W.E.T. W.E.T. Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Erik Martensson

· Running Time: 52.17

· Release Date: November 6

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 100%
Sound: 100%
It has been more than two years since I handed out a perfect score. I don't do these things lightly. But there is no doubt in my mind that this album represents the highest quality possible – the songwriting, performance energy, production are all perfect in my eyes and most importantly, I feel that this album pushes the melodic rock genre forward.
Without forward movement we are all doomed to do nothing but reflect on past glories and we can't do that forever. Albums like this are exactly what is needed to keep the genre fresh and invigorated.
I have had the advantage of having this record since June, so it has well and truly had time to sink in and grow on me. I have been listening to it almost continually since then and still want to keep putting it on over and over. I have different favourite songs from week to week and haven't tired of one track on here.
If the 700 news blurbs have escaped your attention, W.E.T. is Robert Sall (songwriting) of Work Of Art representing the 'W'; chief brains trust and multi-instrumentalist/guitarist/producer/songwriter Erik Martensson from Eclipse representing the 'E' and songwriter/vocalist Jeff Scott Soto representing the 'T' as in Talisman.
The band evolved from an idea out of the Frontiers Records office, who had the continued desire for JSS to deliver a melodic rock record, when the singer wanted to expand his solo name into other styles.

Eclipse and Work Of Art were two of the bands of 2008 – both of which delivering critically acclaimed albums that were also snapped up by hungry fans.
With the project line-up settled, demos were commenced and it wasn't long before genuine chemistry developed and the project become a band.
The songwriting here is nothing short of brilliant. Chief writers Erik Martensson and Robert Sall along with Miqael Persson with have assembled an amazing array of songs.
Performing the songs, you get the very best of Jeff Scott Soto's power and passion, and the master Erik Martensson is simply on fire. The Eclipse album was a monument to melodic hard rock craftsmanship, but he's gone one step further here.
What I love is that the album contains moments of AOR passion, but isn't restricted to just being an AOR release. There are some truly heavy moments here, which are made more commercial and catchy by the team involved.
And this isn't an old-school release. Erik's ability to update that classic sound and drive it into the future with powerhouse rhythm and production effects makes this an equally classic and contemporary release.

