are from the vault and have been recovered for the good of melodic rock fans worldwide. It's a nice thought :)
Demo's or not, the production quality is excellent and the performances just as likeable.
The sound is late 80's/early 90's rock in style, with the origins of these performances coming from 1988 I believe.
Symbol Of Love and American Dreamer are both well mixed, uptempo happy to lucky rockers, with guitars and keyboards mixing freely.
Vocalist on this project, named Rob Rose (really Bjorn Westum), has a distinct Goran Edman feel to his singing. Might be that he is from Norway and brings a strong European taste to the music.
It's Just Another Day is the best example of that - a strong melody filled rocker, with a strong chorus and a heavy European feel.
This Game Of Life is another very catchy keyboard/guitar driven rocker, with plenty of very strong harmonies and hooks to infect your brain.
Things get a little adventurous on Heaven. This is the very same Heaven as recorded by Warrant. Except, this time the band add their own lyrics and style to the song. Interesting idea and one that might offend a few Warrant fans, but in the context of this album it sounds great.
With It's So Funny, the guys are at it again. This time they are tinkering with God. yes, Rick Springfield. This is their own re-write and personalization of Rick's coming of age hit Me & Johnny. Ok you are dealing with legendary stuff and must tread carefully. (Site regulars know what I mean here!) It's a good version and clear and all, but sorry guys, you can't do this to Rick!
Temptations hit My Girl is up next and while it fits the album and the style, I do personally prefer the first half of the album, or more to the point, the guy's own original tracks. They have enough spirit of their own to carry the album.
So for that reason, I very much look forward to the new album - which is underway I believe - of all new material.
BOTTOM LINE: Covers aside, the original material is strong and consistent in style and delivery and is certainly catchy. For those that like classic melodic rock, with loads of harmonies and straight and simple songs, this is very worthwhile. It has an American feel, but with a European vocalist bringing a more Continental style to it.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of simple melodic rock with strong catchy hooks in an 80's style.

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