Track By Track:
Invincible starts off very calmly and builds…sounds very melodic…then bang! We're underway. Great sounding guitars, powerful rhythm section, vocals right up in the mix and JSS sounding more melodic than he ever has. More so than Eyes, more so than Prism. He's back into that higher range and really pushes his vocals to the limit, yet it sounds absolutely natural and 100% engaging. And you know you can't help but sing along – in fact, to the whole album. I'm always tired when I get to the end of this record from singing along.
One Love is simply brilliant. Pure melodic rock songwriting brilliance. The verse features some memorable vocal lines, but the chorus soars higher than ever expected and goes right over the top – all layered in harmonies.
Brothers In Arms is – like most of the tracks here – another glorious slice of harmony drenched melodic rock in the finest tradition of the genre. The chorus is immense again and the mid-song bridge/instrumental passage is powerful, moody and hard rocking, all within the same two minute setting. And the final chorus just blows the lid off everything to date.
It is time for a chance of pace and Comes Down Like Rain is just that. A soft, sultry vocal whispers over some subtle instrumentation. The first chorus is almost not there – it sends chills up your spine and it isn't until 2 minutes into the song that things blow up. And what a heart wrenching chorus it is. Things turn heavier with a big guitar solo before going completely soft again – brilliant songwriting again in play.
Running From The Heartache is pure Steve Perry/Journey, or pure classic AOR at any rate. Smooth, mid-tempo keyboard drenched AOR with another killer bridge/chorus arrangement and harmonies through the roof.
After smooth American AOR of the previous track, the urgent I'll Be There has a more European feel to it, but is equally melodic. And yes, another bloody huge chorus with a big soaring JSS vocal, reaching into those higher than high ranges again. The latter half of the song is filled with solos and gets heavier, leading perfectly into two of the heaviest tracks on the album.
Damage Is Done just rocks. The sound isn't far from Eclipse and represents another European twist. The straight ahead rocker is a definite 'album track', but is placed perfectly to make the flow of the album just brilliant.
Then…it's The Who….no its Whitesnake! The intro to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is is just pure energy and the verse vocal is stamped with authority. The chorus isn't as big as some earlier tracks, but the tempo and direction of the track makes it equally infectious.
The last part of the album goes heavy, melodic, heavy, melodic…and One Day At A Time is the track to take a breather on. Holy shit does this song get to me. This is the big power ballad of the album and features a chorus with harmonies to high I never thought I would ever hear JSS sing like this. This is noting short of stunning and one of the great ballads of the last few years.
Time to rock again and the heaviest track on the album is the double time rhythm of Just Go. With a pumping riff kicking it off and a raspy vocal throughout, the song powers along, albeit with a prominent keyboard riff joining in. The chorus is furious and the drumming outstanding.
My Everything sees the guys step back into pure American AOR, in a similar vein to Running From The Heartache. More layered harmonies, backing vocals a big chorus make it yet another winner.
This breathtaking album closes with one of the songs of the decade. If I Fall is W.E.T.'s very own Don't Stop Believin'.
Clocking in at over 6 minutes, this is pure feel good, uptempo AOR gold! It starts slow and builds with a Neal Schon-like guitar riff, piano, drums and then that vocal. Steve Perry is back and singing his lungs out. The song sounds like it could have come from Trial By Fire or Perry's For The Love Of Strange Medicine, but the chorus is pure Escape! Harmonies, layers of vocals, a feel good lyric and JSS' monster voice.
Even better the regular song structure winds up at about the 3 minute mark and guitars take over. JSS sings the hamonies over an extended Journey-esque lead guitar break that runs until the song closes. What a stunning way to finish the album.
This song is a huge middle finger to Journey – as if to state – 'hey, you wanted the heritage sound, here it is…' Soto has never sounded so soulful and powerful as he does here. Steve Perry goes metal…
The Bottom Line
W.E.T. might just be the perfect balance of power and melody, emotion and attitude. A dream line-up that really delivers their very best…ever. This is a stunning album and fully deserves the rating given. I'm sure I'll get a few 'JSS-man love' e-mails from those not convinced, but in 12 years of running this site, neither JSS or Eclipse reached this pinnacle, so good on them for doing it here.
I have only ever handed out perfect scores on 7 previous occasions and the last was 3 years ago! (Danger Danger x 2; Harem Scarem x 2; TNT; Toto; Mecca). That's how much I believe in this album.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· W.E.T.

Line Up:
· Jeff Scott Soto: Vocals
· Erik Martensson: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Background Vocals
· Robban Back: Drums
· Robert Säll, Magnus Henriksson: Guitar

Essential For Fans Of:
· Jeff Scott Soto
· Eclipse - Are You Ready To Rock
· Work Of Art - Artwork
· Journey
Track Listing
· Invincible *
· One Love *
· Brothers In Arms *
· Come Down Like Rain *
· Running From The Heartache *
· I'll Be There *
· Damage Is Done
· Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
· One Day At A Time *
· Just Go
· My Everything *
· If I Fall *

--*Best Tracks

04/03/12: michele -
Rating: 85
Very good realese. I think JJS+Erik Martersson are a great couple for writing and play this kind of music.
Sure there are some fillers and My everything is steal at the best Bad english.
Anyway I'm waiting their second effort and I would like remember Marcel Jacob feutured in the three single videos of this project. One of the best bass players, in my opinion. Great own sound. R.I.P.

09/04/10: Craig -
Rating: 84
I have been listening to this album for a while now and there is no way on earth I could give it 100%. If it was only an EP with the first 5 tracks I could, but unfortunately the song quality takes a dive on the second half of the album.
I won't talk about the first five because they really are brilliant. Here is my opinion on the remainder:

I'LL BE THERE has a good riff but the chorus is just flat and the whole song is lacking a bit of fullness to give it the power it needs!

DAMAGE IS DONE is just plain boring and a track that I now skip every time (not a good sign for a 100% album Andrew!)

MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS is just another filler that JSS has done on numerous releases before in one form or another.

ONE DAY AT A TIME sounds like a JSS solo ballad that is OK but does not belong on a quality (or so called 100%) album!

JUST GO fares a little better than the last 4 tracks as it is at least a fun party rocker albeit, a little cliched.

MY EVERYTHING is a welcome return to the form of the first 5 tracks and has a typical Neal Schon solo in the middle. Anybody recognise the riff? :)

IF I FALL has a massive Journey influence all over it and is a great track to finish the album. But do not be fooled, DON'T STOP BELIEVIN' this song ain't!

The biggest problem I have with this album is that it lacks a little cohesion. At its best it is spectacular but, unfortunately it has too much filler and the style on the second half is all over the place. The production however, is top notch which does help to make the mediocre tracks tolerable.

If you listen to the first 5 then skip to the last 2 you're in for one hell of a ride. If you own the Japanese version, you also get a brilliant acoustic version of COMES DOWN LIKE RAIN which is easily as good as the album version!

09/03/10: evil reviewer -
Rating: 0
songs are weak ans so is the CD

01/03/10: Stefan Grimbs -
Rating: 90
I like it. Sometimes hear some journey tunes in the different songs. my favourite : is IF I FALL. REVELATION is better in my opinion.

01/03/10: Brian (KatDaddy) -
Rating: 100
By far the best melodic rock CD of 2009. This is classic.

23/02/10: Dennis -
Rating: 70
OK OK yes it is a good record. But really. I will never understand the love affair Andrew has with JSS. Jeff is a good singer yes, but way over rated. He is in fact an average singer at best. I can think of so many guys that are far superior to him in tone, variability and range. Even Steve Lee is a beter singer.

08/02/10: Mark Donnelly -
Rating: 98
W.E.T. are an AOR supergroup made up of Robert Sall (Work Of Art), Erik Martesson (Eclipse) and Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman). If you like any of these three groups then you will love this album as it is a superb blend of all three. Each of these members puts in a performance of a lifetime. The album is a brilliant combination of all that is great about the aforementioned groups; not as heavy as Eclipse, not as Westcoast as Work Of Art or as funky as Talisman but still better than all of these fantastic groups.

There has been a lot of hype with this album and fortunately it lives it up to it. If you love AOR/Melodic Rock then you will find it hard to find fault with any track of the 12 tracks on offer. The biggest argument amongst fans will be which one of the twelve tracks is the best on offer and similar to the Chickenfoot album that could change with every play.

Invincible kicks the album of in fine style and really pounds out of the speakers and sets the tone for the whole album. Initially it starts off like The solo would not be out of place on an Yngwie Malmsteen album. The end of the track segways directly into track two:

One Love is one of the tracks of the year – pure melody and features another blistering guitar solo (I believe this one is courtesy of Magnus Henriksson also from Eclipse).

Brothers In Arms features an awesome vocals from Jeff Scott Soto and continues the hard melodic rock of the opening two tracks.

Comes Down Like Rain is a haunting power ballad and Jeff Scott Soto’s are real emotional on this track and has another fine guitar solo.

Running From The Heartache is just perfect AOR and if one track ever highlights my favourite type of music then this is it. Great melodic verse followed by a glorious harmonious chorus – BRILLANT!

I’ll Be There has a Talisman feel to it and continues the incredible start to this album. There is some serious guitar playing going on throughout this track.

Damage Is Done is the serious track on the album relating to things that man has done wrong in the past.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is has a Van Halen feel to it and really kicks ass and even starts with a David Coverdale squeal.

One Day At A Time is the albums other ballad and is arguably even better than the first. Great emotional vocals from Jeff Scott Soto and another great chorus complete with excellent backing vocals from the rest of the band.

Just Go would not be out of place on a Whitesnake or Blue Murder album and is one of the heaviest tracks on the album.

My Everything is a more straight forward melodic rock track but still fits in well within the rest of the album.

Arguably the best track is saved to the end. If I Fall is pure Journey and highlights what Jeff Scott Soto could have done if he had been allowed to record an album with the San Francisco legends. This could easily be the best song that Journey never wrote and Jeff’s similarity to the awesome Steve Perry has to be heard to be believed.

This album starts on a high and just never lets up throughout the whole twelve tracks. All twelve tracks highlight what is great about melodic rock and are diverse enough from one another not to make the album boring after repeated listens. Jeff Scott Soto has always been a very versatile vocalist but his melodic performance on each of these songs is stunning. It probably would have been easy for him to sing in a Steve Perry style throughout the whole album but not all the songs called for that type of delivery. Robert Sall must be commended for his brilliant songwriting that shows a maturity beyond his years and Erik Martesson is just a musician extradonairre and is responsible for bringing everything together so cohesively. His production on a relatively small budget is a match for many of the big name producers with far more to spend.

Most albums that I have bought this year have been growers and have taken several listens to fully appreciate, however, W.E.T. was instantaneous. That said it just gets better with every listen. I could put a strong argument for this not only being the Album of The Year but also the Album Of The Decade! W.E.T. is definitely destined to be a classic.

If, like me, you like your rock with tons of melody and great vocals then I cannot recommend this album highly enough. Simply, BRILLIANT!

29/01/10: panos -
Rating: 100
Love it.

27/01/10: Hotzi -
Rating: 95
Brilliant Album !!I think the best 2009 !

25/01/10: mikey -
Rating: 95
A fantastic release,jeff singing slightly higher than normal,played every day since i had it 4 weeks back.recommended release,bring on the next one.

15/01/10: Wardy -
Rating: 87
Man it's getting harder and harder for me to be super constructive when offering my opinion on acts such as this because I am slowly coming around more and more to many of these artists LOL! I mean in a healthy way, the older I get the less I seem to care about things being cutting edge or pushing forward etc... sure I still hate 'baby baby' crud lyrics etc but this here is nothing like that, just a tremendous album it really is.

So yeah there's many cliches and heard befores as mentioned by others here but personally I'd suggest you don't care too much about that when things are this good. If you are a fan of melodicrock and don't mind stepping back to the years of classic rock with a good amount of AOR thrown in, buy this!

JSS as expected sounds great but the magic here lies underneath, bottom line being that these here are GOOD SONGS executed BLOODY WELL!

I'm not gonna harp on or say where it does or doesn't work, just gonna lap up some good old school melodicrock here and that is exactly what this is.

For us. For the fans. Enjoy!!!!!

08/01/10: WEBBY -
Rating: 98
Great production. W.E.T has raised the bar here and I for one hope they continue with this project. The entire band is right on target. Definately my album of the year for 2009.

05/01/10: Nun Yo Business -
Rating: 40
Nice try once again from J.S.S., but the mish mash of songs doesn't have a cohesive center, all over the charts here. I will never understand the high ratings Andrew always gives to Jeff, even though I have used his reviews to buy several of J.S.S. releases for the most part I am always sorry I didn't buy them used. The Queen DVD comes to mind, I ordered it and after one listen it has sat on my shelf covered in dust. I hate to think that Jeff's best days are behind him, but until he settles down and picks one style to sing or moves into a more original direction I think I have purchased my last release by him. He has had some good songs on bad releases maybe all he needs to do is look at the songs that people pick as the best on each release and then see what makes them the best and then make a CD of songs like those. One thing I don't like on any release these days is keyboards, it's time to lay the cheese to rest no more keyboards please. Oh one other thing please can we all stop making it sound like Jeff was an integral part of Journey it was great that he stepped in when Augeri went down, but his voice was a total mismatch for them, he belongs in a heavier band, which we all know he could carry even on his worst vocal days.

02/01/10: Gary Holder -
Rating: 93
A excellent album one of the best melodic rock albums of the year.

31/12/09: Paul Ottowell -
Rating: 95
Outstanding. Definitely my best Christmas present. What really does it is the sooo strong finish to the album. One day at a Time and My Everything are fantastic!! Nothing anywhere this year comes close, rock or otherwise.

24/12/09: Darren Shap -
Rating: 100
Wow where to start. I love JSS but on this he seems really inspired. Comes Down Like Rain is one of THE best songs I have ever heard. Everyone else has said it all. Great CD. Glad I finally picked it up.

22/12/09: Nikos Derventzis -
Rating: 95
One of the best 2009 AOR releases... JSS is solid gold

17/12/09: Musicrover -
Rating: 90
I will let others rant if this should be 100 on the melodic rock scale. I will just sit back and enjoy this fine piece of work by all involved. Thank you W.E.T.

10/12/09: joerg -
Rating: 90
I am totally not a JSS fan so I did not want to hear it anyway. But thanks to Andrew who put the sond "Comes down like rain" on the site I listened to it and hell I liked it, so I listen to more and I like it very much. Some exceptional songs and Soto sings with style I like him for the 1st time ever. I hope W.E.T will bring out more stuff, really a fine band.
I have to agree in a little way with Paul though. I also feel that Andrew really likes JSS very much and has a good personal connection with him which is ok. I dont know if it is 100% album which I would consider albums like Journey "Revelation", Def Leppard "Hysteris", Danger danger 1st one... But anyway a very nice album.

09/12/09: joel -
Rating: 100

Track by track:

1. Invincible: Great open with Journey feels in the beginning and then Boom!! A progressive metal riff, to go right to melodic metal!!!! Jeff voice is so melodic and high in this album… 10/10
2. One love: Another feel good love song. More slow tempo and catchy, but no change of emotion piano and guitars are modern in the beginning without lost the classic melodic rock tempo. Jeff inducted more passion in this song especially in the middle before the solo… great guitars! 10/10
3. Brothers in arms: Do I hear some Andy Taylor sound on the beginning maybe, but this song is a different tempo but is a great melodic slow rocker. Good vibe on this one. 10/10
4. Come down like rain: Joe Elliot definitely in the beginning whoa! I didn’t know Jeff was that virtuoso and then go so high! Beautiful ballad .10/10
5. Running from the heartache: a slow rocker completely different and fresh, simple but well execute.10/10
6. I’ll be there: another melodic rock gem pure, good feel song, great melodic guitars. 10/10
7. Damage is done: different rocker this time… cut the sequence but is really great because is different but fits really well in this album. The chorus intro in the middle great stuff!! 10/10
8. Put you money where your mouth is: Sammy Hagar, Withesnake, another rocker, maybe the loudest arena rock song on the album. Rock n roll folks! 10/10
9. One day at a time: Great ballad, great chorus, great voice, Jeff can do anything with hiss great voice. Perry influenced but still sound like Jeff. 10/10
10. Just go: Whitesnake influenced and a 70’s fell updated. Double bass drum in the chorus and the solo have the power of 80’s New Weave of British metal. Great rocker. 10/10
11. My everything: Maybe someone disagree, but this song has some TNT moments!!! Great, great song this is a song for Jeff to shine, and he nails it!!! Beautiful produce!!!
12. If I fall: The grand finale….. Jeff vengeance to Journey, one of the best songs I ever heard!!! Sound like Perry influenced but again, Jeff pure voice shines .Great guitars, Great tempo a best way to finish an album!

Over all: Jeff is one of the best singers, period!!!! Go buy it!!! This a most have!!! You will be hearing this one for year!!! A classic!!!

09/12/09: Sava -
Rating: 82
This is great album but definitely NOT a masterpiece.

07/12/09: fritz -
Rating: 100
wow - just been through this album once and I gotta say andrew is 100% right - esp. about the middle finger part - LOL

04/12/09: Craig Quinlan -
Rating: 100
I got this about 2 weeks ago and it hasn't left my cd player yet.For me this is the cd of 2009.From start to finish not aweak track or flaw.If you like amazing vocalsand musicianship look no further than this amazing cd.

04/12/09: Dimitri -
Rating: 80
Any project around JSS is worth buying.... Having said that this sounds more like a Toto/Journey meet POP project that does not fully appreciate the strength of that amazing voice. Where are the good old days of Talisman 1, 2, Humanimal....

03/12/09: Adrian -
Rating: 90
Yes we have heard it all before, but great songs are great songs. In a year once again dominated by average releases it's a relief to hear something with a touch of class.

03/12/09: peter -
Rating: 100
This CD is the one Jeff Scott Soto fans have been waiting for for years. Very simply every song is flawless. The song "If I fall" is fantastic AOR gold - worth buying just for that, needs to be released as a single. The production is perfect, and the musicians on board in this semi super group give the best performances of their respective careers. This band has it all. Each band member would be foolish not to continue this full time because none of them have acheived this kind of greatness in their "day job" bands. This CD is a MUST BUY for fans of Melodic Hard Rock. Thanks to Andrew for this Wonderful site.

03/12/09: Christian -
Rating: 85
So many opinions on this side i will never understand. I know Andrew loves JSS, and this cd isn't bad, but a 100?
If Journey would have done these songs, everybody would say it`s disappointing. This cd is well produced, it`s got power but - you heard everything before. Harmonies and lyrics - nothing new to it. It sounds good, but after a few listens i find it boring. I can't remember the songs at the end of the album. (the new dare is the same).
Thats the difference to legends like journey: their songs got a soul, everyone`s got a new and and own feeling.
So i`ll never understand why bands like alliance, w.e.t. or pride of lions get 97-100 points. Don't you just look on the surface, but listen to the soul of the song.

03/12/09: Paul -
Rating: 0
No offense was intended, Andrew. By all means, your opinion is yours and your entitled to it, and I and many others on this site truly value and appreciate it. However, nobody... and I mean NOBODY... can claim to be entirely objective all the time. With that said (with all due respect), my "theory" of favoritism is very valid. It's not meant as a fault to you, it is just basic human nature. But thank you for your response, and keep up the great site!

03/12/09: Albert -
Rating: 90
Totally agree with "Troy -", 100% is a to much, compare it with Hysteria from Def Leppard and 90% is still to much. But it is a fact that this is a fantastic release, no doubt about that.

02/12/09: Peter -
Rating: 97
This CD is the one Jeff Scott Soto fans have been waiting for for years. "If I Fall" is THE song of the year, it should have been released as the main single off the album. Journey couldn't have done it better. The one..two.. opening punch tracks "Invincible" and first single "One love" are brilliant songs. This record is defenitely a must have for every melodic rock fan! Very consistent, well written and performed songs with filler kept to an absolute minimum. The production is really great, which is nice to hear after so many average sounding MelodicRock discs recently. Of course Jeff Scott Soto is on top form and generally,this really is a first class melodic rock disc that actually rocks. Repeated listenings after a few weeks I found myself only skipping over a couple of the later tracks on the disc. Of it's type though, definitely up there with the best this year but certainly no 100 points from me (me thinks the JSS fan club has gotten a little over excited again in certain places) , but a 97'ish for sure. If you are a fan of any of the three bands Robert Stall (Work Of Art), Erik Martensson (Eclipse) and Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman) you just have to get this. If you enjoy AOR- Hard Melodic Rock but never heard any of the above artists then you are in for a surprise...!! guaranteed!

02/12/09: Andrew -
Rating: 0
Paul - All the "pedestal" artists mentioned - Rick, Journey, Harem and Toto have ALL recieved bad reviews in the past. Every single one of them.
So that theory has been shot. If ANY artist deserves a great review or a bad review (in my humble opinion), then I will call it as I see it.

02/12/09: Mick -
Rating: 30
Man, can a collection of songs EVER be more predictable than this? If you want to hear rehashed, been there and done that better songs, this is for you. If you are looking for a shred of originality, save your money.

02/12/09: Bryan Dial -
Rating: 100
This is without a doubt the best melodic album of 2009. The new Bon Jovi album doesn't even come close. The production on this album is by far superior. The one thing that stands out on the new Jovi album is the drum sound. The rest sounds the same. This is fresh sounding. I live in the USA and I buy a lot of music from Europe. For some reason their production for the most part beats the American production quality, something in the water over there. Favorite songs off this album are If I Fall & Comes Down Like Rain.

02/12/09: Paul -
Rating: 82
I'll forever be grateful to Andrew for this site. This site, and most specifically his reviews, have introduced me to so many artists that I never would have known, not to mention staying up to date on all of the classic acts that I would otherwise believe to no longer be around. With that said, however, there are a number of artists that Andrew has so high on a pedestal that, by Andrew's own admission, they can do no wrong. Harem Scarem, Toto, Rick Springfield, Journey,... all come to mind. I believe his blind devotion to these artists skews his objectivity, which is essential when reviewing music. To this group of favored acts, add JSS. This new W.E.T. project is a solid cd... but deserving of a "Classic" 100 rating? Not to the casual listener, not by a long shot. By JSS's own admission, he viewed this as the album he would have made with Journey had that worked out. First, JSS needs to just let it go. Second, if this is what he would have done with Journey, then Neal Schon made the right call. This album is most definitely NOT Journey, nor will much of it appeal to hardcore Journey fans. However, I'm not here to condemn JSS nor this cd. It's actually a well produced cd. It mixes different styles within the album. The songs are solid, though not overly great. To my ears, the highlights are: 1. ONE DAY AT A TIME (a candidate for song of the year, imo), 2. IF I FALL (though to compare this in any way, shape, or form to Journey's Don't Stop Believin' is waaaaay off base... maybe something from ROR), 3/4/5. ONE LOVE/RUNNING FROM THE HEARTACHE/MY EVERYTHING (all of which are "growers"). Everything else is pretty generic, nothing special, average run-of-the-mill filler. Of course, this is just my opinion. I do like JSS, but I do not worship at his altar. A very good album, but certainly not a "MUST BUY"(except for JSS fans), let alone a "CLASSIC".

02/12/09: steve in wales -
Rating: 97
Great album...... can't argue that "If I fall" is fantastic - worth buying for that. But the album is very strong throughout, from 1st til last track, "Invincible" and "One love" set the bar so high - great opening tracks. If you love top quality AOR - Journey, Whitesnake and Foreigner you have to have this ! love it best CD of the year !!!

02/12/09: Albert -
Rating: 90
Fantastic album, highlights:
1. If I Fall
2. My Everything
3. One Day At A Time
4. One Love
5. Comes Down Like Rain
6. Ill be There

The production could be better, for example compare it with the latest Bon Jovi record and you know what i mean.

02/12/09: Andy Hoffman -
Rating: 99
one of the best Melodic-Hardrockalbums of this Year!!!
I like every Song,but One Love,Brothers In Arms and One Day At A Time best!!!

02/12/09: badlands -
Rating: 100
Yes thats right 110 out of 100! Thats how good this cd is.
Killer production, musically superb and the singing is brilliant.Best songs for me (If I have to choose only a few)is "One love","Brothers in arms","I`ll be there" and the incredible "If I fall" which is among the best songs i`ve ever heard.This have to be the cd of the year!!!!

02/12/09: alaskaman -
Rating: 94
W.E.T. seems to have become victims of an over-hyped marketing machine that proclaimed this as THE CLASSIC of not only this year, but the past decade. Push aside the hype and marketing and what are we left with? A bloody good album!

Rather than fixate on those elements that keep it from being an outright classic (a few songs are not as strong, it doesn't take a lot of risks, etc.), what we do have on tap is killer production, high energy and passionate vocals and instrumentation, and some truly inspired songwriting.

"Invicible" and "One Love" make a formidable one-two punch to open the album, with "Brothers in Arms," in my opinion, standing as the high-water mark of the whole album (love that chorus).

Other highlighs include: Running From the Heartache, I'll be There, My Everything, and If I Fall.

Great stuff!

02/12/09: steve -
Rating: 25
Simply aweful!! Same ole riffs vocal lines... Jeff scott soto is an amazing singer But this music by numbers does not help him at all....

02/12/09: Nate -
Rating: 100
Ill put this down as my album of the year. It blew me away as much as Allen & Landes The Battle did when that came out. Jeff Scott Soto delivers his best vocal performance and shows Journey what they missed out on "If I Fall". The album rocks and draws you in right from the first listen. Its classic melodic hard rock all the way. got to say i havent stopped playing this cd despite numerous cracking releases this year. Lets hope 2010 provides us with the same quality of music. Rock Lives !!!

01/12/09: Chris Kaiser -
Rating: 100
I agree with Andrew on this one. There is nothing at all flawed with this great release featuring Jeff Scott Soto. Jeff can sing a heavy, melodic song better than anyone.

01/12/09: Gary -
Rating: 90
Excellent album.

01/12/09: Terry -
Rating: 100
Brilliant melodic rock! Soto knocks it out of the park with this one. Every song rocks with choruses that absolutely soar. A classic for melodic rock fans.

01/12/09: ben -
Rating: 96
same here,very good melodic cd.excellent production
but for me the best of 2009 :danger danger.

01/12/09: Classicy -
Rating: 92
bought the album and it's really great!

jeff scott sounds quite good here, too bad only a couple of the songs sound a little too similar.

INVINCIBLE is an excellent song and my favorite along with BROTHERS IN ARMS, but the album has lots of great songs.

must buy.

01/12/09: Eddy_Gonzales -
Rating: 25
2 good songs tops. the rest sound like Toto, Journey, Whitesnake ripoffs!
Great looking booklet but that not worth the cd, when is someone gonna do something new in this genre?


01/12/09: Kevin Betts -
Rating: 100
I've been critical of Andrew in the past for over-scoring albums but this gem is flawless and deserves the full 100. The performances, the songs and the production are all 'top drawer'. Even the lyrics, so often the let down (for me) of AOR releases, have a certain maturity and meaning that encourage further listening (doubly impressive when you consider that the writers are Swedish).

One small point, 'If I Fall' is not the band's 'Don't Stop Believin'', it's their 'Be Good To Yourself' ... but whatever you think it sounds like it's a classic slice of AOR that sends shivers up my spine every time I listen to it. (:

01/12/09: David Van Zant -
Rating: 99
This album is by far the best melodic album of 2009. It has everything!! Awesome singles (One Love, Invincible), gorgeous ballads (Come Down Like Rain)and killer songs as "I'll be there", "Brothers in Arms" or "If I Fall".
I think is the best Jeff Scott Soto performance since Kuni's "Looking for Action".
Erik Martensson is stunning as always and I have to say that this album has the best chorus work I've hear in a long time. Just like in the 80s!!

01/12/09: Troy -
Rating: 90
A great release some great tracks on there, but after a few weeks I found myself skipping a few tracks. No way on earth it deserves 100% if only 3 weeks into it, I'm already skipping tracks. To me 100% is a perfect CD start to finish!!! Van Halen I, Bon Jovi's Slippery, Def Leppard's Hysteria...not many other 100%'s for me. Andrew's a little too easy on the 100%'s for me but Not to take anything away from the project though. some very cool songs...great musicianship...stellar vocals. A great CD.

01/12/09: Markan -
Rating: 90
No full points from me, although it´s a very good cd. Killer production and overall good and classic sounding heavier AOR ála JOURNEY... Best songs for me "I´ll be there" and foremost "If I Fall" which is simply fantastic. Not as good as the lastest D2 album which i consider as the best release from 2009 and should have got the full score instead of this...

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